Warmaker dungeon

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP
Region: EU

If you do the warmaker dungeon, try to kill all bosses, open all chests and then reach for example the arena champion or the dragon boss at the end. If you die here at this point there is no way you can get your body back.

You placed a chest in front of the first door so you can get a key because you realised that if you die you cant get back in… but now you have the same problem with the second door where you need all the statues.

If i just died i cant naked fist fight all 3 bosses to get all 3 statues again to get my body. Already lost twice my body because of this…

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. enter warmaker dungeon
  2. die at the end when doing the dungeon normally
  3. realise you have to fist fight all 3 dungeon bosses to get the 3 statues to unlock the door again…
  4. go back to your base knowing that you cant get your gear back again…

This is a dungeon in the truest form (at least for CE). You should not go into the dungeon with anything other than the necessities to fight and harvest in it. Part of the reward of it is the risk. It is called gaming, not harvest at will. Most the other dungeons are already harvest paths now, this one has at least a slight risk (if you have a relic hunter, it is very minimal though).


It does not matter if it is in the truest form or whatever form you want to call it. The fact remains that the developers added a chest at the first door because otherwise you would not be able to get your gear back. So they recognised that getting your gear back should be an option if you die.

Now you have the exact same problem but now with the second door.

If you want to make it hard, be my guest. But make it so that when you kill the boss, get an item (not a key), use the item and get some sort of blessing where you permanently get the right to open that door. Like a feat of some sort.


Just as a heads up…The Dragon is not the last boss…

That’s definitely not a bug. This would be a post for the general discussion or suggestions forum.

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I disagree. You’re assuming the chest was placed there so people can get their body back, rather than plainly just the way to get through the first set of doors.


I think this will be changed after a while. If i am not mistaken, you get the same key from the first boss when you get in dungeon. I think they did it to allow for people to meet in the statue/puzzle room for PVE-C and PVP. Creates conflict area. PVE benefits from it. So see, PVP gave PVE something for once :slight_smile:

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Just FYI. The first time I did the dungeon we died a few times. Kinda freaked out because we didn’t have any gear near there. Anyways, i just re-spawned in our base and got some extra gear with another thrall and worked my way up to where i was again. I like the risk, makes it interesting.

But now that I know all the boss mechanics for each area. Its not as threatening. I dont think this is a bug but rather how they intended it to be. I’m definitely enjoying it!

Also, PRO-TIP. You get a key every stage you pass and they dont disappear. So when you do the dungeon atleast twice. You should have two sets of Keys, in case you die. :slight_smile:


and possible to get back your body; you have 30 mn to get back to your body and kill the boss again for the arena key… i did it. so no need to change anything or make it easier; this dungeon need to stay challenging and this is important to have a risk to loose your gear.

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I want all my gear back, this is such crap, at least make announcement if ur making dungeon like this funcom! Not cool at all

Yes, all dungeons should have a sign in front of them saying ‘Danger, enter at your own risk’.




It’s not a bug, it’s intended.

Me and my mate did just one run of the entire dungeon (we are not deads luckily), but FIRST I farmed the entrance, so in the outpost we built near the entrance, in the chest with emergency gear, we have multiple copies even of the statues because was obvious this problem in case of death :wink:

A “true” (in RPG sense) dungeon means also you’re not forced (and it’s NOT a good idea) to try to do all the dungeon without exiting from it, instead of farming room by room :wink:

It would have been nice if there was a stronger notice that it was intended for group fights (5-man.) Not everyone reads the release notes.

i do it alone easily,with the help of a thrall, just died the two first time, did it after 20 time alone without dying. but you are not supposed to always win the first time, do you ? :wink: will be a little be sad to have an advertise : you can die and loose your stuff …

Well you actually keep the keys from the dungeon, they are not consumed.

So after your first successful run (mind you you don’t need to kill the Arena Champion or the Warmaker champion or the Undead Dragon to proceed), you can keep a set of backup keys with your backup equipment at your bed. (Wich can be in your mainbase if you have a maproom, since the Dungeon is right next to an Obelisk).

The notice doesn’t have to say you will die, only that it was intended for a 5-man group. This way, the solo runner will know that they are going to need all gear and a thrall because it wasn’t meant for them.

for me the basis of this game is to discover and learn in the hard way. i’m a solo runner and had no problem with warmakker dungeon, i actually think this is the best of the game.

I understand, but not everyone feels that way.

Hello @Anonymous1, we appreciate your input in regards to this dungeon, however, seeing as this is not an issue we’ve moved the post to the Suggestions board.

We’re always taking note of all feedback regarding new and old content, so thank you for taking the time to share it with us!