Love the dungeons, but I have no reason to go

When the midnight grove came out, I was super excited, first time stepping into it with my clan we were all losing our minds. We fought all the bosses, feeling like kings, ate the flesh and learned the ways of the “SAG”! But now there isn’t much reason to go back other than shadebloom (occasionally). I’d honestly be okay if the bosses health tripled for PVP official servers. So that way they can drop late game loot. I want to work my butt off for some dope loot, I especially want to spend more time in the dungeons. But I just don’t see much of a reason to. You guys worked hard on these dungeons, give me a reason to challenge them almost daily! :heart:

Have you thought about what might happen when bosses take 10 minutes or longer to kill?
I think their HP is fine, even more if you think about less skilled players. (Yes there are those too.)
Maybe a +100% HP but that would IMO be the limit.

I honestly think that if that dungeons bosses would take longer to kill (which isnt the same as harder), there would even less people care about killing them on a regular basis.

I do agree on the demand/question/suggestion to give them a purpose which makes them replayable.
Be it special themed buildingpieces, decorations or epic versions of their crafts (speaking of dregs for that one). And I would like not only the bosses having some items needed for special stuff, but the “trash” inside there too. Or even in the chests…

I mean there could be lots of stuff. Building pieces, maybe a else looking well, decoration, materials for alternative buffing potions/food, materials for different kits or whatever else. I think each dungeon needs materials for not only armor or weapons, but decorations and frequently used stuff as well.
Dregs at least got the flesh, but then again, it’s nothing too fancy. (Easier accessed alternatives: herbal tea, aloe soup.)


Agreed. Though I thought the SAG dungeon offered loot that made it possible to be granted a higher chance at greater pets or something? Would that not be a reason to jump into that dungeon at least a few extra times to score some greater pets?

Quite frankly if beating the game had a reward ALL of the dungeons would be worth exploring. If it where similar to Dragon’s Dogma where you got either 1 specific awesome reward or a random awesome reward for beating the game then it would also create a replayability to the game.

Well you still need to make it so a soloplayer have a chanse to kill the boss. But yes drops to give you reason to go back again. But the flower need to give more bonus then just 5%. its esier to grab x more puppis insted to get the grater pets.

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that’s why I said pvp official. Dungeons should be hard, it should force people to try and gather friends to help them, or at least use thralls.

I think beating the game which resets your character, your level cap should be increased. rewards like that make the whole struggle worth it

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The shadebloom is worth it. it’s worth going back into the dungeon for those flowers. but one run, and I have plenty of flowers to last me a while. My clan hasn’t been in the dungeon in over 2 weeks.

Alrighty, fair enough. I have yet to be in the dungeon so not very familiar with it. Us modders could probably come up with something, I kind of want to do something, but I probably won’t for a long time.

I don’t know much about mods and dedicated servers. But I’m on official pvp. and we like working hard for a nice reward. To us, the dungeon just feels too easy, I run it solo and it takes me little to no time to complete. Plus the reward is blah. The dungeon all together is awesome! But I want a better reward, and a harder challenge. That way I have more things to be excited about every day when I log on… (brimstone runs aren’t that fun or exciting)

Well hopefully the next 4 dungeons offers such content in a way that makes it more repeatable.

To be honest all the dungeons lack incentive to enter more then once. The loot is the same stuff you can get from raiding thrall villages. There needs to be a better reward… a rare armor recipe? But for separate pcs of the armor. Rare style piece? Skill points?

No its not 5% bonus in nothing comapare to the work, so esier to just gather 5 puppys insted of one flower.

*And go the instans in 2 h for geting 3 flowers is a waist of time!

OOOh! Daily challenges would be nice for extra high level loot(star metal, gold bars, pieces of armor) or something. You can only do the challenge once per day.

How come we don’t have armor drops??? Could armor your thralls like the weapons that already drop…

Though harder pve should be the case for pve… :wink:
Thus harder dungeon might be a thing for all official servers, not just pvp.

Oh there used to be. And newly broken thralls used to wear what they wore prior to being broken as well - unlike nowadays when all of them come with fiber armor.

I know they used to come with what they had weapon and all, but I have never seen armor drop as loot or in chests and I’ve been playing since EA. Sick of fiber-wear! This seems to be the standard issue armor for any new employee.

Also, we have legendary weapons how about legendary armor as well from the world bosses boxes or at all as drops.

Oh it was the sole way to get darfari armor in EA. There was no recipe for crafting it.
Back then at least the northern thralls had been randomly dropping that cimmerian armor as well.

Single pieces might be cool. But full sets? I dont know about that. Also they shouldnt come with more than a different look and +3 instead of +1/2. Or just +2 for two stats. They would need a certain look because just recoloring existing sets seems… not that nice to me.

yeah, yeah, single pieces and in some cases they need to be repaired some (used armor), but can still be used right away for a bit before broken like how the weapons drop as loot. It might be cool if some of these pieces of armor were dyed according to how that thrall would have done (so random colors). Example a chest piece dyed any color using random and multiple dyes. You could always re-dye them. Maybe from dungeon runs too or as an addition to the loot you get from a dungeon runs.

Well I get a good bit of shade bloom out of the dungeon which helps our pets become greater! Our base is home of at least 200 pets, so we aren’t in any rush to get a bunch more, plus we double the dungeon as a meat run to feed and tame more pets with. :blush:

But the flowers are still quite useless and its alot easyrer just go outside the doore to get food.

A drop of 3 flowers are not a reason to go ther!