Dungeon Suggestions

I am opening a new thread on some things i would love to have done for current dungeons.

I know new dungeons are coming out, but some of the older few could use some updating as well.

The Black Keep. Add in some platforming elements, with hidden chests with special loot (maybe a flawless Telith’s as a random 2% drop in the chest). Some places where you need double jump, etc. Would make for unique setups when entering area, as the respec’s are being nerfed with a timer again.

Witch Queen i think is cool as is, not much room in dungeon for anything special, maybe a random legendary weapon drop.

Burrow King—Again, the cave is pretty small, but maybe redo this Dungeon altogether, and add
in a series of maze like caves, randomly generated for each respawn of the boss. Again, hidden chests with a flawless kingslayer 2% drop.

Midnight Grove–New, leave as is.

I don not count the Frost Temple, the Well of Skelos as dungeons per se.

Burrow King - Once you clear the Barrow King, a giant opossum takes residence in his dungeon and now you have to deal with this mighty marsupial on his terms. You may think he has already been defeated by another player, but he was only playing dead!



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