Midnight Grove has a really bad mechanic

So the midnight grove has one particular aspect that I despise. I just died to the Sabre tooth’s as four decided to pounce at the same time and surround me lols. I handled this ok, just a small groan, till I remembered that all the doors seal and bosses respawn straight away :pensive: meaning I either leg it all the way back to my base, gear up, hope ive got enough mats to craft another potion than fight all the way through to grab my gear back OR stay in the dungeon naked and punch my through multiple areas and bosses :thinking::thinking: I just don’t understand the theory behind resealing the doors and respawning the bosses. Surely a nudey run through the joint to grab your kit back would be hard and punishing enough without that particular aspect?? I got all my stuff back but it’s a long painful process chewing the bottom lip hoping my gear don’t despawn in the time it takes to get back to it. Should just leave progress where it is when the player dies in my opinion.

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He he. Done similar at the sunken temple.

Nakey and no breathing potions… made it to the boss chamber at the lowest depth. Drowned twice in the process as I discovered a route that did not need breathing potions.

I did manage to get my stuff back though. Totally understand the frustration.

There are passagee back to the beginning from each boss…

Are this closed after death or some time?

I know EXACTLY what you mean here Darkzombie. Having to go back to the start of the dungeon every time you die and re-kill enemies we have just recently killed, and then to face the same boss again, only discover that his health points have completely filled up again by the time you get back to him…?

I have been having a bit of a grumble about this in a seperate thread. Although mine concerned the Wine Cellar dungeon, I think we are on the same page here. I have suggested that we should either 1) have checkpoints implemented in dungeons, even if only one at the half-way mark and one before the final boss, or 2) that we be allowed to place Bedrolls in dungeons. As an Offline Singleplayer, we can already do this in most dungeons (including the Midnight Grove!) as you will see. However, we should have this option in all of them.

Heres the link if if you would like to either read it or post.

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Well, that is the being prepared thingie… Never venture out without a second set ready… A set of armour weapons, some potions to re enter the dungeon if needed, a bearer thrall to take the spare parts out of the dungeon upon reclaiming them (if u cannot carry them)…exiting a dungeon to secure ur return(lets say in case of a key needed-like in warmakers…), and personally for me a rule i never break… ALWAYS enter a dungeon the 1st time with replaceable gear ,do not take the legendaries with u… Get whatever gear u want, that if lost, no harm done…

sry dumb question, are u playin on officials or a server w fast respawn?

If u ask me, on officials only… and pve only

Official pve. I don’t have time for pvp and the pvp community largely are chest beating twits anyway.


This particular mechanic bit me really bad not too long ago. Back when they introduced the Midnight Grove dungeon, the passages didn’t reseal and the enemies didn’t respawn immediately. So I got used to soloing it for a challenge, instead of going in with an elite fighter thrall and letting him/her do all the work. Then I stopped being active for a while and just refreshed my stuff w/o paying attention to the patches.

Guess what happened when I came back and started playing actively again? I fought my way through the whole dungeon, all the way to the final boss. Fought him too and, because I was feeling cocky, we killed each other. “No problem,” I thought, “I’ll just run through and get my stuff.” Imagine my surprise when I respawned and saw all the passages closing.

Long story short, I didn’t make it to my corpse in time, so I lost all my stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

What I don’t understand is why they changed it. It was the one of the few dungeons that presented a bit of a real challenge when going solo; most others are either easy to solo (e.g. Dregs) or conflate grindy difficulty with challenge (e.g. Sunken City).


wow i thought it was easier lol i only play on privates (lol again) sometimes i get mobbed by double spawns in there, 9 wolves at a time maybe. it has changed, i remember an announcement about the doors maybe one of asuras chosen will see this and link it.

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