Dungeon won't let you go back to body

If you die by the arena champion, it puts you all back at the beginning and you have to accomplish all the kills and collect the totems. Even though you unlocked the door previously, the dungeon won’t let you go back to your body and resets totems in the warmaker dungeon. All the other dungeons could let you get back to your body. This makes me want to quit the game right here.


Ah! It’s a trap! :slight_smile:
That’s because the door requires the “Inner Sanctum Key” and when you die and drop your equipment, they key is no longer on you.
A workaround is to have a horse or something nearby with a second key, but obviously that’s very situational and depends on what server you play on.
(A second workaround I guess would be to not die to the arena champion! Smart! I know :stuck_out_tongue: )


Yea, Champion is a rough one.

Meh :slight_smile: She’s kinda the same as all hard bosses… need to approach it intelligently :smiley:

Has the most armor of anything ingame almost 19k… so armor penetrating weapons… (again… Blade of Seven Winds :smiley: though if I keep advertising it they’ll nerf that too lol)
Oh well, if you don’t have that any decent 1h mace with the most penetration you can get and poison on it works just as well (since poison bypasses armor)

On top of that, like anything she does linear attacks so anyone that does a side-step is like using a cheat code against her lol… so walk in a semi-circle infront of her… wait till she messes up… mess her up :slight_smile:

Once you know these, she’ll become trivial.
Let me show you what I mean… (I even squeezed a quick judge in before as they’re carbon copies of each-other… also I made this for damage comparisons so I had to let them hit me, but as you can see it’s quite easy to avoid that in general)

That might also help OP to not get locked out next time :smiley:

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with the duelist tool in the katana it would be better or not?

She is a really easy opponent as @Xevyr said… I use a slightly different approach… but same principles.

Also i favour axe and daggers against her instead of mace and katana… But that comes to each players preferred style… The worst enemy in there is the lag…

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The dungeon is unforgiving though… untill u can get a second set of keys, best way is to place each in ur company and have expendable gear. The inner sanctum key is what u need more to re enter the arena, so farm the three ancients at least 3 times each…

On the left side of the arena gate is a small crack in the wall. If u crouch while entering and exiting u can enter at arena this way , not needing the key to arena door…

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the gladiators using this crack to escape :stuck_out_tongue:

I think this is the intended way to get back if you died at the girl. So I think it is not a bug, devs thought about this.

I agree and this is a nice feat. What they have not taken under consideration is the inner sanctum gate (the one where the maproom with the glass on top is). U need a key for this… But if u die u spawn naked inside the dungeon and the only way to get the key is fight the ancients again and regain stattuettes

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Ouch, I get this is annoying…

Spawn at home, retrieve your corpse with sorcery and try again
You should have this before you do this dungeon, the dungeon is kind of endgame so… I expect you have a certain level of sorcery already :stuck_out_tongue:


Ah right, I forgot that the crack was behind the inner sanctum door!


Use sorcery to summon your corpse.


Certain dungeons have this problem and could benefit from multiple spawn points. The other one I can think of is the underwater Dagon temple. You need breathing potions to get to the final boss temple, but if you die, your only hope is admin access. The wine cellar is also kind of brutal, given the distance between the entrance and the boss fight. Either additional spawn locations or a way for clan mates to revive fallen players in dungeons would really help with these long slogs.

Not true u can get without potions/mask/proper food

Edit : another bad one is the jheball one . If u die all boss rooms r locked again and u need to fight the bosses again to get to ur corpse

Didn’t know that. Only done it once with my friends. That drop shaft at the end needs to be changed so that falling from one level to another doesn’t damage you, and/or have a pool of water at the bottom so you can drop straight down without dying. Forcing players to take unavoidable damage right before a boss fight is silly, especially since all it does is slow the pace of the game to a halt as you use bandages to recoup the hit points.


  1. Besides bragging rights, why fight her? You can collect 14-20 scraps without her every visit so her scraps aren’t that critical to farming.

  2. Now with sorcery, make sure you can cast recall your body before venturing it so it’s not a total loss.

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This! She drops 6 scraps and youll get more from rusted keys with ZERO risk of dying.

Ill rephrase that- zero risk to a veteran player.

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Completionists would like to beat bosses just to experience all of what the game has to offer, as would people just looking to try out new things in a game they’re enjoying. I like to complete any dungeon I’ve started even if the material rewards aren’t that great, just for my own satisfaction. It’d be nice if the game didn’t throw a monkey wrench at people with a perfectly normal mindset.

Well i can tell she can be beaten , even with the old version.