No Building In Wine Cellar Dungeon: Lets Talk!

Before getting down to my gripe, I do still want to shout out a quick thankyou to Funcom for an aesthetically cool, and delightfully challenging dungeon. It is atmospheric and engaging. Unfortunately, that is where the pleasantries come to an end, and I must now present my grumble about it, and most people around here who know me will know I am not one to complain constantly, and hate doing so. However, this is one such time in which I feel I must.

I am here today to voice my extremely strong opposition to the innability to build and place items in the Wine Cellar dungeon, and the profound impact it has on certain modes. As a purely Offline Singleplayer, the innability to build in there is pure hell, and Im not just being melodramatic here. A number of the enemies in the dungeon, such as the Armoured Skeletons are literally two hits=death. And that is for a lvl 60 character in Flawless Epic Armour with Vitality 30+. However, it is not how hard the enemies hit, or how much damage they take to kill which ruins this for me, it is having to respawn at the very beginning of the dungeon EVERY-SINGLE-TIME-WE-DIE. Its ridiculous! Running from the very beginning of the dungeon to the end boss every time you die, which when you are Solo/Singleplayer is a lot believe me, is the height of tedium. It not only makes us develop a near perfect recollection of how to clear the dungeon on the first run through, it makes the whole exploration process feel like a repetitive chore and kills the immersion. Furthermore, when you are battling a Boss or Smoke Demon Boss at the end and die, half of the time by the time I get back there his health points which I have spent a huge amount of time wearing down, are back at full again!! And their little master of stun locking minions are back too! Im sorry but this is utterly terrible. But what could be worse…? How about if my thrall dies right before I do, and his body and posessions which I built are all gone too before we get back there. A T4 Thrall with Flawless Armour and Weapons are ALL gone in one fell swoop. Yaaay! It is utterly maddening. As an Offline Singleplayer, I dont have a whole clan to back me up, and this ‘no building’ decision, and therefore dungeon feels weighted against Single and Solo players to me.

So could someone please explain to me why I cant put a Bedroll down in here…!? Look I can understand Funcom not wanting to make the area a free for all building area; trolls would have a field day. But cant we just have a few tiny pockets along the way (say around 1 Foundation piece in size) where we can put a Bedroll down? Even just one at the halfway point, and one near the Smoke Demon would go such a long way to solving this problem. It was exactly the same bad design with The Black Keep dungeon, which is probably why I never replay it. We can build in other dungeons such as the Sunken City, The Midnight Grove, The Dregs, The Warmakers Sanctuary and the Well of Skelos, so why on earth cant we build here…!? Frankly this is poor design decision, and if nothing changes, this will be the first and only time I ever run this dungeon, which is a tremendous shame. Im frustrated, grouchy and confused right now, and it feels to me, right or wrong, like Solo and Singleplayers got shafted on this one.

I will close with two items here; 1) Will Funcom consider changing the no building policy for this dungeon? and 2) Does anyone else agree with me on this one? End rant.


Wine Cellar is my favorite dungeon too because aesthetically it is stunning. I loved going through it the first time, and I made some bad plays at the end. lol. I used admin mode to return to the end with flight, even if it was slowly. I did die some along the way before the boss, and I had to find my thrall.
Another issue I had was probably the cause of my Xbox One being on for too long and heating, but the final boss, one of the coolest bosses ever, looks like a sludge of ice cream. My Xbox had trouble rendering the textures. It was disappointing to say the least, but it was probably my fault.
I’d like to be able to put down a bedroll. Never knew I could in the other dungeons. Would’ve definitely helped some. lol. I play single player too because online isn’t free on consoles, and I think it’s probably better that way so I don’t grieved or dominated by other players. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Instead of allowing players to build in there, perhaps it would be better to have respawn checkpoints. Clear a section of the dungeon and make it to the next “checkpoint” for respawning rather than always at the beginning. That way, you won’t lose that much progress and it would still keep the exploiters from building in there.


Now i remember having a weird experience after i died a week ago in SP. My character respawned actually in the cellar. I just had to run down to where i died (skeleton boss at the small obelisk), my thrall was still there only the boss was gone. His corpse should have been there, since my thrall had him almost finished.
But to respawn at the start of the dungeon was extremely useful…
Hey, the game actually asked me at the respawn menu, if i wanted to respawn in the cellar. Why did i forget, that was new! Since when do we have this feature!

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It’s a feature they implemented to respawn in the dungeon, and not at your base. Least we have that now and don’t have to return to the dungeon to get our stuff back.


I think that is ok. The dungeon is not that big if you think of it imho.


lol. It feels like spoiled. A year ago when my corpse would just vanish in the black keep and i lost all my legendaries and expensive armor, every dungeon was a risk, i am such a tough guy now… please don´t take me serious :wink:

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And you play singleplayer anyway or? Can admins not build anywhere?

I died there 2/6 runs… Running back to my corpse without any torch was not even that hard… You can practically run naked to the endboss.
But still, I was never angry there… I was careless and I was happy that a Lvl60 can die so fast in there. Even with a thrall, its a challenge… Alone against this 2h-sword skeleton is probably a nightmare (or you somehow stun-lock him)

And its 10000% better than dying at the hands of the arena champion, because THERE you need a spare key.
Or can you place a bedroll behind the door where you need the golden key?

