Keyring? Boy that would be nice huh

Title says it all. Why do we have dungeons where you need keys to open doors, you die for lets say laggy server (yea I know IM crazy this game never lags and there are no unfixed bugs) and you cant kill things to get the keys because guess what…15 min timer. Body poof. Yay. Not really.

That truly takes the fun out of this game. Its not challenging, its kinda lazy programming. What do you say Funcom? Lets get a keyring please.


hard pass here. you can collect those keys anyways. the only real ‘problem’, which is just part of the challenge, is the first run. subsequent runs you start getting a hefty collection of keys.

I see your point but honestly no one farms the side bosses in Warmaker’s. They drop crap and other than keys they are useless. I don’t play to farm keys. I play mostly to build. But you have to get to the end to get the recipes. Having a keyring wouldn’t ruin game play it would enable to not lose your crap when you get caught behind the doors and need a key.

To each their own but farming keys is not really my cup of tea.

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Initially I thought a keyring wow. I can add the keys there to take less space but then I read what you really mean/want. It is not something I would support, sorry.

You dont need the recipes from that dungeon to build anything.

If the dungeon and its mechanics are not your cup of tea, you dont have to do it.

Side bosses? The 3 to get the golden key? You do know that the buff recipes were insanely good until this patch.
From the shadow of the warmaker Balias, Ranissan and Mordlin are good weapons and from shadow of the priest king, Derketos voice (bow), Yogs touch (axe with high AP) and Ymirs targe for cold protection (if you dont have that other shield).

Here is a list:

Why do people always make these type comments? Firstly your wrong on the recipes. You need it not only for armor but also the new grandmaster kits. So yea you do need them. So yea you kind of have to do it if you want the recipes. Secondly just because I don’t agree with the mechanics of a game opting to give a probability of having all of your items rot so you get to farm it all over again, and then deciding to comment on it, doesn’t mean I don’t like the dungeon. I think it can be improved. So your response is not accurate.

That is why its called posting a comment. Not ranting. So do I think it can be improved on? Sure. To make a comment that if you don’t like it don’t play it basically tells me you are of the type of person that cant take others opinions and respect it but think that the way it is , is just the way it is.

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