Dungeon improvement

In light of the most recent dungeon and it’s amazing layout, lore, and boss battles but with a lack luster reward for engaging it at all I made a forum post about how to improve it however I didn’t really go massively into detail on what to do. So after talking with my clan and server on what’s missing and how to improve going forward

Dungeons lack any sort of meaningful reward
-the wine cellar is probably your best dungeon however the items obtained from the dungeon as a whole are very meh at absolute best and only serve as filler as both pvp and over content
-the dagon dungeon is pointless overall aside from the improved fish traps
-the war maker dungeon however actually does everything right as far as loot goes aside from the final bosses two weapons that are absolutely garbage on any front

Dungeons become trivial and lack the initiative to complete properly.
-the wine cellar mini bosses are easily skipped and are infact for there drops it’s more efficient to do so if you even bother going back once collecting the very few things you’d go into this dungeon to do
-war maker dungeon actually has the right idea with locking progression behind puzzles and boss battles however this is trivialized by making the keys permanent fixtures in your invintory so once you obtain the key it’s just a simple matter of by passing everything to fight exclusively what your like to Wich is fine but over all it devalue the allure of doing the dungeon as intended
-why would you ever waste time on the dagon dungeon…

Bosses are easily stomped on by groups or thrall(Wich is fine bosses are incredibly difficult for inexperienced players and almost required the thrall if soloing but I feel it can be improved)
-the wine cellar boss and mini bosses are circumnavigated by a single t4 fighter
-all bosses except the arena champion(unless you know how to combo stack even then all you need is healing arrows) are absolutely slaughtered by thrall without taking any noticable damage
-dagon well…why would you even bother going to it at all after you’ve done it once

I have a list of possible fixes that could be either used to improve the current dungeons or be applied to future ones to make it a more enjoyable experience for pve players and pvp players alike

Provide exclusive consumables that buff either thrall or character that is worth the effort and make completing the dungeon feel rewarding

Buff the final boss weapons as at the current state these things are better hung on a wall then actually used. At the current rate the most balanced top teir wepon is the lying bastard and has remained that way for a hot minute(this isn’t saying it needs to be nerfed as in pvp it’s perfectly fine where it’s at however tI does need weapons that are on par to increaze combat play styles.)

Make a consumable simalier to the statues in the war maker dungeon that are consumed upon entering/summoning the boss that give you a chance at the bosses exclusive drop to make killing mini bosses worth while and allow for a more prevalent initiative to complete the dungeon as intended

Set check point after defeating a mini boss so that more difficult future dungeons are less dangerous to solo players so that upon death there loot isn’t locked behind a door or you can get back into the fight more quickly

Make it so that you either can’t bring a thrall into the final boss room/make a tick that for every person who enters the room buffs the health/damage of the boss. This will allow for more engaging fight that scales with the player instead of just making it thrall Farmville

I know that as it stands dungeons are more of a filler/pve/rollplay content then an intentional thing to farm however it has incredible potential value in playability for all play styles and can be used to help promote player base/player longevity and over health of the game I feel if even a few of these idea are placed into either current content or future content you will see a increase in player interactions that stand outside of the current norm.

There alota typos so please forgive me

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