Warmaker Dungeon Changes

I have a few suggestions that I think would improve the Warmaker Dungeon. Please let me know your thoughts.

  1. Remove the chest from the first area that always has a key to open to the map room. This would make fighting the Gate Guardian necessary everytime. As it stands now, it is unnecessary to fight him since you can simply run past him and grab the key from the chest.

  2. Make the next room, the map room, more interactive than simply placing the small statues down. It is anti climactic after fighting the three mini bosses to only have to guess without repercussions where to place them.

  3. Decrease the damage output of the Arena Champion and increase her health. She oftentimes can accidentally one-hit combo a level 60 player, making a thrall necessary to sue to tank. Additionally, more loot than scraps would be nice (though the scraps are certainly useful).

  4. Require the player to fight through each room following the Arena Champion. There are plenty of enemies, but they can all be avoided.

  5. Increase the Warmaker’s health and damage output. He is simply too easy to kill, especially compared to the Arena Champion. His design and boss room are great, but it is a very anti climatic fight.

  6. Allow thrall to use the Warmaker’s weapons. As is stands now, thrall can equip his hammer and sword, but do little to no damage with them. They would be much more desirable drops if thrall could use them as a viable option. They are tough enough to use as a player because of the corruption effect.

  7. Give the keys, with the exception of rusted keys, a decay timer after you leave the dungeon. This is another way to prevent speed running and avoiding most fights.

Thanks for reading.

  • I agree with your suggestions
  • I disagree with some or all of your suggestions, and my comments are below

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Have you ever died inside that dungeon? How exactly do you propose people should get to their corpse if they can’t have spare keys?


No to like most of them The Warmakers is a time sink as it is as a single player to make it harder and more time consuming not interested at all in that. When they added the Champion they broke how AI ports though your like your not even there and all of a sudden is at your back, never fixed it so now skelli and other monsters do the same thing. Instead of adding new things that we do not need, my suggestion is fix the bugs that have been in the game since launch.

As for the Key idea, go in play it , die, lose all your stuff then swear when your stuff is gone when you finally get back to your base as you need to get new stuff to fight back though the beginning Skelli, run back and opps after fighting to get a new key your stuff is long since decayed and then come back and tell us how that went. No key no getting your stuff , gone forever. I can think of things to make this place playable but making it even harder is not one of them sorry.


Sry my friend, i really like your ideas, but i like the dungeon the way it is more. I have no problem farming this dungeon and i believe that if you farm this dungeon at least 4 times the week then you wouldn’t think this suggestions. Thank you anyway for your effort. I really appreciate your work.


For the keys, believe me I’ve lost plenty of inventories to the Arena Champion including Final Breaths of the Red Mother. I just think dungeons should be geared towards more of a team effort on PVP servers.


And do not have a problem with that for when you are on a PVP server but many many play offline or single player and harder is not needed just being not broken is a fix.

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Not wild about #4, but I was otherwise mostly in agreement right up until this point:

There have been countless times someone on the server I play has died in there and needed help to get their gear back. Even if another player is quick to respond and fight thru everything from scratch, that’s likely long enough for the first player’s gear to have decayed.

Having persistent keys allows players to help one another out in a pinch and fosters alliances… at least on PvE servers.


I am sorry friend, but I am not sure I can agree on this one. Especially with number 7, and possibly 5.

They already are geared and directed more towards online team play NosferatuV. However they must remain completable by Singleplayers and Online Solo players. Singleplayers/Solo players should not be locked out of content. And some of these boss encounters have recently become even harder than beforehand with the changes to the dodge mechanic.


The fact that it is a long dungeon makes it appealing.
Short is boring. It is not challenging.

Wanting a shorter run is not someone out looking for a challenge or to challenge themselves, but to get a quick fix to what ever it is you’re looking to get.

Not meant to disparage, just my feelings on the subject.

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I have to contend that if you die inside, there is no feasible means of getting your gear back, if it is a drop on death server. Having the key where it can be picked up with relative ease so you can dash in and get your stuff is definitely a more prudent option. Though I would say that the key should have an expiry when you leave the dungeon. It takes a single or duo team over 30 minutes to an hour easily. I see nothing wrong with that time frame.

I would agree that making some sort of consequence for setting the statues down incorrectly would be ‘fun’.

I would add that there needs to be more than 1 or 2 armor scraps as a reward in each chest. You go through a lot to get those keys and then to get 1 or 2 pieces is well, disheartening.

thank you

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Let me ask this since a lot of the comment have been related to retrieving dropped items and single player and solo play:

  • Dungeons should be easy enough for one player and a thrall to complete
  • There should be more difficult dungeons for larger player groups

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Maybe adding damage scaling for number of clan members in a dungeon?

