Midnight Grove - Oh My (The frustration)


Oh, the frustration… I realize it’s probably not a bug, but it sure is - irritating… and would be nice to have it changed.

Take your wolf pet (or any) into the Midnight Grove dungeon.
Once in, kill all the hyenas and go down the left path and kill more hyneas.
Reach a path, through a tree, that goes out on a cool branch to another opening…
… and then see a cool glowing green something.

Awesome. Then wait, so you can have a good ‘save’ point before moving on (auto saves), and peek around the corner to see some friendly wolves - 4 mind you… ah, nice distance, oh wait - they see you and run to you and then you find yourself up against a tree… (cant climb… oh, no)… and you cant flip, jump, etc. out of the way.

  • you are pinned with 4 wolves trapping you - and you die, of course.

  • So… it loads, completely naked, and pet wolf? Heh - well doubt its dead… wasn’t enough time with them focused on me.
    But, you know how the story goes, you have to go hunt your wolf down and reselect ‘follow’
    (This should definitely change)
    … but how to do this, your completely naked - and not just that, but EVERYTHING has respawned. Extremely frustrating and disappointing.)

  • A quick run through, past everything, and… no wolf. :stuck_out_tongue:
    I know, you probably think its dead - doubt it.

  • So reload… and… it starts me at the BEGINNING of the dungeon! GRRRRRRRRRR!!!
    No pet - why no pet? Doesn’t make sense, I respawn there, (pre-death, mind you… an older save. Aparently the character, in a dungeon, will not keep its save position and has to start from the beginning on log out - not cool - at all (don’t really care how many other games do it) - especially when my pet… yep, you guessed… does not respawn beside me.

Instead Im expected to chase down my pet in both scenarios…
The first, running naked through the dungeon, and the other, equipped, but with the same chance of still not finding it.

Very beautiful dungeon - but after mucking around with it for over an hour - disappointing, and makes me not want to touch another dungeon.

Hey, I get it - its for PVP, but people play single player… is there any reason that the character starts at the beginning each, and every time there is a log out/log on? If so, please let the pet start at the beginning .

  • Oh, the last frustrating bit… teleport out, and guess what? Im not even where I started the dungeon - Im in Sepermeru (spelling?) Dang, I mean far away from where the entrance is… and not knowing where the heck my pet is. (Again, missing both on save before death and save after…)

Im really enjoying Conan, cool there is another dungeon coming out - but now… not so sure - I truly hope this gets reworked. (Sorry, its late, hopefully its somewhat coherent - and yes, Im fresh out the game, and frustrated now.)

I know your pain.
Pets should be “locked” into follow mode until dismissed (commanded) to guard, and they should spawn with you.

Yes, I play solo. (SP)

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Whats worse…
Single player dungeon, (Midnight Grove), you go down the left path - make it to the green barrier - decide to go back to see the right path, and everyone and their brother has respawned.

The one thing that was really cool about DDO, (Dungeon and Dragons Online) is that you could clear a dungeon - this… its insane… just keeps populating itself. (Maybe I can turn it off in admin - but it should be off by default in single-player.)

The only DDO game I’ve played was Neverwinter, clearing out a dungeon in that was as you described. They wouldn’t respawn after being cleared on a go-through. The original Guild Wars campaigns were the same.
I think I ran into your Midnight Grove situation when I tried to figure out which way I was going and lost direction after defeating a group of two followers and two bears. I’m still not sure about it because the entry path and exit path looked almost the same to me. But not to the same extent you seem to have had.

Getting through that dungeon was tough for me even at level 50 something and at the settings* I have so as not to make game play suicidal. But, I try to go through those dungeons only once and one way although I know they can be explored more than once.

*settings: I use custom difficulty settings when starting up a new game.


Looks like I need to take my time in the Grove then. I run the dungeon with a thrall not a lame pet and do a full 100% clear of all wings in 20mins wiht no respawns for hides. Best place to farm yet! efin love the grove!

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@Vahlok, Yeah, the DDO is an older one (actually based in the Eberron Campaign Setting, down on the continent of Xen’Drik in the small city of Stormreach) - only briefly tried out Neverwinter, but the game kept spamming its chat messages - so stopped playing. :slight_smile:

I’m only lvl 38, so that may be part of the issue… Maybe ill hold off until I lvl more and try again.

@kevbal, “lame pet” - (my wolf is offended!) :smiley:
Seriously, the wolf seems to be the best so far (hp and just raw attack power - i.e., took out my Rhino, but its ‘slow’ - hyenas are fast, but not as robust)

I go from the entrance, up the left path, through the arch onto the tree branch that winds around to another opening that leads to a green ‘gateway’.

Once fighting through, going back - they have already respawned across the vine bridge.
So - respawn is a serious issue for me… and dying, is not an option.

Tried again, went back to the gate, not knowing if I could beat that lvl 3 skull panther in there - and more so, would I be able to get back out, as the gate locked, once I defeated it? Or would I be railroaded through to more dangerous/difficult bosses? (Didn’t want to risk losing all my stuff and mucking around with finding my pet off at my base a million miles away! lol!)

Glad it works for you, though. :slight_smile:

You’ll do much, much better at a higher level.
On pets, when you’re feeding them while they’re incubating in the pen …
Now and then you’ll come across a mini-boss “demon” animal, such as a hyena (near Weeping Ruins) or a shaleback (Near the Sentinels). Anyway, I’m certain they spawn at various locations.
Harvesting them can yield at least one shade-blossom each. Use that to infuse food for the animal while it’s being tamed. (crafted at the firebowl cauldron). Doing that will give a greater chance of gaining a mini-boss pet.
I lucked out and ended up with a mini-boss Greater Hyena and two mini-boss White Tigers. (around 8000+ health each) while taming a few animals including hyenas and tigers.
Those mini-boss pets are a life saver in tough dungeons. (If your wolf might not be one).
I went into The Black Keep at level 60 with Snow White (my second white tiger) and she took a hell of a beating but survived the Kinscourge while keeping it distracted as I shot him several times then jumped into the frey before he would end up killing her.
The only reason I go in there is for learning Teleth’s Lament and Silent Legion Armor.


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