Hey, dev's I've been wondering about this one thing

After nearly 1900 hours spent in the game, I can say that I’m still loving CE, and it was a good escape through a rough period. So, you guys get the two thumbs up from me still.
Sure, sure, it hasn’t always been a smooth ride, but I’m still enjoying myself and that is the important thing, right?

Anyways, after all this time there’s is this one thing that has been on my mind for quite the while now.
The Dregs is to this day probably your most interesting dungeon, in my opinion. It’s all thanks to this
small “target shooting puzzle” (if I can call it that) and this sacrifice ritual. Almost no other dungeon seem to have something similar (beside a cave with a big stone gate - keep forgetting the name of it). The Black Keep used to have these spike traps, but those are since long gone (they felt a bit meh at the time though, so I guess it’s all OK).

When the Witch Queen came around, I had great hopes for a new dungeon with new puzzles and/or some nasty traps that would have us players crying our socks off. Seeing how small her palace interior were was quite disappointing. The adventurous hunger had not been pleased.

So, the I guess the question is something along the line: why aren’t more of your dungeons similar to the Dregs in the regard of having some sort of puzzle, and/or traps like the Black Keep used to have (but less meh)?

Anyhow, enjoy the rest of the summer :sunglasses:


Via the last couple or so dev streams, Funcom has said they would like to make dungeons more complex besides boss fights. The newest dungeon added yesterday is one such start of an example of further complexity they wish to do.

They also want to revisit various dungeons at some point and add more to them to give reason to revisit, like they have done with the population revamps the last 2 major patches.


:smile: That sounds great. I’m looking forward to see the result of their ideas.

:thinking: I should probably remind myself of watching their dev streams that they upload to YT, since I am mostly missing out on the live ones.

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Yeah, I hope they look at incorporating puzzles that require certain load outs as well. Not that they are undoable in any load out, but easier if specced right…IE one where you need a tone of grit to take shortcuts, etc…

There is two place that shout “creepy nasty dungeon” at my face each time i go to them, that are the end of the Executioners Entrance and the Aviary (that share the asset of the dregg dungeon, i have to admit some thrall ended their life here trying to trigger some dark magic xD)

I would really love those bein propper dungeon with a maze full of trap and ghouls

They put the bar pretty high with the Dregs. It was kinda sad seeing each dungeon after it being below that bar. The exile lands does indeed have quite a few places that would be suitable locations for new dungeons, or more involving lore.

Personally I’d love to see dungeons/locations with similar puzzles to those within the game Secret World Legends, but more adapted to the CE lore. I had fun solving those, and some of them could be quite tricky. Still they’d be ever so fitting in the world space of a Conan game. I can imagine that plenty of souls would hate such puzzles though.

As I ventured through the new dungeon last night, I felt that the devs were at least getting back on track (although those spike traps are way too visible for my taste). I’m feeling excited for to see what shows up in the future.:space_invader:

I agree that the Dregs is just pure artwork. Its one of the dungeons I love running over and over. Thw abyssal meat is useful. And even if I don’t use it often there is something amazing about the siren call coming from the giant serpent.

“Clever. Swim little fish” or something like that.

Truely a captivating dungeon for sure.


Multigun’s stream summaries are listed here:
From there you can also view the streams and jump to timestamps.


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