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  1. Absolutely not. Death would mean 100% certainty of losing your gear. Would make people hesitant to take good gear into the dungeon, or only do the dungeon in large groups. That would be bad for solo players, or even duo players.

  2. The problem is that there are no clues as to how to properly set the statues down. None that I have seen. But without randomness added to where to set them down, somebody is just going to make a video showing how to place them. Has been done in fact. So huge consequences for guessing wrong? No…or…it depends on what kind of consequences. I don’t want to die just because I guessed wrong. Refight the boss for a new statue? Maybe, if he will respawn right away.

  3. I can agree that the Arena Champion is tuff, but that’s why she’s the Champion. More loot…less scraps? The point of farming that dungeon IS the scraps, since you need them to make Champion Armor. Less scraps? NO. How about more.

  4. No. How about making sneaking an actual game mechanic, and making it such that there are areas where you will very much want to sneak through instead of fighting. Absolutely love some games like Splinter Cell, where sneaking is a part of the game.

  5. All bosses are too easy to kill. I kited a fresh Rotbranch to a thrall at a decayed base. The thrall has champion armor, and sword of crom, and appears to be leveled up. I gave up because she makes short work of Rotbranch. All bosses should kill any unaided thrall, no matter how high you level them, or how well you equip them. OK, not all bosses. Obviously this should work by area. The bosses in beginner areas and easier dungeons should be a cake walk to farm if you have fully level thralls with great weapons and armor, but Rotbranch is not a beginner area boss. He’s actually one of the tougher bosses. So as it stands, with my leveled Lian, who has 71 points in strenght at level 17, I fear nothing. He kills everything. The only thing I have not put him up against is this dungeon. Last time I went through, we went in a group of 4, and I had a Berserker follower.

  6. Doesn’t wearing armor with the “cleansing” perk counteract that corruption? Isn’t that the point of weapons and armor with cleansing…to counteract items with corruption?

  7. Don’t have a problem with it, so long as it is long enough that it doesn’t prevent you from getting past the doors when you get killed. I can agree that we don’t need the keys when we go back a week later. So maybe a 24 hour decay. Sure, somebody can do the dungeon, then an hour later do it again on a speed run, but I am OK with that.

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I really like the idea for group dungeons. It will give more, team effort reasons, to this game rather than pvp. I remember when warcraft started, we close dates to make the dungeons. It was really nice back then. I agree 100 % we need this. The way the game is right now, on pve, you have no necessity for clan. All you have to do is, YouTube the dungeon, walk it a little bit on god mode and done. The dungeons difficulty is no more.

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Yes, I think WoW is a good example of how some dungeons could be. Would add to the replay value significantly.

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One should also look at WoW for what dungeons should never be. My familiarity is old, but consider how over time WoW had to make dungeons easier and more guided by queueing tools to be playable outside of a few guilds. There were not enough players in WoW servers to support the kind of self-organizing groups your approach would require.

The bar for Conan with small servers needs to be incomparably lower, ideally providing a solo play path.


I agreed to the idea, for group dungeons, not solo. However if you are still solo i suggest you to stop. The game is 1000000 times better when you play with friends. And if you have problem to find, no problem, i am your guy. Still i see that you are a respectful member of this comunity and i will be your last choice, however i volunteer.

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On this one you are tottaly right. And ofcurce we don’t need so dificult dungeons that demands so much population in the server. Surely we love conan the way it is right now, however i would like the game to have something that demands team effort. Pve would be so much better.

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I agree most in everything you said but i will stand to the arena champion. I stand to this because i cannot agree more. To fight arena champion, though i play full encumbrance, i use tactics. I carry and equip for this fight the strangely familiar axe, eat all the special fish and put the grit tattoo, so i will have all the buff and 3 perks on grit for damage reduction. It is very possible that the champion will hit you, so you have to survive. To my thrall choice now, it has to be one with good agility (30 and more). I ve lost several bersekers, because though they were strong with good vitality, their agility was low and the champion crushed them. So if it is to fight the champion, you must saw some respect to this fight.

Let’s not, please. The game does have a singleplayer mode and it would really suck to have some of the in-game content unavailable for those who prefer it. Look at it this way: I wouldn’t appreciate it if they introduced a dungeon that required me to blow up a wall with an explosive jar, but they implemented it in such a way that I can’t do that because I’m not playing on a PVP server.

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