Give us Reasons to Rerun old dungeons

the Old Dungeons like the dregs and witchqueen are seriously awesome, I mostly play official but have played modded servers which gave rewards on these bosses that kept you playing the old dungeons.

I feel unlike the newer dungeons which you get items to create stuff, or the world bosses you redo for random loot rolls, there is no reason ever to revisit the witch queen, there is barely a reason to do it the first time now with the lemurian weapons being so underpowered.

So could we have some small updates (could be as small as a random legendary loot pool drop) so we have some kind of reason to revisit places like the dregs the witch queen etc.

Even dagons underwater city feels like once I have been got enough scales for traps never need to return, You have made some awesome dungeons funcom, give me some kind of reason/reward to return to them.

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I think a lot of people would object to this. Some people never want to run dungeon X. Like, tbh, I think the Dregs is a “Ok, that was neat once…” kind of thing. The boss is super easy (duck, shoot, duck…), and once you know the puzzle, it’s basically a lot of walking.

The only thing i can think of that could maybe make all parties happy is for each dungeon boss to drop a “currency” item unique to them. Once you have a complete set, you can spend it on a list of very good items (like top tier items). But also, you can exchange 2 of any 1 currency for 1 of another currency (maybe some adjustments for ones that are very easy/very hard to get… like 3:1 for easy to harder, or harder dungeons drop 2 at a time). This way, you can skip dungeon(s) you dislike, and do extras of dungeon(s) you do like.

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