Please DO NOT nerf Thag

So based on previous discussion I tried Wine cellar dungeon again today, for change with well trained perk. I used 20 lvl DS - she has 4800 HP, full redeemed legion armor without upgrades, Momentum mace with grandmaster upgrade and gruel in inventory.

I got usual agility build: STR - 0, AG - 15, VIT - 10, AUT - 20, GR - 10, EXP - 5. I used legendary Heartsblood daggers with grandmaster upgrade and Skelost cultist master full gear with armor reduction upgrade on every piece.

Through whole dungeon I used approx 10 concentrated aloe extracts, Thag included. He was dead pretty soon after summoning his first wave of wights. Dalinsia took almost non dmg, had full HP bar right after we killed him.

The skeleton bosses before manage to do at least SOME decent dmg to her, meanwhile Thag seemed to do almost none to her (I tried to watch her lifebar between all the rolling and dodging because of Thag’s AOE attacks). What was enough was to give him enough stacks of gouging, this did enough dmg to kill him soon enough, so the the whole arena was not crowded by wights.

There really are ways to do it and in my opinion it is about experience of every player, and sometimes about trying new ways to accomplish it. If this would get nerfed, it would get boring and there would be no challenge left.

I believe the previous author would not believe it actually is easy, cause he was not convincable even by more other players - so it is no problem for me just to record and upload that dungeon run next time. :blush:


Thag needs to be returned to his original state. He was nerfed even before Age of War and that was a mistake.

I don’t know that, cause I did not finish Wine cellar dungeon before AoS at all :smile: And I don’t see any changes from age of sorcery, only that the fight itself is way easier with the new stamina system.

So he was harder before? Because one player here stated that he needs nerfing. So idk. o.o

Same here. I normally play solo, without a thrall, but I wanted to make sure I’ve dotted my i’s and crossed my t’s, so I decided to go semi-Pokemon style. And I say “semi”, because I just can’t bring myself to sit at the sidelines and let my thrall fight alone. I already posted a write-up of how that went on the thread where the nerf was suggested, so I won’t repeat it here.

Suffice it to say that nothing in the Wine Cellar needs nerfing. Anyone who has serious trouble with it simply needs to get better.

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Age of War doubled his HP thou :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm he’s got 140 more hp than before his last nerf. :rofl:

He needs nerfing. Try using anything but momentum crutch. I was able to do this dungeon when i was in a group. Needing 2 players 4 thralls it was still too close of a fight.

Thralls take too much damage from the skeleton mini bosses. And they stand there too on thrag getting thrown around. Boss is probably doable in VERY Specific builds or when you use crutch methods or weapons. But that is really proof and confirmation and demonstrates how inbalanced the encounter is.

Its a 3-star boss. According to FC, that’s a 3 man fight. If everyone is using Authority builds, that would mean its balanced around 3 players + 6 thralls (if using warparty on everyone).

Many are able to solo the encounter, and you stated you were able to do it with two players. That means you and your groupmate were able to do more than what FC thinks the average player can do.

Suffice it to say that nothing in the Wine Cellar needs nerfing. Anyone who has serious trouble with it simply needs to get better.

Words of wisdom… Conan exiles has always been too easy, and it keeps getting easier to the point is has become boring.

I can’t believe that there are players who have over 5000 hours in this thread and they have ANY kind of problems with clearing PvE in Conan… I never had any problems with Thag, he’s slow and you know what is about to happen in the fight with big advance. These mechanics in Conan are not rocket science to figure them out…

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The issue is 99% of PVE is way too easy and it causes complacency among the player base. This is why you see calls for nerfs.

It has little to do with actual skill level, but mostly to do with expectations. Many of these players making complaints are able to function in more difficult and complex games, and probably even have done so recently.

But when you get accustomed to a simple gameplay loop to get you through most of the game, when it doesn’t, it gets frustrating. If Thag was the base-line for mid tier content and things got progressively harder after that and stuff before got progressively harder up to it, there would be hardly any complaints whatsoever.

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Personally, this one would like to see some of Thag’s swag get a buff.
He has a few drops, but not all of them are particularly inspiring.
There were already threads about this.

