Pet disappear in Midnight Grove

Hello support,

My pet disappear from the map and from my clan’s followers list after been drag under the floor.

He was fighting the Bull Boss inside the Midnight Grove instance, during the fight he moved under the ground floor for some unknowed reasons, i manage to kill the boss and move forward thinking he will appear behind me if i am far enough but nothing happen, try to call him back with the commands “return”, still nothing.

I decide to go out of the dungeon but then, after been teleport to Sepermeru, i got no pet following me, try to use some commands, no notification and my pet disappear from the follower list. Even in the Event Log, no message about him to die or whatever.

Any way for me to get it back ?

Server : #1107 Official PvP
Region : Europe
Platform : PC Computer

Thank you.

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And it happen again … Another pet disappear from the list of Followers after been drag under the surface of the ground …

It took severals hours to bring them Lv20, and i lost them because of a bug, it’s very frustrating!

Is there any way to get an answer from a moderator or anyone know a way to get back them if it possible ?

thank you, GL HF !

Don’t take pets in dungeon they are working on both path finding and getting knocked under map and have fixed a few of those dungeons but the catch is that the door to the map itself is behind the ghost wall and they probably teleport there thus you are to far away for them to come back as last I checked the rescuers buttons to work must be within a 12 feet or something like that so they are lost. That goes for thralls too

Ps funcom does not have admin support on official servers thus there is no way to get you another one or recover it

Thank you for the reply.
I understand the situation, i should avoid dungons with pet for a while i guess.

Nor thralls as they can to that too

Hey @tangame

Thanks for bringing this up to our attention. We’ll send this to our team so they can investigate possible issues with followers disappearing.
However, we won’t be able to restore the lost pets since Conan Exiles doesn’t offer MMO-like support.
Apologies for the frustration.

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Hello @Ignasi,

than you for reply, ok noted, i hope u can fix this trouble asap, i like to bring pet&thrall for to level up them, it’s a bit scary that we can lost it at any moment because of this bug.

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