Add content to the first dungeons and caves

I didn’t find anything in the first acid pit either. It is precisely in all these small corners that they would be interesting to find mini-bosses (same for the large entrance hall with giant lizards). And for the end boss, it would be nice if he gave exclusive pieces of armor (2 or 3 new armors not found elsewhere, for levels 20 and 30 for example). And finally, the addition of some monsters and recipes in some chests!


I guess maybe he is just there to give you a story related item (which does make a great decoration :smiley: ) because even in the beginning that lizard suit you learn to make from him isn’t all that great XD

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Along edge, if you hover cursor over edge, there 2 chest there. (you dont need to jump in, there next to each other.)

It was large chest? I forget… once they added acid, the chest i think was turned to wooden chest, and large add to side of room.

I forget…


The southern caves also need to be a little more filled with monsters, chest and new recipes (it would be cool to have a secret room, after the giant crocodile, in Gallaman’s Tomb cave). And maybe some new caves in the north if it’s technically possible.


Cooked Abysmal meat is a great healer. Go in there with a special cleaver and you can walk out of there with 100 abysmal meat when you kill the boss. The food timer on it is 2 hours and health doubles and has a fast rate. For that alone, it’s been worth making the trip every blue moon to fill my fridg–er, preservation box–with it.

Word of warning tho’. Apparently it’s so foul that level 1 survival doesn’t work on it (eating raw meat). You still get poisoned so make sure you cook before eating. :joy:

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Bringing the Deathbringer Axe back into the game would be nice. Used to be learned in the Black Keep.

Revisiting Old Dungeons (32:14):

Funcom has put more of a focus on having players be giving incentives for running dungeons multiple times. They would like to revisit the older dungeons to do this as well.(1)

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What special cleaver does one need for the abysmal meat? I was never able to get any from that boss, I keep gtting eyes and bones.

I beg to differ…

You’re clearly underestimating the healing effects of Abysmal Meat and it’s best place on the map to grab glowing goop. Abysmal Meat is a great healer. Combine it with Honey Jerky and you have a massive healing buff…Add numbing wraps and you’ll go full health in seconds.

ALL of those are also VERY lightweight.

I also think that glowing goop is highly underrated. We have to replenish every few days. Why? Because you use Goop to make Glowing Essence and that is used to make Sloughing Fluid which is used for Warpaints…

If you open up the dimension of your gameplay, you will find yourself going back to those dungeons often.

Use those items and see how often you’ll have to go back to that dungeon. You’ll be surprised.


I have Chef’s Trusted Cleaver. It’s adrop by one of the guys at Buccaneer Bay.

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I absolutely do not agree. It is precisely to open the dimension of the gameplay to all that the game must be constantly evolving and improving. Redoing The Dreg just for abysmal meat and glowing goop is just boring, even in terms of the benefits it brings (that’s my opinion). For me, dungeons must be places filled with challenges. I am like Conan, when I go to loot old ruins or venture into dark caves it is first for gold and epic objects (but certainly not for meat … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) .

First, your topic seems to opened discussion on new culinary delights for me to explore, so thanks!

I think in terms of challenge & effort the Dregs is probably best left as an early game dungeon - but could definitely see the Black Keep being tweaked in some way to improve replayability, maybe with some randomisation of spawns, some hidden extra rooms, or the introduction of ‘Black Keep’ level of environmental challenges/puzzles such as the Dregs has.


That would be pretty cool to get random spawns so you don’t quite know what you’ll get each visit. Maybe tie it area level so instead of a specific threat or challenge there’s a rotating list of threats. Sometimes it maybe Relic Hunters, other times bandits etc etc.

This is one of the major reasons why I play SP so much. Because in the dungeons like the Dregs or sparse or uninhabited areas, I can add/spice them up by adding stuff in myself in ways I wouldn’t be able to in MP.

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You know the game has the ability to “lock” doors behind levels. It is done with legendary chests. What if the Dreggs had a second doorway, that only a level 60 could open, with high end mini boss and more challenging enemies. Along with some high end chests. This would satisfy the new players not having the dungeon early on, and end gamers to go thru it, either using the level 60 entrance, or not. Players choice is never bad for something like this.


I’m not sure that building/portal doors work quite the same way as inventory locks in terms of the dev side of things, but that’s a great idea.

I was thinking in the line of skeleton key access. Like the warmakers keys, but with a skeleton key and checking player to level before opening. Things that exist in game, so a little easier to accomplish.

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Or why not, in place of the keys, a specific object (which disappears each time the door is opened) like demon blood for the Barrow King. But something that is more difficult to obtain than demon blood. Or a ritual to perform (ritual which requires a level 60 recipe).

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Add such a door at the Sobek cave ( Xalthar’s Refuge) and restore Sobek armor to it initial values… (but that will never happen - so sad).

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The following caves also deserve to be upgraded :

  • Skittering cavern
  • Shalback hollow
  • Cavern of degenerates



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