Why does funcom hate thier single player offline mode?



Yes, I did. I play for entertainment not to prove how “alpha bad” I am to people that don’t matter.

They would not need “exploits” if the world bosses were properly balanced in HP.
During EA, I ignorantly fought solo and finally defeated the dead dragon at the bottom of the sink hole. It was a massively tough fight and took forever. It was rewarding because it was challenging. The current world bosses are not challenging for solo players, they are just long…too long.


In my opinion there is a third faction. Roleplay.
I do think that roleplayers have the longest playtime of all players due to them actively creating their own content. One might sneer at it, but those guys are usually the best builders and extremely creative!
Those are by far superior to the other two when it comes to the amount of hours they spend playing…

Then again your “play together: stay together” is missing one crucial point.
There needs to be a reason to play together. This would call for:

  • at least doubled difficulty
  • proper worldbosses
  • enforced teamplay by eighter actual multiplayercontent or harsher limits on skillpoints

To name just a few.
Players are demigods as it stands right now. There are only VERY few enemies who prove to be hard. And those will prove to be hard for multiple people too!

I thought higher of you. Seems you could use some instagib stick then.
(Because having OP healing means that any fighting only needlessly prolongs the process. Why not instagib then, if there is no danger anyway. :woman_shrugging: )

I do agree on that being exploiting.
I myself at most use natural terrain. (Bows+poison)
Though I only do so with that rocknose, and I honestly enjoy the gamble of life and death utilizing a bedroll, two handed sword and light armor. One wrong action and I am sent flying. :rofl:
But i.e. black scorpions and rhinokings are fair game now. They got a good amount of health so they are not done in <30 seconds like the spider back then, but they dont require too much time to kill them eighter.

While it’s true that herbal tea wont stop bleeding, I rarely see an occasion to get rid of bleeding.
Shouldnt antidotes stop bleeding? :thinking:
Seriously, the rare occasions I get 4+ bleedstacks, I eighter am dead or will survive with only few HP. How is that not okay?
Having to heal up after a fight sounds fair to me. If one wants to keep slashing, they should eighter be practiced enough to not need time to heal up OR play a different game which then fits better. Having to heal up sounds like a fair part of a game calling itself a survival game. And we dont even have diseases…

To be fair:
I had been the same about mods. I hate the idea of having to rely on private people to continue their work.
However, I fell in love with Pippi. I love being able to get creative without having too complicated stuff get forced on me. And I also like age of calamitous for more content - which then is a tad more complicated than vanilla. Twisted, arent I?
Oh and I had been the same way about private servers. But then again pure pve is way too boring to me, thus I prefer some action. Yet again with cheaters, glitchusers, people who use macroes and so on, I didnt continue to enjoy playing on official pvp…


If you don’t like parts of single-player, just use the console to tweak them. I think it’s plenty fun myself, quite a fun challenge. If you think killing world bosses is hard/long solo, you clearly never bothered killing the bridge dragon in dark souls.


There a difference in challenge and overpower.

Joel Bylos admits that world bosses are OP.

I can’t link videos.

I’m on ps4 not a PC.

Else I would link it.

Funcom needs to fix the heavy nerfing.

There are 3 other modes.

Most of the game none PVP.


What happens to solo/co-op and solo-runners in this scenario?

You don’t know me. Thinking higher of me when you have no knowledge is silly in my opinion.
As I stated, I play for entertainment. I have nothing to prove to anyone. What is fun works.


Do keep in mind that singleplayers aren’t as affected as official multiplayers are through the virtue of mods and access to admin panels.

But does that mean singleplayers should become second class citizens just because they can help themselves, as oppossed to the multiplayers?

Only if singleplayers can become “official” singleplayers by way of vanilla-locking. (Locked admin panel from the beginning) can they talk about balance being disadvantageous to them.


Just straight forward only add worldbosses to multiplayer.
Then people who want to play the solo mode (which isnt even offline -could use a “fix” if possible) wont be able to engage multiplayer content as that simply isnt part of their world…
Should be fine, right?
This whole reasoning about no multiplayer content at all because there is solo too really wont ever get through to me. I will keep saying that each and every part of the community needs it’s content.
As it currently stands, multiplayer got the lowest amount of content, given how like 99% can be done solo.
Not always easily, but it is possible.
But some people will always want a game which is about multiplayer to become about solo only.
Ahhh… Funcom? Can you please cook up a solo-only-version? Just delete the server browser and adjust everything to solo only and sell that as some 30 Euro standalone game DLC. :joy: :crazy_face:
Only half joking.

True. And I would like to hand a instagib stick over to you as that seems fun to you too. :slightly_smiling_face:
However, dont expect everyone to want a magic instagib stick. Other people may even enjoy a proper struggle.


The solo players can purchase the product for less, should be good.

100% of the game can be played in multiplayer mode. How is that lower?

