PS4 PvE Official Server: Is there a mob XP list for figuring out how to level fastest from 1-60 and other questions

Been playing Conan Exiles on and off for the past couple of months on PS4. I’m playing solo on PvE Official servers US and would like to figure out a good way to level my character. Currently level 20 I think.

I figure finding out what mobs I can reasonably kill (mostly been fighting with daggers for bleed/run circles tactic) with the highest XP. The list I found on some wiki seems outdated so like to make sure I’m getting the right info.

Found some regular(?) gorillas in the jungle that seemed to give great XP until I got closer to XP which it then seemed to drop off or maybe it’s not much compared to how much XP is needed to get to the next level. Then I saw some people saying Ostriches were great so I went to fight some of them around level 15 and didn’t seem like a lot. The hyenas I killed near by gave more.

Question 1: Is there a list of current mob XP from killing them I can check out to plan my leveling?

2: How long do dots like bleeding last until you need to reapply? Got enemies up to 20 stacks and then focused on staying away while they bled out. A couple of times the stack disappeared so had to start over.

3: Is there a progression track at all in Conan Exiles that’s generally followed when playing through for the first time? Or is it simply figure everything out on your “own” and just get released from the world? I don’t want step-by-step handholding. A general guide to follow in case people like myself get overwhelmed with too many options would be ideal.

4: What type of gear is needed to help with heat and cold? Really like a spot I found up North but ultimately moved away to a more beginner friendly area due to constantly freezing when gathering materials. No idea what armor helps with elements and I’ve yet to find any in-game tooltips that tells you what items do/are best for. Same with tools.

5: Thralls. How soon do we start getting these NPCs to help with everything? Right away? I’ve started over multiple times looking for a good server and just getting use to the game. I’ve yet to get any Thralls or animals on my team and I’m thinking that may be one of my biggest issues getting a hold of things.

If there’s any beginner tips/tricks for a PS4 player on Official PvE servers that you think could help then feel free to share. I’ll be playing solo in-game for now since my connections is ‘meh’ and I prefer to voice chat with teammates so don’t worry about that aspect.


1.- for me to fastest way to level up has been doing journey steps and building t3 pieces.

2.- bleeding sstacks last for about 5sec each one

3.- check the journey steps

4.- depends on how far on the north you go, on the highlands you can wear heat protection gear without problem, you can get kambujan armor at early levels that gives cold protection, also, get 20 vit to reduce the effects of the temperature

5.-ASAP, thralls do everything better than you.

6.-don’t stick in the newbie areas, get close to a large npc settlement, and adventure a little, finding new places and killing npcs is good to level up aswell, and they drop good loot

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Just some advice…if youre wanting to level fast by killing, its likely better to use a different tactic then a bleed stack and running away. Get your strength up and go smash with better weapons.

But apart from that, killing thralls is quick and decent xp. For a while, once you can kill the npc’s at Asagarth and Mounds, they give a lot better XP. Crafting T3 helps greatly too, although you need to farm for that, so not very productive.

Last time I power leveled, I think it took me a couple afternoons of grinding the npc’s at Mounds and I hit level 60. Just grab the weapons they drop and their armor and away you go. Make a 1x1 shack with a bedroll so you can run back in to get your stuff as you die. Maybe make some aloe potions as well to keep heals up, if food cant heal you quick enough.

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Thank you

Thanks. About what level do you suggest, if any, to fight the people at Mounds?

That’s the area I ultimately want to build an official base. I left because everything seemed too strong before level 30.

At that level id go to Asagarth first…till you get closer to 40 unless your comfortable with fighting. Put stats into strength and vitality and your set to level.

So long as you keep finding weapons to use, because you will want good weapons for this, not low tiered stuff.

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Rocknoses at brimstone lake are my fav. Mostly did them from lvl 30 and up. at the lower levels there’s enough to make them respawn before you killed them all and even at lvl 59 you just need to kill 10-15 ish to gain a level. Farming a bit of brimstone is a bonus

Monkey’s at the jungle ruins also give decent xp.

for both, the main thing for me is there’s so many of them. not a lot of places with a lot of mobs that are easy to kill… only npc cities compare, but most npc’s give lousy xp.

First 10 levels you can get pretty much from doing the basic journey steps. Jump, kick, climb, read the tablet, drink water, craft a weapon/armor, talk to npc at noob river etc.

10-30 I just do random stuff, but the undead hyenas around sinkhole give good xp.

Thanks for the suggestions.

The Shattered Springs isn’t an easy place to farm before level 30 because of the poisonous air. It’s easier to get brimstones from Sinners Refuge. Once you reach lvl 30 you can craft the protective mask and farm the Shattered Springs easily.

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