Does Funcom care about offline single player mode?

Remember in offline single player mode I am a player of ONE. The new thrall system isn’t a good thing for me. 1 thrall per person Funcom remember. Thrall leveling I can do max is 1. See another features nerf for offline single player mode. The new dodge system hurts offline single player mode as well. REMEMBER 1 player vs a boss. Dodge worthless on me now. Now onto healing. Why is a stack of potions so heavy? Why are orbs so heavy? Some of you are going to say use healing wraps. I can’t stand still with enemies and boss fights.

Tweak the settings in the admin panel for the experience you desire.


Yes. EXP gain affects the thralls exp leveling. If you are already level 60,then it will not effect any other part of the game for you.

I cannot agree with this statement. I have tested the new dodge and found I can still dodge lunge attacks to avoid taking damage. It works for me.


I exclusively go bossing alone. It’s more fun and I don’t have to share loot. Adjust how you boss. Metas are meant to change.

I 100% agree with you here. The weights of most consumables need a huge rebalance in my opinion, and healing wraps are so niche they’re impossible to use in most scenarios. I get it’s meant so that you’re limited in how much healing you can do for balance, but at the same time it’s far too restrictive.


Everytime I have to tweak a setting, it ruins my fun! From singleplayer- perspective the whole leveling/fighting/gathering/crafting needs a complete revamp. Different systems for SP/PvE/PvP. Everybody who knows anything knows that. When I start a game I can choose my difficulty, that should be enough!

@Muelee How exactly do you propose for Funcom to satisfy the personal needs of any solo player out there in 3 templates? It is rather selfish to think that what you consider a good set of settings will be a good set of settings for me too.

I am very happy that we have so many settings to play around with.


Go to settings, server settings, make me admin button, change whatever you desire, ???, profit.

Have fun!


Yes that is the way to go, but it always feels weird when I successfully converted a friend to the game and he wants to play it in SP first and I need to tell him to change the settings first…

Thrall breaking for example. It’s awful in SP. It simply takes too long.

Funcom really needs to introduce different rulesets for the game modes…

Actually, I like that the Admin panel allows us to set the rules to what we want to experience. I’ve done some play throughs where I didn’t care about leveling and just wanted to do some endgame fun for a few weeks. After a while, I decided I wanted to do a play through with extremely slow leveling and where everything took a long, long time to craft, build, and so forth. And I’ve had several play throughs with variations in-between. And that’s just me – one player in SP mode with several ways to play the game depending on what mood I’m in at the time.

Using myself as an example, there is no single “one rule fits all” players even in SP mode.

I would, however, suggest a wiki on SP settings so players know what kind of experience they want to set up for their game. Give players instructions for what rule changes give what kind of experience. There are some general instructions in the Admin panel, but sometimes it gets confusing and there are sections where the instructions aren’t clear.

So rather than a set of rules, I think we need a set of instructions to better set up the Admin panel for the play experience we want. If anything, we should be asking for more Admin options to further tweak the game to what we want out of it.


To answer your question, no.
It’s the same for Online.

I’m a Single-player and I don’t need a complete revamp. I chose a difficulty setting when I started the game and haven’t touched most of the sliders since. The only thing I’ve poked is Purge settings so I could find a pace that suits my play style.

Maybe this is why there are many settings for us Solo players. We’re not a homogenous group, so what I like may not be the same for you. In the current system we can each tweak the settings to suit our own, personal preferred playstyle.


I agree with you to an extent. I feel like you are right in that I feel like Funcom doesn’t take into consideration the need to find ways of accommodating people who exclusively play offline single player mode. One thing that I will say that I don’t see you asking, and that I really don’t understand why people are not talking about this more, is why is there no way to pause the game in offline single player mode? Every other game like this has a pause feature in offline single player mode, so why not this one? Not being able to pause the game in offline single player is, in my opinion, COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE. It’s not like in online multiplayer where you can ask your friend to guard you so you can go use the bathroom, or grab a snack, or answer your phone, etc. Right now, if you have to use the bathroom, your choices are 1. Return to base (which isn’t always practical), 2. Find a safe-ish spot to hide and use the bathroom (which can still get you killed), 3. Build little structures to go to when you need to use the bathroom(or anything else, which wastes resources) or 4. Log out, go to the bathroom, and log back in (which is annoying and pointless). I said on multiple forms that they need to add this feature and it feels like they continue to ignore this. Funcom, you don’t have an excuse for this, or if you do, you don’t say what it is. It really can’t be that hard to add in a pause feature for offline single player mode, since PC modders have done so. Bottom line, just add a damn pause feature to offline single player mode.

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Funcom clearly doesn’t care about offline mode because there is none. SP/Coop is still online. But there are mods for offline mode and pause.

I haven’t personally tried because I have never really needed to but people have managed to successfully play the game with steam in offline mode after a verification of their game licence of course. The consoles do have an offline mode, don’t they?

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Id say thats one of the most valuable parts of sp. One of the first things I learned was to go get a taskmaster pronto, so much so that when I restart a character, I park my tuckus somewhere near by Sinner’s Refuge until it happens with a ramshackle base. I think playing sp for a bit, figure what you like and dont like, then if multiplayer isnt your thing, create the oasis of your dreams.

To Phnx: There aren’t mods for consoles.

To Narelle: supposedly, if you hit X when you choose the singleplayer/coop option, you choose to play offline, but you still can’t pause the game, I think it just means other players can’t join your session. If someone from FunCom would care to explain this better than I can, please feel free to do so.

Yes and yes. I like to shift the settings to serve my needs…especially when fighting a huge HP boss.

Yes again. Do I move this slider right for faster or left?

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My problem right now is with the slow Thrall-levelling. In my SP experience the levelling defines a lot of the things I do. The first purge is an important “plot”- point. It hits when I am around level 40. But if I change the experience slider because I want faster thrall-levelling this also changes. The old story, if I tweak the setting of bosses, the average opponents are too easy. So I have to use the sliders even more.

The result is I go to level 60 asap and of course get a decent thrall, who does all the work. But then why not start with level 60? I played the game with and without changing the sliders, and I know several solutions to all the problems, still does not feel right. My fear is, the balancing simply is to much work and its to late for that. Well, I had tons of fun with CE, so no problem, but with some balancing the SP experience would be even more interesting.

I don´t want to force my settings on you lol, my point is there is too much tweakage.
So tweak settings yes, but not so often, because of weird balance of the game.
The game has to be balanced for PvP and multiplayer in general. That means single player have to adapt to much.