Disappeared pet, how to inquiry?

My pet has disappeared. I can’t see him on followers list, and can’t see any logs like killed, deleted of him.
Can I ask to Official Teams? Please tell me how to contact about this issue.

Apologies but some more info is needed. Are you in a clan if so a clan member might have gotten rid of it. Are you on official or private if private is there any mods. If official server number please as some of that can help better identify the problem and better help you also due to some patch problem thralls and pets can die randomly or straight up disappears in some cases death is from weird fall damage and disappear means sorcery has finally made its way to the exiles land and we need to find it

Te daré la misma respuesta que un jugador perdió el lobo. No lleva contigo una caja de pienso y visita tus bases si dispones de más de una, y planta la caja de pienso está era la forma antigua de encontrar los npcs perdidos y si no están en tus bases tendrás que recrear tu última aventura que hiciste con el y ir plantando lo en el suelo la caja de pienso cada 10 segundos de esprintar espero que lo encuentres suerte

Sorry I only speak English can some one translation please

I will give the same answer that a player lost the wolf. Do not carry a feed box with you and visit your bases if you have more than one, and plant the feed box as it was the old way of finding lost npcs and if they are not in your bases you will have to recreate your last adventure you did with the and plant it in the ground the box I think every 10 seconds of sprinting I hope you find it lucky

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