Cellar dungeon great dungeon horrible reward

at the time of posting this i wanst aware that there where only 3 recipes due to a video review but the overall sentiment is still the same and if anything even more so

What the point of farming or even wanting to do the new cellar dungeon if you arnt rewarded for it

All armors are essentially outclassed by armor already in game
The spawn timer for the final boss is an incredible slog to try and complete the loot log for him especially when his drop rate for anything feels broken (after 40 kills I’ve received the same 3 recipes while still having yet to see the final one)this is now made worse by the fact that the loot table for this boss is actually made worse by the lack of what would be the final recipe
The drops from the sub bosses are lack luster as it materials for the lack luster recipes

My suggestion
>provide a heavy armor recipe so you can atleast get either a decant set of armor for yourself or thrall

Either increase the rate of spawn for the final boss or increase the drop rate of all recipes/make it so you stop getting duplicate drops over and over and over. One or the other
Have a unique consumable that can only be obtained from the mini bosses/final boss simalier to the boss in the warmaker dungeon
Stop making these janky weapons that inflict corruption they literally have 0 applications being that weak and even so it’s still janky in both pvp and over
Buff said unique weapons so they are actually usable in anything other then esthetics so player feel rewarded for interacting with your content

Atm the wine cellar is great to play but provides 0 reward for actually trying as once you get a few of the water skins and club you essentially have 0 reason to actually play the dungeon. On top of this the final boss is probably the best enemy to fight as far as challenge. However, the respawn time to reward feels like a synthetic difficulty to obtain the reward that isn’t even really a reward.

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There are only 3 recipes.

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in the video review they said there was a ligh mediem and heavy set

that actually make this whole thing worse… why wouldnt there be a heavy set of armor… the light and med armor are terrible if there…

I actually like the Medium armor from this dungeon. The stats it boosts are useful to me, and its AC is somewhat better than other flawless epics. Plus the dungeon itself is fun, sooo… :man_shrugging:

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im glad you like it but i have a whole server whos dosnt its already out classed by other armors in the game

Out-classed how?

because shamen and lumarian armor are cheaper and easier to obtain for combat applications and basic med armor is better for gathering…

regardless your missing the point the reward for the dungeon dosnt match the content given. its the most challenging dungeon for a lack luster reward

Well, if they decide to add more rewards to the dungeon I wouldn’t complain, but personally I’m fine with it at present too.

To each their own.

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I’m not sure why there is no heavy, but my guess is because the Warmaker dungeon offered two new heavy sets and no medium or light. So this dungeon is just balancing that.


i can see that however i dont exactly feel that was a good idea either. however the loot from warmaker (aside from the garbage ■■■ final boss weapons) are actually well balanced and makes killing every boss (aside from the arena champion) rewarding. each boss has a unique drop and it makes engaging the content worth doing. in the wine cellar the only two bosses worth putting any time into after youve finished it the first few times only drop 1 unique so once you obtain the amount you need they kinda just become pointless. my point is overall that if you want people to have a reason to play your content you need to reward them for doing so. a high end consumable from the mini bosses or a good thrall weapon would make this happen. not every forbidden city drop is good but you know youll eventually obtain something good and when you do you feel your effort receive a pay off. atm it feels like your farming this dungeon for mehish gear just like the first dungeon when there literally no reason to touch it after youve farmed the scales to make the fish traps the rest of the recipes are just kinda meh

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The problem is that the weapons always get a nerf and thus totally pointless. (In PvE, only one weapon makes sense “the bastard sword” everything else is garbage)

And by the way, the rewards are ok for killing the boss in 1min 30sec.

Of course, there could be better stuff, at least in terms of weapon strength, but Funcom would not make the weapons so strong.
Because every time a weapon is really good and strong, PvP players complain because they were killed by a powerful player.

I often have the feeling that some players do not understand the slogan.


i can agree on this aspect but what im more meaning is like how the sword of crom is good for thrall. something like that or a consumable that provides a boost like in the warmaker dungeons. im not saying make the stuff utterly busted im saying reward the player for engaging in the content or maybe a improved crafting station like a dismantle station or something of the sorts

i would also suggest a mechanic that boost the bosses health/damage by how many players enter the boss room to keep the boss from being slaughtered. im well aware that the boss is fairly easy when you learn the pattern but its still a wonderful idea that i highly applaud funcom for and the modder the hired to help design it

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