Solo or multiplayer, what your suggestion (preference)

Hey guys,

I am having this little dilemma: What is better with this game, sole play or multiplayer. I am asking, because I play the game for some time, not enough to get a clear solution.

I like this game´s grind. I like to hoard and sort all kinds of stuff, repair my things and try new. (That’s vote for solo, no one can steal my things, no decay timer)
I like to build and explore (point for solo? In multiplayer I see lots of nice spots taken. But I want to build villages, cottages…wherever I want…)
I like to read chat, when ppl talks. Nut I am not sure if I will play in any clan or with a group of ppl, I am mostly loner. I just like to meet ppl and see their buildings (but watching their building in pve is not a big deal, all is walled and sealed.
I want to play all content, there should be some group content…(vote for multiplayer)?

I don’t want to lose my stuff when I will have no time to log in (this should not happen, but who know, I can get hit by a bus…)

I don’t want to play any 2x, 3x, 5x…game. I like official.

So, How do you play game, solo or on multiplayer server alone or with a group of random ppl or friends?

What do you think is better, more enjoyable?

Thanks for your time reading this and (hopefully) answering 

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Then single player or you can rent an own server and deactivate decay-timers.

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I rent a server for friends. We have a small community. I enjoy it quite a bit. I’m not really a solo player. But I also don’t enjoy how people ruin things on the public servers.


I have multiple level 60 characters on every type of game mode.

I’m sure you’re already aware that there are 3 game modes on multiplayer.

We can start by ruling out PvP completely, I don’t think you want to come online to find someone has destroyed everything you have.

With the new battle standards flag that essentially allow PvP on a PvE server.
PvE-c isn’t really necessary anymore for people who don’t want to get into random fights.
On PvE, you can now choose to fight if you want, or not at all.

If you think you are going to play this regularly then multiplayer is definitely the place for you.
I too am a lone wolf, but have made many friends through this game, and many enemies😂

If you do choose multiplayer, based on your requirements, I would definitely push you towards PvE.

Reviewing what you are requesting, I must say there is no perfect option for you. Finding a private server with your requirements wouldn’t be difficult. (Longer decay, keep items etc)

However, I don’t advise joining a private multiplayer server unless you are prepared for the admin to eventually abandon it, essentially losing your progress.

Single player is fine but does have it restrictions later in the game, for example when trying to obtain star metal.

Also there is nothing stopping you having a single player game for longevity, and a multiplayer game just for fun.

Maybe keep your multiplayer build simple, and use ADMIN panel in single player to build to your hearts content.

Hope that helps.


Your answer helped. I enjoy multiplayer pve, I am not sure why I was thinking, multiplayer would be better, mostly, I dont want to be restricted later in game.

I will stick with my official pve server and will be happy about it.

What is better then, level fast to 60, then start building and trying out new things or go slowly, try all building and placeable stuff…

i like the game, as it works perfect for me - open world, wurvival, crafting and building :slight_smile:


Do you know about Decay timers?


Power leveling has always burnt me out and shortened my interest in a game. Anytime I feel I have to “speed level to max” I know my attention span for the game will quickly die.

I have the same feeling. Thats why I started to have this dilemma…I said to myself, I will build small cottage and maintain it to level60 ,then i will build something…

Now I have 100 unspent feat points, too many unlockable feats and I dont have any idea what to do next :smiley:

i think, I will recreate my character and start slowly, with enjoyment and fun in it :slight_smile:

Glad I could help.

May I suggest possibly living a nomadic lifestyle. Collecting only the things you need to survive.
This gives you the opportunity to not only explore the world, but also view all the player built creations in your new server. Exploration currently carries some of the most lucrative xp rewards. Which is an added bonus.

There are indeed lots of feats, but fear not, as you only need to unlock the ones you need. Just take your time to look through and decide what will currently be useful.

Good luck!

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One thing I do is after resetting server, we pick a new place to settle on the initial river. I’ll build a few buildings in T1. The purge is challenging at that level as well.

Once I am completely into T2 we move bases to somewhere we have not built before. For example, my last server we built a fairly comprehensive town in the grasslands where the lions and tigers lived. This time we are moving to the jungle and building a tree city!

After that we pretty much finish our push to level 60 and then begin doing the dungeon content.

Nomadic lifestyle could also be cool. Not tried that yet but I love building which is why I prefer building outposts and towns.

I’m generally on the same boat as you, sometimes I feel like playing on a server but sometimes the rush of real live stuff just becomes too much and when you notice 6 days are gone and almost lost everything.

Thats why I play on single playet mostly but from time to time, like now, I feel like playing on a server.

One thing I enjoy is building public areas, once I was part of a big clan on xbox pve, we made gigantic bases and furnished it, that was a great time. I still hope Funcom will make a way for us to mark some buildings as public owned, so like you can make a tavern or even workshops that everyone can use on pve without inviting half the server to your clan.

So my advice is like LodKAA above, have a single player game whenever, when you have no internet or just cant log every week on a server and play a server when you feel like.

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Thank you for advicing me out. Really apreciate it.

I think, I found solution…I will keep my shack, finish my level 60 with nomadic style (and some spicing with building and trying things out.

Then I will brew reset potion and pick feats i will want and I will try all out :slight_smile:

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You can get additional feat points by consumimg Fragments of Power (+10) or the Tablet of Power (+60).

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I have played 90 hours and still feel just like a small boy with new toy :smiley:

Another thing that sometimes gets me playing on a server is the facets that work differently on single player like spawns and thrall/animal taming.

On single player the world spawns as you move, this can help or hinder you, sometimes you find a thrall you want to take but forgot equipment to take him down, if you move too far he will be gone.

Thrall breaking and animal taming pause when you exit single player so I aways end up reducing the time on the options. While on a server you just drag then home and forget about then for some hours.

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I think, my main fear was about building…I think I would like to build something big…well, it will be time consuming…And I thought I will build near all resources…now I think, I will take nice spot which I like and build there…

…or should I be maximalist and build at most strategic rate?

For me because I don’t have enough time to play both. and I like to start over with a new character in a new map. And I like to be able to use ghost mode when building. Without it placing altars, map room, animals pen are a pain in a lower part of your anatomy.
So, it’s singleplayer. And if I try multiplayer one day it’d be on a sever I rent.

For exploration, solo or a private server with just close friends is probably better. This way, with there being no chat for spoilers, and no crazy builds anywhere, you will actually be seeing the world in a more pristine state.

After you’ve gotten your fill of that, I’d then join a public server and engage in the community and building aspects. The frequency with which you’re able to play will pretty much dictate if an Official or private server will be a more appropriate choice. Officials have a rather short 7-day decay policy, whereas some private servers don’t even have it enabled at all.

If you decide to go private, you might want to shop around in the Servers and Recruitment forum for one using the default settings you seem to favor.

Good luck!

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I tend to play on my own private server so I can use the settings and mods that I like. I could (and, honestly, speaking from a financial standpoint probably should) just play in singleplayer, but I don’t like how in singleplayer the world basically stops existing if I’m not around to look at it and I apparently like to maintain the delusion that I’ll get to play this game with a friend or two someday.

It…it might happen.

Well, you could play singleplayer, and migrate that savegame to a multiplayer server should the need arise. Such as those mythological friends manifesting.

Just FYI. Since you already rent the server there’s probably no point changing anything, but maybe the info will be useful to someone, sometime!

To the OP, I’d say Single Player is the new black. At least it is for me. Though I will have to decide whether I can accept the limitations of that platform long-term or not, so this is an interesting topic actually.