Add content to the first dungeons and caves

Hello, it would be nice if additional content was added to the first dungeons of the game (for example The Dregs and The Black Keep).
Indeed, today there is not much interest in returning to these dungeons. It could be:

  • parts of armor collected on the end Bosses,
  • adding one or two mini-bosses, which would give new random recipes,
  • additions of new mobs (for example relic hunters who also come to loot the dungeon),

I think it’s not technically difficult to do and it would improve the replayability of dungeons and even some caves. I love this game, I want to be able to play it again and again …

“and stay home”


Funcom has stated that they’d like to revisit the old dungeons and improve their replayability. I don’t remember if they’ve said when, but it’s definitely on their radar.


I hope Funcom do it !!! :star_struck:


I hope they do. After almost 2 years Getting burned out. Looking forward to a new map. :grinning:


Dregs, few more hidden chests. The ones in acid water were nice touch.
Really, the boss needs a 1 new attack or 2.
One to spit acid in air, so it rains down in boss room, (select locations) so you can’t cheese it from stairs as easy) and maybe one more when in acid water.

Also love to see one of those end tunnels opened up. (once with acid pool in circler room) open up one of doors, throw a undead hyena in there, thats a mid boss.

After place is cleared, those who go back to start will find a boss komodo among others.

Black keep… glad traps are off, they were kinda frustrating. Its nother place that could use a mid-boss or a side path thats hidden with hidden boss, Like something in basement were you come in thru ice cave/jail entrance.

Would love to see some Caves added to Northwest of Map… Bear and wolf dens. Even a cave that leads to open sky pit, thats mammoth grave yard. insert mammoth boss



The abyssmal remnant NEEDS an area-of-effect damage. The acid rain you mentioned is a great idea. Almost every bigger boss has an AoE attack around them like the tail swipe for crocs and dragons, even Tyros has his bloody red explosion.

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Its mostly the first dungeon for most new players… So making it to hard, so that the end-game players dont get bored… I dont think thats a good idea :smiley:

Black keep and the Barrow king would be great.

Also the LACK OF ANYTHING infront of Dragonmouth is still kinda strange… I think there was something planned there and then FC didnt have time.
There arent even animals… Just some trees, stone and snow.

Wow! That would be really great!


Maybe the acid spit creates pools around the room, ala the wine cellar final boss when the blue rings “randomly” pop up in his area attack. Maybe even bring in worms like the ones in Dagon dungeon that come out fo the acid towards you.

Not making it “hard hard” just to remove the cheese method. dodging and staying back from acid isnt to bad. Not like you can’t hide on stairs still, you’d just have to move when it spits it above you.

Specially if they add blue ground rings, later bosses have to prep you for it. Doesnt even need to be hard hitting. More of a nudge nudge, get your butt into fight and stop hiding kinda thing. XD


That’s what i was thinking, as in the pools of acid don’t do a lot of damage, and don;t stay long. But make you at least tactically move around while you fight it.

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Other thing that’d be nice is if there were multiple threats to deal with. If there were a couple of skeleton warriors placed along the outside hallway ring where the stairs are (or inside where the acid pool is), it would keep the player moving as well.

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The Dregs I think do need help. Other than recipes and maybe farming the boss for stuff (and even that) there is no real reason for me to go back there. Even if there kind of was, I get a little bored of always having to shoot arrows and swim around, that is all there is to do in there XD

I read on a Conan wiki that there are supposed to be those poison spitting Komodo things as enemies in there? I have never seen a single one of those, only skeletons.

After killing Boss, instead of taking quick exit out. Walk all the way back to start.

Abunch of normal Komodos will often be walking about water in 1st part. (they don’t always spawn thou)


I tried once, went back to the first acid pit, then back to shortcut again. I guess I didn’t go far back enough.

Only reason I ever found out, was cause i never really notice the short cut sewer exit. -_-’

So always walked back to start, and ran past them…lol.


Is there anything in the first acid pit, the one before the boss? Can’t find out how to drain it, or do anything with it.

I didn’t find anything in the first acid pit either. It is precisely in all these small corners that they would be interesting to find mini-bosses (same for the large entrance hall with giant lizards). And for the end boss, it would be nice if he gave exclusive pieces of armor (2 or 3 new armors not found elsewhere, for levels 20 and 30 for example). And finally, the addition of some monsters and recipes in some chests!


I guess maybe he is just there to give you a story related item (which does make a great decoration :smiley: ) because even in the beginning that lizard suit you learn to make from him isn’t all that great XD

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