When will we have solo mode, in the game?

every day more people leave the game, I would like to know when we will have a solo mode, for everyone who likes the game to continue playing. there is no one else to play. (or tell when the funcom will close the server because everything shows this option)

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Never, it’s far too much work to revamp the game to be a single player game.

Considering how little of the endgame content thats solo that revamp doesnt make sense, wait for the conan IP singeplayer game they anncounced (not chop chop)

Get a grip, you are posting in an open forum where everyone is allowed to discuss. If you can’t handle disagreement then maybe create a blog where you can disable comments?
Or if you want to avoid a discussion you can send Funcom an EMail with your idea.


i see groups in global all the time, maybe your trolling global scripts scared away ppl from joining you.

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I still wonder why people want to play solo in an MMORPG …


If you do not like group content, MMORPG isn’t the genre for you.


It deppends what time of the month your playing obvs WB week will be dead pvp event will be dead and it’s monday so new RF will be dead …yesterday I ran dungeons all day so I don’t relate to your problem just depends what time you play really

i will support this idea

I just don’t understand what “solo” would be. There are several solo instances that scale, I am sure most know them. If you mean nerfing group dungeons to be able to do solo, I just don’t think that would happen. If you don’t want a group, turn global off and run as you want. As mentioned, I see group runs often and of course, one could always post a group run anytime. As Ghandi would say, " be the change you want to see"

how would you learn the dungeon by being alone, almost all mechanics in fights are built on being more then 1 player, or requires more then one archtype for AAs thus not possible solo.

I think by ‘SOLO’ he really means Offline SPG mode. There was someone over on the Steam forums that wanted that too.

As far as ‘solo’ play goes, nothing is stopping him from doing that. I think most of us have leveled characters to 80 totally by playing solo and not doing group content.

  • Problem is you won’t learn group tactic’s if you’re running it alone.

“maybe an option to make all dungeons have a solo mode option.”

A redesign of all dungeons (even just 6-man dungeons and not raids) to be played solo would require a significative development effort because most of dungeons rely heavy on group mechanics and I don’t mean the use of some perks (that would be relatively easy to adjust) or the amount of damage by the spells, but mechanics where 2 or more toons need to be physically at the same time in different places doing different things. You could cut then totally some mechanics, but the result will be something plain… something making the encounters very similar at the end.
So for designers and developers there would be a good amount of work to offer a valuable solo version of these dungeons. It would require a not trivial effort of programming, redesign of the assets, testing. It would be possible, of course, it would be even interesting and it would enhance the offer (cause of course every MMO has even a solo content, AoC included) but AoC is an old game and I doubt Funcom would invest so much for an old game.

about AA skills, you dont know how to play if you class, delete, If it’s impossible to read in English, learn, I never needed anyone to tell me what to use and when to use it, I know how to play with my classes.

the game has many options to know when to use your skills, even if it is not so difficult, it is only to count the spells and combos of any boss you never miss, my macros do it for me. (and here we are trying to improve the game and people read only to post about nothing, and you, Moriala? who plays for so long time)

There are plenty of single player games out there, maybe try one of those.

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is everything programming is just down the numbers and everything is solved. has unchaid and has normal, the difference is that unchained has aa and more level bosses and more dificults, and normal does not have.

Based on these factors I can tell you that yes it is possible and does not require more than good will of the developers, to improvise a solo mode.

Because there is more fun in the game. Only a toxic chat.

you were the one making a point of it teaching people something, im just saying that it wont

This is an mmorpg, with limited resourses and development oppertunities, why would the priority be solo-content? Its easier if you move over to a solo player title :slight_smile:

I see you as a troll, because I do not understand what the problem of putting solo mode in all the dungeons is improving the game for everyone, and it will be a lot more fun when you want to test your limits. Do not get me bad.

As stated a few times earlier, the amount of dev time it would take to convert group/raid content to single player is too much. Plus it would be impossible to balance. Funcom can barely make any content at all, wanting everything recoded to single player is just silly.