I am not even half laughing. Nor do I find it funny. I pay the same cost as those who play PvP why should I not have the same opportunity. If Conan: Exiles was advertised as a PvP or PvE game only without the Solo/Co-op being mentioned, I would have not argument. However, they did mention the Solo/Co-op as a selling point and that statement sold me.

Insults are not necessary. I did not insult or belittle your play style, why would you do this to me?


Because someone complained, all Solo/Co-op games are started without admin rights. Each time a player wants to (or needs to) make an adjustment, they need to go back to settings and set admin rights. So it is already have way to there.

I do try to play without adjusting the settings; unfortunately, Funcom made the statement that they expect Solo players to use the admin panel…all hope for a virgin, “Vanillia” game is lost. Solo players are not even treated like second-class citizens of the game; they are more like the shadow that everyone notices but no one can figure out why they are there.

Playing on the officials is tough for a solo-runner. There is competition for the resources and building space. It is made easier because there are people to trade with and assistance in fighting world bosses.


You for yourself decide to limit yourself to solo.
If you buy a solo+multiplayergame but only want to play solo, then play solo only.
The world of both is the same. So all one can do is change “server settings”. (So if they should review the default settings of those difficulties, then suggest in what way…)
You and only you are in charge of creating your personal gaming experience.

It’s the same dumb argument people have about MMORPGs.
Usually one faction who demands more content, while others claim the guys who ask for more content havent yet done every content aviable.
People choose for themselves what their content is.
I for myself dont see grinding worldbosses as content. It is possible, but not worth it. But that is the opinion of one person and seeing how others use legendary weapons and stuff…
When will you get it? Both of you?
You for yourself are in charge of your gaming experience.

Short version?
Because I’ve had enough of this and these “reasons” make me go haywire. Sorry about that.
And by demanding the game to be tuned for solo, you do belittle everyone who enjoys this game being multiplayer or just anyone who doesnt want the game to become even easier.

This is why it was only a half joke to have Funcom push out a standalone client which is tuned to solo and has no way to connect to any multiplayer. Even coop might be deleted out of it. This would allow for every last thing to be tuned for solo while leaving multiplayer alone.
(Half of the joke being the instagibstick. Those things arent fun. I only started about that because it makes no difference wether one has extremely OP healing (enabling fighting nude) or just oneshots stuff. Both come with same “danger”. None. Thats not survival at all.)
I highly doubt that this will be done though.

Is that so? I disagree.
The sole ones making it a competition are trolls who build extremely large or at resource nodes…
The game is perfectly fine to be soloed. Most of it.

To sum it up:
The reason why I am against making the game any easier is because the current live state is easy enough.
Even though I am part of a clan, I still am playing most of the content solo. …

You got some points. They really didnt think about some stuff. (t2)
But that doesnt mean that I agree with each of your points.


Well, I play solo on my multiplayer map. I like helping people, and chatting with them. I found that simply being friendly helps with self-governance of a server.

Sure, I had a 6 month war with a crazy person, and that was gruelling, but now things are quiet and fun again (IMO) and the experience is very similar to SP, except you feel like all that you do means something.

I haven’t felt like official servers are difficult so far ; You truly get to master a game’s nuances when you can’t cheat, and before you know it, everything becomes easier.

If you are in EU, I cordially invite you to try out my official PvE server. Everyone on my server is friendly and there’s plenty of space even at good spots. I have ensured that all obilisks remained public, maproom and all.

I’ll of course help you whenever you need assistance. If you feel like having end-game gear to level up, I"ll hook u up with some legendaries and some legendary repair kits.

Ya know? You don’t have to be alone all the time, anymore.


This is an interesting thread, but the OP is way out of line. As a Single Player guy myself, I bought this game with the knowledge that it was multiplayer focuse, now asking Funcom to neglect Multiplayer in favor of single player is insane. Specially when it comes to balance.

I thing the option would be for them to add lore oriented content that SOLO players could use to get around this type of issues, merchants that sale certain items, better NPC companions and more healing options, all inside the lore of Conan and without upsetting the balance of Multiplayer.

At least that’s my take on it. Plus it would make the solo game feel more alive. But my general recommendation is to get a friend into your server and go for a 2 player co-op, is much more fun. Personally I like the fact that single player is now more difficult and ruthless. It gives me a better immersion into the Hyborian world.


It is my understanding that Bryan is asking for balance for the solo rather than to take from other modes.
The statements do sound a bit anti-PvP but I think that is frustration coming into the words rather than a true belief that there should never be a PvP mode.

I enjoy the challenges in Solo play and do invite my friend to play in Co-op when he is not on assignment. I try to make my Solo experience as challenging as possible without generating frustration. I do not find much fun in being at level 60 in Solo mode so when I reach that level, I usually End-game out and bring in a new character. The game feels top heavy to me when I play Solo/Co-op. All the great benefits are at the end of the game…kind of like the old fantasy games where beating the final boss awards you an all-powerful weapon. Never made sense to me without game+ mode. It would be nicer if Conan: Exiles had a full featured Game+ mode where a player can keep the buildings, resources, or items (non-end game items only) and start out fresh. Then one can take advantage of the game mechanics and create hazards and rewards on their own.

