Three Cheers for The Wine Cellar!

I am having a blast. The atmosphere of the dungeon is eerie, and the notes sprinkled throughout are spot-on, whether they are funny or ominous. Here’s a toast to the dev crew!


Yeh the new Bar stuff is great im enjoying it

yep this dungeon is great !! as the warmarker one.

they should rework black keep.

I haven’t actually tried to play through it for realsies yet, but just exploring through it the couple times I did was really cool. I especially liked hunting through the ruins for the journal entries to find out what happened.

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I agree, it’s a fun place. It can be really, really creepy at times, I feel I need to constantly peek over my shoulder in case another skeleton is trying to sneak up on me. The hordes of undead feel less tedious and more interesting to fight now that they can at least be staggered. The skeletal minibosses are challenging but not too tedious because they’re basically glass cannons - they don’t have a million hitpoints, but they pack one hell of a punch. One of them takes my thrall’s health down as much as their three-skull cousins in the Unnamed City even though they go down in a fraction of the time. (Funnily, the actual three-skulls found in the dungeon seem easier to defeat than the one-skulls.)

The boss fight… I tend to hate boss fights. They’re either tedious or too difficult for a casual such as myself. This one I’d fight again (and probably will because I still need the some recipes). It has some interesting mechanics, and even with a strong thrall you’re going to need to pay attention to what’s going on, or your thrall is going to die. Good news is, it bleeds and can be poisoned. And as we know:

What I don’t like is the darkness. I feel like the place is a constant strain to my poor, half-blind eyes. On the positive side, I learned to appreciate axes as a weapon, and Glimmermoon in particular, in this place. Now that undead can be staggered, this baby really cuts their numbers down to the bone. Even though I’m normally much more a daggers person, well, gotta use the right tool for the job.

And there are a couple of very nice spots to take a selfie on a cliff edge. Just… don’t try to do that in real life.

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