Solo or multiplayer, what your suggestion (preference)

There is a question, What is limitation in singleplayer, which is not in multiplayer?

Can you play all content alone or is there anything, you need other ppl to? (I dont mean huge building projects, as you can give them all the worlds time…)

If there is something, you have to play with other ppl, then you are restricted a lot…

When you play multiplayer with two ppl on the server, you feel just like in singleplayer, with many buildings around landscape…

Well, there’s also the fact that I do my “real” playing on the server and just use singleplayer to try out build ideas and mods I find, which is more convenient to me than constantly swapping out save files.

The only limitation that I’m aware of is that in singleplayer, in order to save on computing resources the world basically only exists if you’re within sight of it. Which usually isn’t much of a problem, except if, say, you want to start some iron or steaks cooking and then go off and do other things, as soon as you get a certain distance away your stations will shut off and you’ll have to restart them when you get back, and since the decay timer still works you may come home to a fire full of rotten meat.

Which is more of an annoyance than a problem, really.

Strange on my game the furnaces seen to work alright when I leave the area and return, will pay attention tonight to see what happens.

The major problem I find in single player is the thrall and animal converting like I said. The timea are big 3, 4, 6 hours I think a named thrall takes 10 or 12 hours on a 1x crafting rate. This basically means you gonna play all night and break a level 1 thrall, so I aways decrease the thrall crafting speed.

Iv learned to love playing this game solo but thats becuase the clan system in this game sucks and i dont trust people 100%. I have made some good allies however in the private servers you wont get that that experience. Private servers also give you the admin commands i find it satisfying playing on offical servers mining and building everything legitimately and it coming out were people can complement you hard work

Yes probably every station stops as the world stops when you leave the area. Anyway I will keep an eye out for any bugs and report again, Funcom is fixing the game over time aftet all.

I have been playing on the official server for three years. One. Before that I played solo for a month.
I will tell you the pros and cons, you decide. At the same time, I regret that I started playing in multiplayer and at the same time I am glad.

  1. Time. For me, this is a very important factor. If you play solo you are free from restrictions. You decide how to distribute and spend your time. What is stupid and what is important.
    A lot of dubious decisions from developers. There were a lot of bugs and now there are. Which allow others to harm you if you do not harm everyone first (I’m talking about pve & pve-c servers).
    x3 - multiplayer / + solo.

  2. Knowledge of the game. In solo, many people try to understand the game much longer. It seems interesting to learn everything yourself, but often you want to know how it should be or how best. But no one can tell. If you are a smart person and get into a good clan on a pvp server, you will quickly recognize the game. As quickly as it starts to annoy you with big flaws and bugs. Cheaters and dupers.
    So, it is impossible to say unequivocally, but a subjective opinion:
    Solo +, multiplayer +

  3. Content.
    It may seem that the game is aimed at multiplayer mode. It is directed, but it is not a multiplayer game.
    Starting to play online, you will either immediately or eventually come to the point that you still have to play alone. It is dangerous to accept someone into the clan, especially if you have spent a lot of time and achieved great results alone.
    There is no normal distribution of rights, property. There is no transfer of leadership if the leader is missing and does not enter the game. If you leave the clan as an ordinary, you lose everything.
    There is no way to conclude alliances and share property with other clans (tactical side).

If you are a leader. You worry that you will be robbed and broken buildings.
If you are not a leader. You worry that you will be robbed and left without a home.

Therefore, all interaction is reduced to simple communication and exchange of resources between players. AND IT’S ALL. Otherwise, you can handle it yourself. You won’t lose anything if you play solo.

You can write a lot more, but it’s a lot of letters. I played before the release, and continue now. I played on all types of servers, a lot of experience. Time spent in empty due to bugs, even more.

Why can’t I decide? Because on the one hand, I spent a lot of time for developers to experiment with players without having fun. On the other hand, I found many comrades with whom we communicate outside the game.

This game takes a lot of time if you are not ready to lose your progress. Almost all the time. Each time, it’s becoming more and more difficult to maintain it and maintain interest in the game. When the demolition timer was two weeks, I even had time to relax and wanted to return to the game. But as soon as he became a week again, interest disappeared. All the time it takes to run around the buildings and update the timer, but the game no longer has the strength, desire.

And most importantly, you must understand that everything you have achieved will someday be lost. Someone to plunder or just have to throw it away. It will inevitably happen. Nobody will return time.

So my advice to you is to start playing solo. Understand the game, when you need to go to multiplayer, you will feel.
If you need any advice and have questions, write to me.
I can give Steam in PM. I can conduct a tour on the official server where I play (pve-conflict). You can start from there if you still want to start with multiplayer. Using an example I can explain all the minuses :slight_smile:
Well, I’ll help you with the start.

I really enjoy single player with default settings. I don’t use the admin panel as it seems it would create a snowball effect and just short my overall experience. I love the landscape in this game and not seeing random bases everywhere is nice.

For what this game is I think it offers a great single player experience :+1:


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