Difficulty in adding more restricted zones to the map to prevent bannings and other issues?

Before I being let me be perfectly clear. I have never been banned from a server, Ever.

Now with that out of the way I would like to ask how difficult it would be to add more restricted zones around areas that @Funcom deems should not be built upon.

In case there are those who do not know why I ask this, this is has to with players buildings and landclaiming over certain areas, either intended or not, causing npcs (bosses, creatures, npc exiles) and/or resource nodes (Brimstone, iron, etc) to no longer spawn there .

If the area around these sensitive areas of the server could be restricted to building, then this would prevent other players from needing to report blocking of these areas and/or Funcom from having to reclear these areas and banning people for building there.


Was just asking if it was possible to make these specific areas unbuildable like others have been set to keep the Spawns open that Funcom requires to be.

Agreed if not supposed to build their make it unbuildable remove the guess work. No more international or accidentall building less people bitcch about bans


Would free up also Admins and Developers alike from having to sift through tons of complains on Zendesk. Win, Win, Win.

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Hopefully this shows up in 3.0 and we just aren’t aware of it yet.

Here’s a reason why not; for people on console, running private servers, no mods, that means they have less places to build when not on officials. Adding no build zones for those people could mean suddenly their base is not buildable when their environment is completely detached from this issue in its entirety.

People just need to do the best they can on officials and if that doesn’t work for them, play somewhere else.


Oh goodie, another thread calling for more building restrictions. But this is a hard resounding NO from me on this one. The last time we added building restrictions myself and whole pile of other members bore the brunt of it. Just look at all of the reports for yourself.

No build zones have no place in Conan Exiles. Just because a handful of misbehaving players on free servers can’t conduct themselves like as adults, doesn’t mean the rest of us should have to deal with restrictions we don’t need. If people want building restrictions find a private server, or if a player or clan is blocking an important item or resource, submit a report to the Zendesk. Because just adding a whole of additional no build zones across swathes of the map is not the answer.

No more building restrictions!

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Exactly. I play officials exclusively but there is really no reason to limit someone’s private party or even a server that can figure out how not to get enforced on just because there are a large contingency of folks that need more structure.

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The Problem is that if they build in that area and some reports it they get banned for blocking a spawn. I am not calling for restrictions because I want to, far from it. I just wanted to stop the bans offenses before they get another start.

The solution is simple. Don’t block npc spawns on officials. No blocker needed.

Cool… You realize that, no, its not that simple, right? The reason a “blocker” would be helpful is because:

  1. Not all players know all respawn points of all the Boss Npcs.

  2. Not all players know all the spawns of all the resources that Funcom deems important enough to
    wipe and ban/suspend you for even if you accidently despawned them.

  3. Again, not all players know all the npc spawns that Funcom deems important enought to wipe and
    ban/suspend you for even if you accidently despawned them.

It is simple for you and I because we know all the spawn points after years and years of playing the maps. This is not the case for all players especially the new ones and the ones who may give this game a chance possibly for the first time when 3.0 is released. I don’t think being banned/suspended is the greatest first impression I could think of playing a game and doing something you didn’t know was wrong. A new player could easily assume that if you can build somewhere that you are allowed to build there.


I could be wrong but I thought 3.0 was going to let offline and private server turn off building restrictions.

A nee person who doesnt read the terms of service and say “huh, what are they talking about?” and then jump on officials doesnt concern me.

Do they know it exists though?

I agree that there is personal responsibility at play here but the ToC is not as easy as you and I would think to find.

And even if they did find it, do they understand it? Because I still have my reservations.


When you play on anything owned by someone else, there are always terms of service/conduct. I’d say anyone who is not aware needs a life lesson. It certainly means that actual game function should not need adjusted because someone can’t be bothered to read the rules. At some point there has to be standards. I won’t wade back into the whole clear/not clear/fair/not fair but even if they were completely bulletproof, it still relies on people reading them and caring to abide by them. Reading them is the least minimal effort and is completely reasonable.

I’d also add that if someone can find their way to the forum to complain about being banned, they were equally capable of finding their way here to read the rules.

Most won’t come to the forums unless they have something to complain about. If nothing adverse happens to them they will happily go about their merry way enjoying themselves in the game. To most the TOS only matters to them if it affects them negatively, usually again after the fact .

Major game function is not the issue. The issue is allowed game function as in what you are allowed to do (building) results in (possibly) a punishment . By potentially I mean if someone actually reports your misdeeds or not.

When I am on an new official server poking around and I see someone has blundered and block a major boss spawn or decided to build a summer home over part of The Shattered Springs (Ugh the sulfur smell) blocking a bit of the brimstone from respawning I will give a non-named shout out in general chat, “Hey, who ever built a large building in the The Shattered Springs (brimstone pond) you might want to consider moving it as you are blocking the spawning of brimstone there and some players get sore about that and may report you and get you in some trouble”.

Usually this is enough , either they read the message or it gets back them somehow and a few hours to a few days later the building is moved or gone, however I don’t play on all the officials out there and I am not sure if others do this and even if they did they can’t be everywhere either.

Again, some players are not being jerks and on purposely blocking a Boss or resource they simply don’t know any better and unfortunately many (the majority most times) won’t say anything of warning or advise in fear of being trash talked or retaliated against so they simply report the player and move on, resulting in a possible punishment to the player.

All I am asking for if not a no build zone how about a building warning (“Important resource blocked by building here” or “A boss creature will not respawn if you build it here” and or, “Building here will result in a recipe being blocked”, and/or , “Please don’t build here! For questions reread the TOS or check the Official forums with questions”, And/or finally simply, “Don’t build here!”.


Youre asking for coding instead of people reading and understanding the rules.

And which do you suppose will happen more than likely ?

  1. People reading the rules (the forums are now becoming full (a new post ever few days or more bemoaning a ban or base wipe over a rule they didn’t know about and just got used against them) and the internet also full of articles showcasing the fact that people in general ignore the TOS and simply click “Agree”.

  2. A company do doesn’t want to lose customers or annoy them into playing another game with a major game update on the horizon that probably cost major money to program and market and they might want to see a very large return on to stay in the black.

I am merely appealing to the more likely of the two and the more motivated party to change something.

I’m pretty sure I do know what is much more likely to happen.