Losing your body inside the Midnight Grove

Hi everyone.
Inside the Midnight Grove, if you die after killing the first panther boss, you need to kill it again to get to where your body is? How? I’m naked and have no weapons, food or potions. I feel like if you die after one of the bosses, you effectively lost your belongings. Is that so?

If you have not prepared to die with backup armour, weapons, thrall and potion etc getting your items back after the first boss is unlikely/impossible. The dungeons are unforgiving in this game. The final boss in the midnight grove is also very challenging early/mid game… so beware!

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Bring a Thrall and equip a shield. That’s how I do any dungeon.

Everytime a boss tries to attack your thrall, use the shield to block for your thrall. Give thrall a 2hand sword.

You can cheese 90% of bosses this way :confused:
Most bosses become effectively useless and stun locked

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Once you kill a boss in that dungeon, the doorway opens to the hub where you first entered. If you die at a later boss, you can run back, avoiding the earlier bosses that should not have re-spawned by that time.

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I agree, however this method is only really viable after you unlock the healing arrows (lvl38) as the final boss will likely turn your thrall (if >T4) into a midnight snack without them… unless you take the aggro and let the thrall do the work from behind. Also always test your thrall is operating correctly before entering a dungeon.

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Nah. Thrall won’t take the hit. Just be slightly in front of the thrall and beside. Literally inside the arc of the thrall’s weapon. I’ve been using a bandit leader for just about every boss. ( Not the kael one yet.)

The shield will knockback or make a derp animation for most bosses that don’t have AoE. I wish it wasn’t so effective.

You’re right that technique certainly works most of the time and it has been a while since I did this dungeon but pretty sure that last boss does some AoE damage (hits more than one target) due to its wide/fast movement range…
Also I guess if you have a bandit leader he can probably just Tank it solo with little need for healing arrows anyway. Won’t be the same for a >2500hp T3 thrall though… not sure which level OP is at but I’m guessing he probably doesn’t have a bandit leader or equivalent.

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