Wine Cellar Death

Game mode: Online
Region: EU

When strolling through sepermeru, I thought to myself ‘why don’t I give this Wine Cellar a try whilst I’m here with my decent Thrall’. Before I entered the cellar, I fought some of the guys that sit outside on the dock. After I finished them I could still hear combat music, but there was no one in sight…so I entered. There was a loading screen that didn’t last unusually long…but then I loaded into the dungeon and I saw a spawning screen. Apparently I died to Szeth the Drunk whilst loading in. Respawned in the dungeon …and died a 2nd time straight after the loading screen. 3rd time was the charm, and I managed to loot my still warm corpse. After getting my revenge on the drunk bastard, I wondered where my Thrall was. He wasnt in the dungeon. After checking my followers list, I could verify he was still alive…but where… he isnt outside either. So yeah be careful when entering Wine Cellar to the drums of combat music. If you could bring him back…that would be nice :slight_smile:

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Be in combat
2.Enter Wine Cellar
3.Loading Screen

Funcom won’t be able to help you get him out. I recommend doing a rescue. You will loose his armor and weapons but you will get him back. You may have to be at your base. @Abigork Good luck.

Not sure how I could have rescued him, I’m guessing he was stuck behind a wall somewhere. Luckily enough he returned to me with all his gear. I just wanted people/devs to be aware of the issue that could lead to your and maybe your thralls death.

GLAD you found him. Rescue is in followers list. Experiment with a lower level thralls with nothing on it been meaning to try it myself. Thanks for the heads up on the dungeon.

Oh thank you ! Did not know about the rescue option. I will have to give that a try sometime.

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They will loose armor and weapons. But a leveled thralls not to be lost. Before the last update I have had a thrall missing for days at my base. LOL

Hi @Abigork, welcome to the forums!

We’ve registered the reported issue for our team to look into, thank you for reporting it.

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