I have played on officials and found competing with groups for resources a bit annoying. When I finally found an iron ore node, three players came in and took it away, I did not get enough iron to make a weapon. I just wanted to play and enjoy the time, but I spent most of it waiting for resources to spawn or my health to heal.

I would like to see some solo balancing items, but I would not like to see the game split into two games or three if PvE wants to avoid solo actions and PvP actions. I think that would not work either.


I am not EU, but I do appreciate the offer.

I deliberately play solo because I cannot play often or for more than an hour or two on the days that I can play. My life is very busy.


I don’t want it easier. That was never my point. I only want Funcom to balance the game for all modes of play. There is too much focus on pleasing the PvP crowd currently. Solo mode feels like it is being ignored completely. I choose to wear the rag-looking armor, not armor really because I like the look of it. I don’t wear a helmet because I like my character’s hair. I also choose a weapon that looks good rather than is OP or the current favorite. I build where there are terrain challenges because my creative attitude moves that direction.

I fight alone, gather alone, build alone, attack NPC camps alone, if I ever get one, I will fight the purge alone. Solo-running, even in solo mode, is not easy to start with. I am not asking the game to be made easy; I am asking for equal opportunity…


I do all that alone, on an official server as well. Mikey is pretty much as bizzy as you, only playing one or two hours, once in awhile, and he’s doing great (he’s on my server).

You have all the opportunity in the world, and more.

What I don’t get is… why aren’t you using Fashionist?

Like, I get that you like keeping the integrity of your save-file in single-player as stable as possible, by avoiding mods, but certain mods don’t cause damage.

Don’t ever use mods that modify building tiles, or resource stack sizes, or anything physical. Those are the root of all disaster on updates. Even the “pick up” mod will screw you.

But mods which modify how you look, like fashionist first of all don’t break your save, and secondly, they don’t change the way you play the game. It is purely cosmetic.

Out of all mods, Fashionist is the one i’d use when playing singleplayer. It is the single privilege of single players which I envy, and you are not using it xD


This game shouldn’t be dark souls.

I play Dark souls for challenges and it hard mode.

I play open world sandbox building games to build.

World bosses are OP.

PVP nerfs are killing the game.

Remember I preorder Conan Exiles.

That bit of Preorder came from me too.

Admin commands are not a fix for PVP nerfs in offline single player mode.

I can’t get better at Conan Exiles if I use the Admin commands.

I hate cheats.

This old school gamer played Super Mario bros on original super nintendo.

I didn’t need cheats for ps1-Ps3 and etc. Why should I cheat now?

I beat diablo 2 without cheats on hardcore mode.

I’m a real gamer.

Where the fun and challenge in cheating.

Funcom needs to stop ruining my offline single player mode with PVP nerfs.

Thank you Shadoza for explaining.


Awesome! Next time I buy a car, I’ll argue that since we only use three of the five seats, we need 40% discount! The fact that only using part of the product I paid for is entirely my choice and I could use the rest whenever I wanted doesn’t matter, right?

I normally abhor car analogies, but the idea that you need to pay less for the game because you don’t want to use some of the modes it offers is ridiculous enough to warrant one.


As usual, please keep the conversation civil and be respectful to each other despite their opinions.

Just swinging by to say we’re going to send a suggestion to our team to add extra options for solo players to customize their experience.

Tip: you can set a large number of options in the admin panel, even on solo plays, tweaking the rate you acquire XP, get or deal damage and so on. I’m mostly a solo player as well (or coop with my partner) on PS4, so I’ve tuned my game the way I feel more comfortable with.


I don’t use mods in this game. They cause the game to be unstable and, at times, unplayable. I don’t have time to fuss with updating mods or trying to figure which one isn’t working. I like the rags look although I do dye it because I prefer darker colors and I don’t mind the challenge of fighting with less defense. If I were to use a mod, it would probably be Pippi because I could do more to create my own fun with that one. I use mods in other games so I understand how they work (or don’t work;) I just do not like them for this game.

Not really. I have less opportunity to capture a special thrall from the purge. Since we cannot force a purge, I have to wait for one to happen. That takes a good amount of time when one doesn’t play often. I do have the same content that group play has, but when Funcom talks of making dungeons harder or increasing difficult for certain NPCs or beasts, I fear the solo mode will suffer as it had in the past.

You run solo on a server, you should be able to see how different the time consumption is for tasks that were designed to be done with groups. I am not asking, and I do not believe that Bryan is asking, for special treatment. I just want Funcom to stop nerfing things because the PvP mode is demanding it. PvE and Solo mode players deserve the same consideration as PvP mode.