Midnight grove bosses instant respawn

Game mode:Online private
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP
Region: EU

I entered the Midnight Grove for the first time today. Got the first boss, the panther. I then entered the arena of the gorilla, I was surprised by his chain stuns and died. When respawned in the dungeon, the door of the panther was closed. In fact all the mobs I already killed were still dead, but the panther respawned already. Another thing is, when I was killed by either boss (because yeah, I tried the panther while naked), the boss dies and spawn another right after. Is that a known bug ? I doubt it’s from server settings because no mobs are respawning that fast.

  1. Enter the Midnight grove
  2. Kill Brother of the Night (door opened)
  3. Die to the Brother of the Moon
  4. Can’t get to my body because Brother of the Night already respawned
  5. Deal with it and lose valuable stuff

BONUS : boss dies and respawn instantly when killing a player.

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Did the Dungeon today on Official PvE Server #1044 and can not confirm this!

  1. I killed the Panter Boss (no instant respawn)

  2. I got killed by the Gorilla Boss (my bad :face_with_raised_eyebrow:)
    The Boss was at about 20% Health when i died.

  3. I moved back to the Gorilla Boss through the Panter Boss Area (Panter was NOT respawned)
    Yeah i now know there is a shortcut to the Panter Boss Area if the Panter Boss is already dead :wink:

  4. I killed the Gorilla Boss (still 20% HP left after all the way -> no reset)

  5. Did the Rest of the Dungeon and all Bosses was dead and no Respawn at all.

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I confirm that when you die soloing the dungeon resets, (pvp server) I died at the sabertooths after killing the panther, gorila and boar bosses, not only them but all the mobs spawned again when I died and doors got closed. Making it impossible to retrieve the gear back from the corpse.

I guess this is not intended due to the fact it becomes really hard to solo. FC should revise this for sure.


Hey @Imharil

You mention in your report that you had this happen in a private server. Does that server have any mods installed?

Hi @Ignasi, The server has no mods installed.

EDIT : Also, as @Caco said, mobs respawn very fast, something like 10mn (not like other mobs am I right ?) is it intended ?

Hey again @Imharil

A dungeon is supposed to restart if all players attempting to run it die.

This punish solo players (in pvp) as they dont have much choice, mainly in a low pop server. I suggest you take another look on this @Ignasi. Loosing progression trying to play and being unable to access content (Jhebbal Altar recipe) is not fun.

Please, talk to the devs to reconsider the reset only after leaving the dungeon.


So you basically never try to do it solo because of that. And what about singleplayers ? If I wasn’t playing on a server with friends, I would play in singleplayer and I would never risk anything on such a dungeon for a religion. It’s fine to die against a boss when your body is “reachable”. But here it’s not and I really think it shouldn’t be like this.

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2 days ago occurs me same in server pvp official 1059. the respawn time is set so low, when we die at last boss, all npcs/mobs was in his places, also we death at half sabretooth path and before than we can finish sabretooths respawn again, we could catch 4 littles, kill 2 times the brave bull, etc…

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