And people complain about the support here

When some problem is said here, despite what some more obtuse people might say, the admins here strive to get answers, or even some forum members step in.

Usually between the two, some reasonable answers are achieved, and if no solution is provided, it is sure addressed.

Steam support, which has much more praises, do not.

You ask support from Steam, even specific problems Steam causes, like bad file keeping, or multiple processes being started at the same time without need for it, they always use two ways of addressing it: Either you did something (which regardless of you saying or showing you didnt, they keep insisting you did), or the SO is responsible (mostly over things the SO dont even do anything).

I was so happy with the Conan MMO I bought straight from the publisher and played without Steam. I am even happier with Origin games, despite the fact that Origin is just a little better than Steam.

Why cant we have Conan Exiles to be played without Steam ? It would mean the World to me if you did :smiley:

Conan Exiles was about to launch in the epic store some months ago, maybe when they officially launch siptah next year with all the updates it will be there too.

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One can hope. I would even rebuy the game if that was the case.

whole FLS thingy is here to make CE be platform independent, just wait

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