(PS4 Pro) What the hell have they done to the boss HP?

(Offline play) Ok I left the game for awhile cause thralls were not generating HP so they very useless and some majors bosses where not dropping certain items needed to complete the journey. I see in the interim, 2 small patches were released, great so now thralls work but boss HP has gone crazy…seriously 32 minutes to kill a oversized snake (that’s not even a major boss btw)…and that’s with top tier weapons and a character level of 60… with a high level dancer thrall firing star metal arrows from the side line…
WTF!!!. When was this nerfed???

I understand that maybe bosses were seen as to easy for multiplayer, but then just increase the bosses HP in multiplayer! Now single play is nerfed. I hope this issue is gonna be addressed.

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