@Devs : Add more content and dungeons

Would it be possible to add more content in the next extensions or patchs (Dungeons, instances, caverns with treasure and puzzles to solve)? I have just reached level 25 on PVE server in the desert area, and after exploring some caverns that do not offer real challenges I feel that there is not much left to do (except of the unnamed city and dungeon The Dreggs).
It’s a shame because the game is excellent and the map is great (survive OK!, buildilng Ok! But Explore …).
Is it also possible to add more interactions with non-aggressive NPCs (especially merchants). Currently merchants only sell one item … could not they sell more items? In addition, some NPCs could they not give quests (to add even more exploration to the game)?

Of course everything is possible, but new content definitely is out of option for now and don’t expect it in foreseeable future, it might be DLC someday. Right now there is still SO MUCH to do to polish release build, so many bugs and balance issues…

Regarding dungeons. This game has world bosses and so far Dark Temple dungeon in northern city (where you also learn how to craft top gear in game) is best one and was most challenging one until they removed traps (I have no idea why). It took me couple of days to understand this labyrinth, where is what, find all hidden rooms and chests and I died most of times from those traps until I learned the location of each one of them.

I never understood people complaining about content at such low level. Get 60 lvl first, explore this map you don’t want to explore and the one you are complaining about? Then you will find 1 dungeon somewhere in jungle, 3 new dungeons in north and 1 in volcano. Also it might take you a lot of time figuring out how to get to the “whatever dwells at the end of the volcano”, survive extreme hot and destroy it. There are also somewhere in volcano two tiers of recipes you can learn.

25 lvl is just desert and is totally nothing, go to jungle now 20-40 and then to north 40-60 and finally try your luck in volcano.

I know that it is possible to go to other areas like the north or the jungle and that these areas are supposed to bring additional content. But I hoped that the desert (with its very large map) would bring more challenges and explorations but finally it is quite empty). And finally, I did not want to have to rush to the maximum level (why could not we also have content for small levels in order to enjoy as long as possible of one area before moving to another?) . I doubt that this will not be possible soon but I hope that the developers will take into account this aspect for possible future extensions (today I am slightly disappointed because the game is quite empty compared to the potential of the map) .