Dungeons and loot. Skeli Keys for certain bosses

I would like to suggest a few things regarding dungeons. If we have already completed the dungeon…IE the Witch Queen etc. Then why not have them drop at least Skeliton Keys. Some of the dungeon runs are really fun. But not much reason to go back to some of them.

Now if they offer a type of loot already then fine. Dregs is fine as you get the meat. Jhebal is fine because he offers Shade Bloom.

For Dungeon bosses who guard recipes which most already have, Skeli keys could be a fun thing. It would give a lot of us a reason to go back to the dungeons and go through the content again and travel to those places.

Maybe make it a % chance to drop as to avoid farming.

You can learn lemurian sword and pike including outfit.

Once. Then there is no reason to go back.

I agree that the incentive to run dungeons on repeat is not in place, after one run you really dont have the incentive to run it again.
There are no further developement of your character, no higher zone, no need for better gear, so the game/developement stops.

This is a sad but true thing.

How some people can build and pvp for ever with the same gear is beyond me, why arent there harder things to do, and better things to get that are really rare?

Like i asked before, full blown exp pack, 20 more levels and the last piece of the map opened as a new biome would make a massive incentive to keep progressing, i would love to see that.

In the mean time, new dungeons cant give out better gear because it would just make the existing game trivial for most lvl 60`s.

Thats why games like wow periodically uddate the game for more levels and new zones, because the real drive for most players are to develope your character and get the best gear possible.
(i know this isnt a mmo, but the same drive exists for the players), and so i think most of the existing playerbase would buy an exp like that, i for one would gladly slap 30 bucks on the table for that.

hello everyone.
how about this: add new recipes in the old dungeons that need some item that only drop in said dungeons? like the witch queen essence, Dagon’s stone, etc.?
Have a nice day !
ps, if FC adds a Belith armor in the witch queen dungeon, it will really make my day :slight_smile:

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