I am disappointed with offline single player mode

Look Funcom. I hate not being able to have multi Toons. Give offline single player mode some love. Look multi Toons adds a few options and life to Conan Exiles. More than one created toon on offline single player mode doesn’t unbalance the game. The max toon size I see for offline single player mode is 50. 40 players can be online at a time on last time I check on Ps4.

Pros of Multi Toons in offline single player mode:

Extra A.I. Player in Boss Fight.

Extra Harvester.

Respawnable Allies.

Able to stay in group pose.

A.I. Commands to auto cook food,repair armor/weapons and etc.

A.I. auto eat and fill up water skins to drink water.

Stats and builds.

Player Inventory.

Cons of Multi Toons in offline single player mode:

You control one toon at a time.

You have to order the A.i. to follow you,fight and etc.

A.I. is slower than having a full team of player.

A.I. toons require food and water.

Toons have player stats. Which means low health and not unlimited stamina.

Toons are best suited mostly doing max of two task at a time.

Toons will eat any cook meat. They fill thier water skin/skins up and drink when thirsty. Toons can drain valuable water wells.

I see Multi toons as a way to escape online bullies,harassers and stalkers. However 1 toon online at a time.

A toon is another word for created character.

I’m also sad no Offline single player co-op mode. Minecraft did offline single player co-op right. Ark however did it wrong.

I would love an extra second controller help.

The nerfs to armors and none enemy nerfs hurts offline single player the most.

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