PS.: Yes, many dungeons are made for more people. Funcom even said that. Try Jebbal sag dungeon ALONE, without a thrall… 90% of the time you will be blocking and every bose fight will be ~30mins. Warmaker is even harder…

PPS.: !!Better idea!!
New item - dungeon bed roll.
Does ONLY work in dungeons. You can have only ONE active in a dungeon. Does NOT land claim. CANNOT be removed or put back in inventory. Will be deleted as soon, as you exit the dungeon and/or after ~12hours.

So people have to be careful when they place their bedroll or have to exit the whole dungeon to remove it.


This sounds like a good idea. Since we’re discussing the Wine Cellar specifically, how about an option to respawn at the last torch you lit on your way? In all likelihood the enemies you cleared around that one haven’t respawned yet.

This would probably be easier to implement than trying to figure out how to make building in the place possible in a limited fashion.


Thankyou to all who have posted already.

Yeah as Shadoza has already said jot29 we cannot. Otherwise I wouldnt have even created this thread.

The ptoblem I have is not with navigating my way to him. It is because I spend an age wearing his health down, then when I die, by the time I get back there his Health is completely full again. And this repeats itself over and over again.

I disagree. I csn place a Bedroll (almost) anywhere in the Warmakers Sanctuary. This includes inside the Warmakers Champions round chamber he occupies.

I have done, and have beaten it many times on my own. Because I can place Bedrolls in there, I simply put one down before passing through one of the coloured energy gates before facing one of the ‘Brother’ bosses. Their health doesnt have time to refill before I get back there.

Even that wouldnt bother me. Bear in mind I am not asking for the enemies to be weakened here, only that I dont have to traverse the entire length of a dungeon only to discover that a half dead bosses HP are full again…every time I die.


I wouldnt object to this approach either Bodin. But just for the record, the reason I went with the ability to build Bedrolls instead was primarily so that the players who did want to run the dungeon without respawn points would still have that option on the table. Also Im not sure which would be easier to implement hypothetically speaking, but I was errring towards the building/Bedroll option. I wouldnt even mind if a Bedroll was the only single object which which could be placed inside there.

Even 1 foundation block in diameter at the halfway point, and 1 right outside the library where the Smoke Demon is would shut me up. I would even settle for just the one outside the library.

It is funny you should mention that Kapoteeni, as I was going through the dungeon I thought the same thing myself. It is certainly a cool concept.


i dont agree…

the game is already easy enough, with a high end thrall, you are asking to make it easier.

i have run the dungeon multiple times solo, in official server, being solo is about the same experience you will have in offline mode, and trust me you can do it without dying once. improve those skills bud, there are ways to kill the bosses, without getting killed in 2 or 3 shots. and the final boss, its ok too, if you die , there should be a consequence. for this encounter is boss reset. and try again.


No Im not asking for him to be made easier, you are putting words in my mouth. And my issue isnt with “getting killed in 2 or 3 shots”. You wouldnt have to build a Bedroll and put it down if you didnt want to. In fact you wouldnt have to do anything at all. I would be the one who would have to do something. People should have options. “The option which presents more options is usually the better option”.

Ok allow me to make a comparison to Skyrim here. SPOILERS AHEAD!

So if I am fighting Alduin in Sovengarde and die. By that logic I should have to go back to Skuldafin Temple and rerun it before I can face Alduin at full health again every time!? Yeah…thats much more sensible than just saving outside of the Hall of Valor.


this is NOT skyrim its conan exiles, where very little consequence exist when dying.

no i am not, certainly you did not said it, but… the result is the same, doing that is just lowering the consequence of dying, how about try not to die so often? you know… it CAN BE DONE Without dying. thats what i tried to say.

in fact funcom if you are reading this, what happened with the revamps? plenty of dungeons could use a difficulty increase (specially the old ones)!!


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I do not care what other members do or dont think of you Shadoza, as far as I am concerned you are in extremely high standing with myself, and many other Singleplayers and PvE players too for that matter. In fact you are probably right up there among the best ‘forum buds’ I have; put it there pal! I like that you give voice to Singleplayers in times of uncertainty, that we not be left behind at times. Kudos friend.

For me personally, a solution such as that would be perfect. I would ask for nothing further.


Didnt know that. You play on PC? Try Multiguns less restriction mod.

Didnt know that… Then it is really strange. Can you build other things in Warmaker? Or just bedroll?

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40 strength 40 vitality, flawless heavy, Croms Hammer and healing arrows. Bring a Relic Hunter thrall.

Done the dungeon several times and the only time I came close to dying was the 1st time through when I didn’t see the end boss spawn the blue skeletons and they surrounded me and stun locked me.

Rest of the mobs, get agro onto your thrall them smash away.

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Using the admin panel is cheating for me. I am a single player and a game where i touch the admin button is ruined. After playing for a long time i set the gathering rate to 2.9 (the grind is boring), made the night shorter (again boring), but no spawning in stuff!

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Agreed, I think checkpoints would be the best solution. However, I don’t think allowing bedrolls to be exempt from the no-build areas would be too terrible either. They would decay pretty quickly without any permanent structures around, so I don’t think they’d junk things up too much.

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Unfortunately I am a ps4 player jot29, so I dont have mod capabilities.

I have never really tried. All I have ever really needed or for that matter wanted to build in dungeons is a Bedroll. I think I put one of the Giant-Kings statues down in there to see if they could be used as placeables (for any who did not already know, they can be). Again I will test some other objects when I finish work for the day and and upload some pics for you guys ok.