Using different Singleplayer Saves after the Siptah update

Up until now I played several different singleplayer games by manually changing the whole “saved” folder, but now I don´t know, which files I can swap without ruining my siptah game. Because I think, changing only “game.db” might not be enough. Same problem, if I want to have more than one siptah save.

DLC_Siptah.db is your current Siptah game, and game.db is your current base game. There is one file more, SessionData.json, try to backup it too.

What is the file for a conan exiles old map Multiplayer game. Can you play online with friends on a server and offline solo at the same time for the exiled lands or will that overwrite your online character?

You can have as many online characters on as many servers as you want because your data is stored on the server not locally. If the server wipes, your character on that server will be gone too.

Locally, you can have 2 single player saves, one for each map to swap directly. Technically, you can have more saves but you will have to replace the database files manually.

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I only play SP, but afaik you can have a SP game besides your MP game so rather 4 games, Exiled Lands SP and MP + Siptah SP and MP.
My problem is, that I have many old SP games before the file structure has changed with siptah, but I guess I will merciless swap old game.db files with new ones, and see what happens…

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