Wine Cellar Builds

I haven’t run this dungeon since I returned with AoS. But I was curious, what are peoples favorite builds and tactics to run this dungeon? Trying to branch out from my typical play style while getting some tips.

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Awesome, i am very happy because i guarantee you you’re gonna love it! I will put a bell in this topic because it’s an interesting question! I would love additional info too, i have vary basic knowledge of this dungeon gear. I do remember @MarcosC brought ne a hammer that spends less stamina, is it still this way?
Then @Akomo, stop playing for awhile and give us some tips here thank you…
I am eagering…

The hammer is among the best if not the best in the game, remember @stelagel? I didn’t even know about its existence until it dropped. It might take a few tries, tho. It’s a miniature of Thag’s hammer. Great design.
@Tuffman you can do it with any build, agility, strenght or mixed (that’s my fav). Deppends on the gear you prefer. Heck, you can even do it full exp.
Just don’t go crazy in there, don’t let yourself be overwhelmed and you’ll do fine. If you decide to go alone, it’s not a terrible idea to maximize grit.
Just like any pve content, all you need to make sure is that you don’t get surrounded without being able to move.
I don’t know how current thralls manage in there. I never took one with me in this playthrough. But give them bulk plated heavy, 2h sword and food. Just keep an eye on their hp, just in case. Put some extra potions in their inventory, bandages, that sort of stuff. If things go sour, you can heal them between fights.
If you plan to farm Thag, just run until his building. Kill the serpentmen skeletons at the entrance. Those will chase you.
If you are farming khari steel, you need to go slow, kill everything and serch every nook.
About builds, I like to maximize one of the attributes, strenght or agility, at the expense of HP. I only go 20 there.
Grit is important to maximize if you don’t have a thrall because of the hard hitters.
You can corrupt 9 points in strenght if you like, some people also corrupt more attributes so that thralls share received dmg, etc. I don’t do it. As I go low hp (great hp pre 3.0), I can’t afford to lose it. But there are some excellent builds with corrupted attributes. I’m just not thr right person to advise you on those.

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My style:

War party perk, two of my best fighter thralls, third perk vitality, third perk agility, second perk grit.

MarcoS has really good strategy for quick run straight forward to the Thag. But if you want to collect khari steel as well, you are going to need good fighter build. :slight_smile:

Also MarcoS, the hammer could be one of the best for people who use those kinds of weapons.

My myself don’t like these clumsy ones, never really got into them, no matter how good DMG and AP stats they have.

I prefer weapons with which I can be quick and do some additional effect DMG, even for the cost of the best armor pen and damage in other heavier weapons.

Sure. I find it funny, but it was never my cup of tea.

@Archivist don’t you go nuts with two thralls in there? You manage them not blocking you? I usually don’t take thralls there because I get so mad each time they block me in one of those little corridors!:laughing: Then you want them to step aside, but keep opening their inventory instead! Aarrrghhh
They could have added a step back command a long ago!

You find it funny just because not everyone shares your personal preferences? :stuck_out_tongue:

The game has more fighting options right because every player is different. There is no such a thing as “the best weapon in the game and period” in general.

MarcosC, sorry for bad naming before, btw.

And yes, I go crazy when I use the daggers. With an axe it’s swift and nema problema for me. Mostly in those crowded areas, you need to have some space to operate. The daggers are best for solo, or one follower. :slight_smile:

No. Listen, I totally respect every build players decide to do. Whatever works for each player is fine by me. I love variety!
What I find funny is how having two thralls in there doesn’t drive you insane. :smile:
I don’t mean it as criticism.

Btw, my name is Marcos. C is the initial of my surname. :wink: You don’t need to apologize. I would never take offense for something like that! :smile:

I only remebered you had the last letter in big, so that’s why I typed MarcoS :rofl: I just need to get used to it, when I want to talk directly to someone :smiley:

Well I tried a lot of different weapons since 2018, first I was crazy about two haned swords, after that axes and maces and with the daggers I still learn. hammer tho… Maybe one day, who knows. :woman_shrugging: And the two thralls… I like to do more things if I can, so it is also good dungeon to level up your thralls.

I level my thralls on the jungle, @Archivist . Those apes give a lot of exp and die fast. I can also control their feeding precisely, make sure they eat between lvls etc. I have OCD when it comes to leveling thralls! :laughing: The wine cellar is too unpredictable for my taste! After lvl 10, however, it might actually be a great spot. Even after level 7.

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Don’t worry. What matters to me is what you say, not how you write my name. :blush:

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Jungle - meh, no loot, not worth it :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: But yes, apes and salamanders are the best for quick leveling. I never do it tho, I dig the Unnamed City. :slight_smile:

Good place too, I also go there once their level is a little higher, @Archivist . ( no loot? You can eat the bastards and get tons of fur to make bulk plating! :grin:)
But at the start I cycle the jungle, go for thralls at the pagoda and legendaries from the nearby bosses.
But we’re going completely off topic. Sorry @Tuffman . :smile:

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But I want those legendaries and fragments for trading, etc. :smiley:

I take every thrall (mostly Berserker or Relic hunter) to the Unnamed immediatelly on lvl 0, with the best gear and weapons. They can do all of the work themselves, never got a problem in this, even after the 3.0. And when there are two of them, it’s even more easy.

Fur as a loot… I have two stuffed large chests of fur, but instead want to have more of Reach of the Red mother, Riptides, Festering ones and so on. :smiley:

I guess I am really one of those fan slaves of RNG, always wanting to try my luck with anything which is not guaranteed. :persevere: :grinning:

That pagoda sounds appealing to me only because of the possibility of the T4 Derketo priest spawning nearby. o.O

But agreed, let’s cut the OT.

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I would be happy if a single one dropped. I’ve been killing her like mad, but no luck so far.
Sure, I understand you. It’s much more fun in there. More profitable, too.
I start playthroughs frequently, so I don’t have chests of anything. :laughing:

Not until ive done all of it with my experimentation with armor, weapons.

I do try out what people say on here and youtube players.

Then its just a matter of swapping out whatever gets nerfed.

Meanwhile stockpiles grow…

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