Difficulty in adding more restricted zones to the map to prevent bannings and other issues?

I agree with you by the way.

I do believe people should have more personal responsibility.

I hate that many don’t behave unless forced to.

I also don’t feel that Funcom should have to do this as people should be more careful how they play and how they treat others in an online world.

I also feel that its unfair to have to put more money in a program just to enforce common sense that apparently in this and many other cases no longer exists.

I am with you on this, again. Its just the track record so far doesn’t lean towards personal responsibility winning out and those players may buy some dlc down the road if they don’t get banned first and maybe keep this game running awhile longer.

I agree that it is the least minimal effort.

The ToC, guidelines and procedures link wasn’t even pinned to the top of the forums until recently; great change might I add!

But, when you first start the game you get the EULA and that is it. Not a link to the forum post. There is simply no indication that it even exists. It’s not on the game browser or in the game menu.

If it is this important it needs to be announced staticly. The last time anyone had an indication in game that it even existed was last fall in the MotD. It’ll be a year soon since they had that message when they made changes to it.

If anyone thinks when starting a game “OH there must be a ToS/ToC?” great! However, most people do not think this way. They start the game, agree to the EULA and play. How are they supposed to know there’s another layer to all this?

Again, yes, personal responsibility, 100%. But there is a range of different people playing this game and with that comes the need for straight and clear access to what is expected of them. It does not exist at this point.


ToS should just be an embedded page in the game for all starting characters on officials that has to be acknowledged.


If a problem can be addressed by a server rule. Then that should be done. Why? Watch this…

“The player will not block off PoI’s or face administrative action.”

That took literal SECONDS to type. And when someone breaks that rule, it is a few seconds to ban them. It also has ZERO effect on singleplayer, and ZERO effect on non-official servers.

If anything, Funcom should remove all no build zones in the base game and the admins of the officials should crack down harder to get the word out.

Players inability to read rules, and reluctance to take personal responsibility should not affect players who don’t play on those servers. Period.

Police yourselves. Be adults. Edit. Actually just be decent individuals, I’ve seen my niece and nephew as children be able to follow simple rules on a video game server.

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I am not a programmer so forgive me for asking this . How would this be added to a server rule ? Would this be programmed in or simple a message that pops up when you begin playing ?

Doesn’t take programming at all, that’s the point. For officials they wrote it here:

For others, its wherever the owner wishes to put it.

Gotcha so simply another message when you spawn in on the server ?

one line of admin code to unlock spots on the map, it woudn’t hurt the private servers at all.

What’s this line?

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