Give us a reason to go to dengeons/caves

First i must say i really think the visuals of some of the caves and the dungeons looks really awesome. I really wonder if they will give us a bigger reason to run this places more than one time? I know some give us something, but i belive this is not enough. Please give more unique drops of the mobs that can only be obtained there. Let us want to kill the bone dragon 10 times, and visit black citadel for farming etc… Anyone know anything abote plans regarding this? Ideas are also welcome :slight_smile:

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I think they said that bosses will be dropping chest keys for legandery loot

Yes, but i also heared that it will be one key only. The skeleton key. and it will drop from several bosses/world bosses. imo i think we will figure out the easiest boss and farm the key from that boss only…

I love the head displays but I don’t think all of the cave bosses are available as head displays. Something cosmetic and fun.

They do need to address this eventually, but first I think they need to hire a new PvE team that can actually make challenging and unique AI that are both fun to fight and drop worthwhile stuff. Right now the AI is pretty terrible and can’t combat the old “climb something and shoot with arrows” or adapt in any way.

Terrible PvE aside, a simple way to give players a reason to go to dungeons / caves would be to introduce some sort of daily quest system that rewards players with something unique. Many MMOs (guild wars, ff14, wildstar) reward players with a special currency that they can eventually trade in for weapons / gear / skins / other bonuses. The daily quests would typically be the only way (or the main way) to get this limited currency. It worked in those games to get people to want to do them, so it’d probably work here too.

Hi there. Well i think its only 2 “dungeons” (the Dregs and Black castle/citadell) but there are many other interesting spots. Like the bone dragon, the spider queen, the pirate ship, several caves and world bosses. Not to mention the Frost temple. Many beautiful designed places, but we need thrilling content in them. Items we can only get on those spots. Like the frost temple, we really dont get anything interesting from the frost giants. It shouldbe a special fur/skin if we skin them… or anything that we need to craft armor/weapon/items. Now we just want to rush to the forge. I find this the case in most of the dungeons/interesting spots. Caves should have better chests and special things to harvest only accesable after the boss is killed…

Its a survival game, not a MMORPG, i get it, but i think in most fantasy stories the big boss most of the time guard a treasure. So i think this would make sence. would be so easy for FC to implement this. A loot chest, some special nodes to mine and some special items along the way to the boss. This will keep people buzy for some time.

In Conan stories, most of the “bosses” do not actually guard treasure that Conan is after. The bosses are the thing that Conan is after. Two prominent exceptions come to mind: Tower of the Elephant where Conan is after a treasure, but the “boss” isn’t there, and People of the Black Circle where Conan actually fights the “boss” to literally rescue the princess.

Throw some hidden loot for hard to make recipes (alchemy, consumable, gear, etc) in the dungeons, use a “trophy” reward from the bosses to gain respect of a npc city or towards a mission. Hidden loot could be either ingredients or “parts” of a weapon or armor set that is roughly equal to its corresponding tier, in other words it would be most aesthetic with maybe a slightly upgraded defense or durability rating.

They do have abyssal weapons and flesh for the food off The Dregs, abyssal arrows aught to be redesigned to do something special like poison on hit. Undead dragon drops undead bones and such we just currently have no recipe for them (I notice the gear is in the admin panel). There are means to make them more exciting without making them mandatory or a daily grind. The keys will help but I think people won’t want to use the legendary gear knowing it cannot be repaired.

Most importantly, they need a way to scale a dungeon encounter so single player isn’t going through hell to beat the boss while a group of even 3 can dominate them.

When the Frozen North came out, the dungeons up north had some pretty great loot just sitting in chests. Steel, legendary weapons, oil, hardened steel… Lots of great stuff. I think you guys are just looking too far to the south. There’s great dungeon and chest loot up north, last I checked. It’s good enough to be a lot better than just harvesting for your gear.

One of the most disappointing parts of this game is the loot. Succeeding in a difficult fight in a dungeon only to find some sticks and rocks in a chest at the end is a complete and utter let down. It really affects the game play experience.

Which is a shame, because the visuals in caves and dungeons are simply awesome. The company has put so much excellent work into the visual appeal of the game. Conan Exiles looks simply amazing.

The next step is to make those simple changes that will help build the gameplay immersion to match the awesome graphics and dungeon design.


  • Create special loot for all dungeons. We have mods like Ruins of the Storm with heaps of great new items that an Admin can spawn. So that is exactly the type of loot I am talking about. The main challenge in that is play balance. So I would draw up some hard rules about this loot, like tough dungeons giving equivalent to flawless version of a weapon type, medium caves giving equivalent stats to exceptional weapon type, then get the artists to create the 3D models for these special items. It’s easily achievable with a sensible, planned approach, I think.

  • Update the loot database table to give more interesting, immersive and useful loot. Only the smallest NPC camps on the staring southern river should have stone, wood, fibre and similar. All NPCs is camps that are more established and tougher should have progressively more refined loot drops. It’s already roughly like this, but I feel it simply needs more work put into it to polish it more. I don’t want to fight the Black Hand and Desert Dogs only to find sticks. I know they drop better stuff than that but what I’m saying is it needs more work to make the loot immersive.

Also, totally agree with NinjaEd. Dungeon scaling would help the game a lot. I think it would require a way for the game to detect how many players are in an area within the dungeon. I hope that would be possible! If not, it might be simply a check on whether you are playing the Solo/Co-op version of the game.

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If the chests are being enhanced, then I think it’s also important to prevent players from simply running into a camp, avoiding combat with the NPCs, and plucking whatever they’d like from the chest.

I’d love to see a lockpicking system, as well as keys that are required for opening chests without lockpicking. If a player is going to try and steal from an NPC camp, then at least lock the chest, forcing them to play more strategically and stealthily.

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Think about how rewarding it is in real life if you have struggled for something just to get the reward. It can be that medal from a competition or a nice field of mushrooms deep into the forest. Big difference in activity, same good feeling. I think the same goes in games. The harder the challange, the bigger and more unique the reward should be. Its just how our brains work. And also its a good way for the designers to kind of force us to use most of their content.

Well, the whole point of survival games is that you struggle to survive. Your reward is that your character continues to live. If you do especially well, you can even carve out the world and shape other players’ experiences (rather than having them shape yours).

I’d love to see more, more, more dungeons. Give us more dungeons, so that they are more of a ‘personal’ trial. There are so few dungeons, that you stand a good chance of being ambushed for even attempting a dungeon. I’d love to see more mini-dungeons, meant for solo or duo play.