I've gotta say it

I play on both PC and Xbox in offline mode, so I have no experience playing online. With that being said, I freaking love this game. It rocks.

I see a lot of complaints about the online features, and I’m not qualified to make any comments about it, but from my own personal playing experience in offline, I’m having a blast. I’m currently on a bridge building binge, wherever there is a place where I have to swim, I build a bridge! :rofl:

I haven’t made it to the jungle yet, I’m looking forward to that. Last night I killed the white bat, and placed the staff I acquired from the Dregs to the altar there.

I talked to it once, and it seems to be quite loquacious. Does it serve any purpose?

Anyway, I just wanted to say that I love this game. It rules.


The Staff of the Triumvirate is a kind of “bread crumb” which leads you through the primary quest line in the game that ultimately explains what the exiled lands are, etc. I’m intentionally being a bit vague here, just in case you don’t want spoilers.


I’m a firm believer in playing this game however makes you happy. Build that bridge to nowhere!


IMO, playing the game first in single-player (or on a private server with friends who refuse to use the wiki) is the best way to enjoy the exploration and “wow” aspect. I’m so glad I played that way first before hopping online.

That said, playing on a server with lots of helpful people is a great way to really learn the ins & outs of the game and the intricacies of the building system. So both methods have their pros and cons, and it’s pretty cool that the same person can even enjoy both if they so choose. :slight_smile:


I keep hearing or reading people say this, how do you play an online game offline?

I have played on private servers but no idea the offline mode.

Singleplayer. It’s an option in the main menu.

Where many seem to be burning bridges with comments, this player, at least, is building bridges :smiley:


One of the best side-effects of the game is the telling of quests. You just reminded me of one I haven’t done on this server! #staffshortage

When I began, I tried Single Player for about two days before I jumped online. Outright refused to use Admin Panel for the first 8 months during Early Access. This denial of gratification made me play the game for exploration, and that sort of disciplined me to not spoil it, or ever grind it.

When I finally did join an empty server because there was a wipe, the world looked incredibly different; it’s amazing how nice a patch of ore, or a grove of trees looks, once the tribe that’s been supplanting it is no longer built there. That part never gets old.


Too true!


qft, i been lookin for the spot where i first built, i dont think its there D8

Another offline Solo player here. I very much agree with you on the advantages of going solo, namely the total freedom to do whatever you want, without worry that you’re ruining someone else’s day by building a mineral spa in the Shattered Springs, or someone else ruins your day by doing the same.

Whenever we play online with other people, we have a responsibility to take other people into account, as well. Without set rules between players on the same server, disagreements and outright conflict seem inevitable. I’ve had my share of all that in other games I used to play, so when Conan Exiles offered me a chance to play what is basically a MMO without other people, I jumped in and never looked back.

Sure, the game isn’t perfect, but most of the problems seem to affect the multiplayer side so I’m not really suffering from much of it. I feel for the multiplayers, of course, because they’re customers just like me, and they deserve the same enjoyment as I do. Well, at least as far as the game’s techical side is concerned; I’m afraid Funcom cannot fix some people being jerks online.


May I just be annoying and point out that if you’re playing a “Massively Multiplayer Online” game while offline, and without other people you’re playing a, er, nothing.


@Mikey He might be playing MMO i.e many mods offline/online :woman_shrugging:



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Single player I play but did not know could do it offline

I mean, I haven’t tried actually unplugging my network cable and launching the game w/o Steam, so I might be talking out of my lower dorsal region here, but I think it should work offline :slight_smile:

But if you unplug the network cable then how is the browser tab for the wiki supposed to function? Can’t expect people to actually play like that, can you? :crazy_face:


I don’t really play on PC anymore (all work, no play as far as my desktop is concerned) but doesn’t Steam regularly like to “phone home” regardless of the play mode of the game that’s running?

My son (8 years old) decided to build a trebuchet (not knowing what it does).
He did not realize where he had pointed it.
He decided to test it.
Half my house is gone.
I came home from work last night and got ready for my Iron farming.
Logon to demolished ruins.
His response: “oh that was awesome!”

And yes, I still love this game.


I’m a 42 year old man… and I did this the first time I used it… feels bads man…