Please add an Admin Setting to Disable the New Building Restrictions

Singleplayer mode was in a great place prior to Update 2.3. We had exactly what we needed to as a mode; options to succeed, and unique freedoms to customise our own game until our hearts were content. However, now much of that fun garnered from those freedoms has been yanked out from under us. Today I am here to grumble about the new building restrictions for Singleplayer mode. Dont worry online players, my proposition will not negatively impact upon your game. It used to be that Singleplayers such as myself could build (almost) anywhere. We could put Maprooms down directly next to Obelisks, build thriving civilizations beyond the Cursed Wall and in the heart of the Unnamed City, and build and freely put Bedrolls down in caves, and most dungeons. It was practical, labor saving, and above all it was great fun. Since the Update 2.3, aka the parity patch, we can no longer can. All of that wonderful creative and tactical freedom which came with this freedom has now been lost. Now I cant even put so much as a Bedroll down in Sepermeru, or even in close proximity to a ratty Exiles camp. Its downright silly. Look I can wholeheartedly understand why, and even accept why, this decision was made for online modes. It will circumvent the blocking of dungeons and other content for players on officials. However, could someone please explain to me why we have to have it in an Offline, Singleplayer game too…??

As such, I have created this thread here today to champion the freedoms of Singleplayers everywhere once more. And I am here to ask…no, to PLEAD with Funcom, if you are going to keep the new building restrictions, then please, please PLEEEEASE add an Admin Setting to disable this, and toggle ‘Building Restictions: On/Off’. Singleplayers and server admins should be able to play the game the way they choose, that is precisely why we play the way we do. Thankyou for hearing me out. Faithful out.


Good suggestion.


In the past I have asked for an option to have the same settings as official in SP. I like to do test builds in SP and sometimes it’s annoying when you don’t know exactly where you are allowed to build.

But I only asked for it as a setting. Removing the old SP build rules completely seems like a weird choice to me.


I started playing shortly after the release of Siptah (before 2.1) and I have never been able to place bedrolls in Sepermeru or too close to a camp. There were a couple of exceptions as far as caves but these felt like bugs and have since been patched. If you are looking for this specific functionality there is a very popular mod called Less Building Placement Restrictions (LBPR), which will allow you to do exactly what you’re asking for.

I see no reason why there shouldn’t be a toggle in admin settings. It would not only help in single Player but on a HUGE number of private servers who would no longer need LBPR mod. One less mod on private servers equals one less variable when checking bugs.

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unfortunately, the LBPR mod will not help console users. Crom’s post mentions the parity patch, bringing consoles up to parity with PC, short of actually adding Siptah.

If possible, perhaps adding tags for console to the post will help prevent well intended PC users from suggesting mods as the answer. Also, wouldn’t this be better served in the suggestions section instead of general conversations?


Interesting, never heard the term ‘parity patch’ prior. Guess that’s because I don’t visit the console side of the forums. Thank you for the info @IPL_Victim.

I hope Funcom hears your suggestion, you have my vote @Croms_Faithful.


After the update I can barely build at all. The snap points are all bonkers.


Now you’re being unreasonable. You should begin by threatening to quit, demand the developers and QA people to be fired, declare the game dead, and present yourself as speaking for the entire community (and anyone disagreeing with you is a noob who doesn’t even play this game). Oh, and don’t forget to mention how many hours you’ve played. Otherwise the devs won’t listen.

That said, I fully support any initiative that defends the freedom of Single-Players to break their game as they choose.



That would be another benefit if this came to pass. It would allow us to eliminate more variables when testing such things; try to build there with Building Restrictions toggled on, then try with them toggled off. If we can build in the said area with restrictions off but not on, I would say its a safe wager that it is a no build area as opposed to a bug.

It does. Singleplayer mode has always been a place where we can all go to enjoy maximum freedom and creativity withou being burdened by restrictions. After all, its not like we can ruin anyone elses game or fun here aside from our own. Unless Perhaps the two rule sets were somehow incompatible. I honestly do not know. By the gods I pray that this was not the case…


Thankyou so much everyone for your kind support here! I am a little bit taken back by it in all honesty. I will get to some more imdividual replies done tomorrow, but for now the hour is late here and I must get to sleep as I have work tomorrow. :sleeping:


I normally have build restrictions off in my SP games, so Funcom actually removed the option? Why would they do that??

I was planning on loading up my save this afternoon and playing a bit of Conan again, I sure hope this feature purge won’t mess up my save. I don’t think my base is built in a restricted location, but still, since I have always turned build restrictions off, I can’t know for sure (it’s very close to Oasis Overlook).

This latest update was a whopping 41GB (for me at least, more than half the size of the entire game), was there actually new stuff added to justify the massive size, or was it all just nerfs and feature removals again?

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You forgot a possible lawsuit because it’s no longer the game you bought :man_facepalming: :rofl:


Greeting DaVice. It is nice to formally make your aquaintance here on the forum. First off let me thankyou for your support on my request.

This has never been possible in online modes of play. It is an ability that has always been unique to Singleplayers and server admins. In fact, many online players were either shocked or sceptical when myself or others would inform them of its existence. But it had always been a thing for us, and certainly as far back as I can remember. In fact, just for fun, there are numerous pictures of this scattered throughout these two threads which I hope you will enjoy.

Unfortunately that is not an option for me DaVice, as I am a ps4 player. And I would gently and respectfully remind PC players that mods are not supported on 2 out of the 3 platforms whoch this game is available on.

Thankyou for your soludarity DaVice, much appreciated!

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So heartily agreed.
LBPR is the mod I most keenly feel the absence of on console.
A toggle to remove building exclusion zones in single player would be much beloved.

Especially after the recent patch, but just in general, there have always been very lovely areas that are (apparently) arbitrary no-build zones.
Currently, several of my projects are frozen because of the encroachment of these exclusion areas.

I wonder what the exclusion zones will look like after the current update finishes.


Sorry to hear that you are having difficulties too @Nord-Oskilgetinn. Yeah I cannot even get new pieces to snap onto the farther side of my base, which is some ~20 foundation blocks away from the nearest NPC camp. Tell me is this just at your existing base, or all over the map? And if so where have you built? Can you elaborate a bit more my dude?

Hahaha. I got a genuine laugh out of this post. It looks like you have covered almost all of the checklist. But…you forgot to demand a refund and threaten legal action if they will not oblige. Often when I read one of the aforementioned posts I check of checklist items in my mind.

Amen to that captain, and I am not even religious. Singleplayer mode has always been the ultimate bastion of self-government. I have had a saying for my mode since my early days on the forum, and it still rings true here:

"Give us the tools to solve our own problems, and we will glady do so".

Now it seems that we have been forced into oppressive regulation and forced to live beneath the same rules which govern online players. Funcom please, let Singleplayers and Server Admins keep their freedom and our independence.


Different issue I think. What I mean is I have to move backwards and forwards, look up and down, and sometimes repeatedly just to get (for example) one wall on top of another. This is anywhere and everywhere. And most stackable building pieces. It makes building anything very frustrating.

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I love LBPR, and use it in most of my playtrough. For me a simple must have.

BUT ! Keep in mind, that all players, want not, or can not use mods. Think at the console players between us !
I play on pc, so i use my mods. Still options are still the way to go. And yes, singleplayer games should be as free and creative as possible.

So sure, YES to an option to toogle that !


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