As for nerfing him?
This one is confused. He doesn’t seem that hard. Others may have different experiences, and lag can be very nasty when fighting him, but at core, he’s about where this one thinks he should be considering the dungeon run needed to get to him. Perhaps he is a bit soft if one is just fighting him directly, but every direct fight 3Skull is easily manageable, except the ones with nonsensical hit boxes for their attacks…

That’s because, to put it bluntly, you suck at it. Ever since you created your thread to complain about how you can’t deal with the Wine Cellar, various people have been showing you proof left and right that it can be done in a variety of ways and builds, and you just keep moving the goalposts.

The problem isn’t with the dungeon, the problem is between the keyboard and the chair.


This is a joke, right? 3 players with no thralls vaporize Thag. Nothing in this game needs 3 players. I know not everyone can solo all content, but literally nothing needs 3 players to be beaten.

I’m playing final fantasy xvi. Great game with one tremendous flaw. It’s absurdly easy and it gets boring because of that. Let’s hope funcom never follows that road.

I’m sorry, but I think you’re just bad at this. That’s okay though :man_shrugging: if you follow the tips given to you in the other thread, then your thralls can handle it… Otherwise there’s nothing wrong with you not doing that dungeon and just doing something else instead or asking for help…

If you’re willing to improve, there are plenty of people who gave very useful information, however I’m afraid from what I’ve seen that you’re not willing to improve at all… you are just repeating the same thing as a mantra…

Aaaa… no :slight_smile: There is no basegame content balanced around multiplayer… everything can be very easily soloed by max level players without any of the shenanigans needed for it at low level… Thunderfoot was the only exception to that prior to AoW… but they cut off his tusks :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyway, those are skulls and not stars and if any FC rep ever said anything like that to you, they were most likely joking - or that is some very very outdated information

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“For one, two, and three skull enemies we also rebalanced their difficulty with the idea essentially the number of skull reflect the number of players we think you would need to fight them…” - Lead Designer Dennis Douthett, Age of War Developer Livestream

Timestamp 56:14

So if things are easily killable solo as 3-skull (or even 2-skull for non-advanced players) then they are undertuned and should be reported as such.

Thag is definitely undertuned, among many others.

Yea, that’s definitely weird then, seeing as they literally nerfed every non-dungeon boss to where they don’t even pose a challenge to a low level character…

Thag is the “hardest” one btw… soooo that should give you an idea :stuck_out_tongue:

But basically pre-AoW Thunderfoot was the only one that felt like it was balanced with more than one player in mind, since he had both very high health and very high armor. Other bosses typically have one or the other - not both…
So fights against him usually dragged on way too long as a solo player, even with the best of thrall help.

Now he joined the rank of the pushovers :stuck_out_tongue:
Thunderfoot AoS → AoW
HP: 24918 → 9259
Armor: 6300 → 1175

Oh I know. The first thing I brought up was when I saw a Corrupted Wolf with just 600hp. I was like… I could kill that in a combo before it can get an attack off.

With that said, especially in reference to you bringing up Thunderhoof. Health sponges does not equal difficulty. I know you know this, and some others do. But when giving feedback I do not want to see a return to pre-AoS levels of health across the board.

Stuff should have enough health to be able to pose a threat, like the Corrupted Wolf I think should have around 2,000-2,500health. It wouldn’t take long to kill but you wouldn’t be able to kill it so fast that its not a threat. And if you encounter two (the most I’ve seen is three… that sucked balls), you might sweat a little bit.

It also should be noted that increasing damage doesn’t make fights more difficult either. If the attacks are super easy to dodge or otherwise predictable, then it doesn’t matter if they do 10 damage or 10,000.

One thing they could do with Thag is have some of his attacks increase the damage the wight adds deal (kind of like a curse debuff). This way if you decide to try to DPS him down, you need to be on the ball for not getting hit or the adds will start becoming a major threat. And with his current health, you will have to deal with the phases.

But I definitely would love the see the vision I showed from the livestream come to actual fruition. It would solve a ton of problems the PVE side has in this game. Right now the hardest part about PVE is sorting my loot.

Not sure if you’ve seen my Thugra demo :joy: despite getting chain-knocked down, he kills him so fast he skips over the skeleton phases :smiley:

That sounds quite threatening yea. That would be more than enough even with the new slightly lowered damage (I think it went from like 246 to 193 per hit something like that… )

And yea I generally agree that they shouldn’t be health sponges, however aside from extreme examples like that elephant I don’t think the average boss had way too much health… like the Giant Croc sitting at 12160 was something quite reasonable imo…
That’s still single-player balanced HP imo :stuck_out_tongue: and ofc some fun tactics and phases would be nice on top of that.

They just did with the last update