Arena Champion way too hard!

I decided to fight the arena champion today in the Warmaker Dungeon. I had flawless epic armor on, full health and 2-hits later I am dead. That’s f’ing ridiculous.

I didn’t even stand a chance.

I did have the option of respawning in the dungeon, so I thought at least I’d have a chance to recover my Predatory Blade and perhaps recover the Sword of Crom from my thrall who I assumed would be dead. However I spawned at the start of the dungeon which meant I had no ability to fight all the bosses and get to my corpse.

Sadly I have spent days of time trying to kill that dang mother dragon just to get that Sword of Crom, Predatory Blade and Lantern. All gone in 2 hits? After loosing my building and all my stuff 1 month ago from logging in a few minutes too late beyond the ridiculous 7-day building expiring window. Needless to say, this loss of hours of grinding work has now prompted to rage-quit Conan for good :grinning:

Seriously though – I enjoy a challenging fight but that one-skull boss, Arena Champion hits way too hard! I would suggest fixing in the spirit of actually making it an enjoyable combat experience.


Sword of Crom is off the skeleton bosses (and pretty much all the other weapons other than…), predatory blade is off the big abomination skeleton. The red mother dragon drops the torch and a healing spear. You might know this, but wanted to make sure you aren’t farming the wrong bosses for things you are expecting.

She is tough for sure. I’m glad I had an axe and shield with me as I didn’t pay much attention to the Pokémon battle that was Erii and the Champion until I glanced at his health and scrambled to heal him to full and proceeded to stun lock her for the kill. Not how I think it should have to be done but I haven’t experimented much with other weapons

That dungeon needs to be reworked. It was designed to be a 5-man dungeon in a game that is not designed for group play. The whole structure of the dungeon is just wrong for this game in my opinion.

Some suggestions have been made to allow a respawn near the area one died but I would not expect anything too soon.

Rather than “rage-quit” perhaps take a vacation and play in Solo/Co-op mode for a time. It is basically the same, but the player has more control.


Pretty sure it’s an optional boss so that’s entirely on you. Has nothing to do with difficulty, you can just use thralls anyways

If you value your thralls, don’t let them fight her alone :grimacing:

The first time I brought my elite T4 fighter to fight her, she slaughtered him and I had to call in reinforcements from other friendly clans yet again – they were by then used to saving my ass from the Klael’s Stronghold :stuck_out_tongue:

Since then, my tactic has been to leave my thrall waiting just outside the door, go in and try to soften her up with daggers or the Festering One, and when her health is down to where my thrall won’t die fighting her, bring him in to finish her off with my help.

But yeah, trying to balance a dungeon for X people by making a boss that hits insanely hard is … not the best way to design a dungeon, IMO.

There are many issues with this game which prove to me that the developers don’t play their own game – otherwise many of these balance issues would have been fixed years ago.

I know I referenced that I was “rage quitting” but the proper terminology would be “frustration at the developers quitting”.

Players can generally walk through anything with a well equipped thrall. Bandit Leaders were totally overpowered. I noticed that my leveled up Berserker was just as powerful. However, my point is that “I” am playing a character and “I” expect to be the hero. This game is now all about thralls – they are the heroes. They are the tanks. This is all wrong!

A thrall overall should maybe augment your damage – perhaps increasing overall damage by 20%. I would even be fine if there were damage based thralls who could be wounded easily, and tank based thralls that did hardly any damage. This would allow either melee or ranged characters to choose a compatible thrall type.

When I rolled through the Mounds with my Predatory Blade, by the time I would cut down an NPC (4 hits), my thrall would have killed about 3 NPC’s. Thralls are way too powerful.

The Arena Champion is a good example – no character can go toe to toe with him – you have to use thralls. Two characters with two good thralls can just let their thralls cut the champion down – but where the hell is the fun in that. I am the hero and I am the one that should be doing 80% of the damage either melee or ranged based.

As someone who started during the beta, and then lived through the neglected years of the open launch, I still see a game very rough around the edges and still full of bugs that haven’t been addressed – gotta love those flying dead rhinos.

With a 8 day vacation on my horizon, my fears of what to do about refreshing my place are no longer a concern – I am leaving this game because the developers just don’t get what is fun in the game. New content great – for a couple days. Fixing bugs and making the game experience more frustration free is what would keep players around.

With 2517 hours logged in this game, I think its safe to say I got my fill of Conan now :slight_smile: Its still a great game with lots of potential, but having beta tested for Amazon’s New World, I know for sure that, that is where my future lies.


I can’t wait for it to come out. It looks like it evolved way beyond what it was back when I had the chance to be involved with it for a bit, and even then I loved the game, despite the tech :wink:

Yeah, I really like exploring it cloaked or in godmode, but if I tried to take it on for serious I’d be slaughtered and I haven’t got anyone else to team up with.


I Don’t agree with that. yes this girl is insanely strong but you have the Tools to bring her down solo. it was by far the most intense and the most statisfying fight i had in the whole game. Moreover, as Chump pointed out, you Don’t HAVE to kill her in order to finish the dungeon.

However, i agree there should be an option to respawn behind the door you last opened. I’m sure it will come, untill then just keep a set of keys in your chest :smiley:

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I have to disagree with the difficulty being too high. It is an awesome and very intense fight for sure, probably the only one in the game. And for this reason I would say leave it as is. I have had my share of running back naked to my pile of bones collecting my gear and continuing the battle. It is sad to hear you did not try this because the loss of treasures such as Crom’s sword and the predatory blade is a painful one…
The only change I would suggest is to make her have 3 skulls above her name, she deserves it! :rofl:


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I love Arena Champion, one of the few npc ingame that you actually have a proper fight with. The first time i died to her i lost everything, second time i had the commen sence to store keys before i went in. Allways a pleasure going against her, allways thrilling.


Last time I was in this dungeon, before the riders update, she was using one handed mace.
This is the easiest weapon to counter by side stepping AND on top on that you can bash her attacks and stutter her.

slowly bleed her to death with daggers without ever being hit because you can dodge out of the way. Which will take about 30 minutes. I suggest simply bypass her and collect armor pieces from the chests that use rusty keys, if the armor pieces are what you’re after.

It was the most epic fight of my entire gameplay experience with Conan. Arena Champion killed me several times. Then it occurred to me that the first two dagger attack can stagger her if she is not already attacking. And I can use the dagger flip to get away. That’s when I came up with an idea that would be extremely humiliating.

Right around her hp bar dropped near its end, I ran to my thrall, who was standing far away from the fight. My thrall immediately jumped and and delivered the killing blow.

Imagine that. One of the toughest boss, about to die, I was about to be victorious. Then I let the thrall finish the job.

It was so humiliating. For my character.


Kor let me ask you something, what is your mode of play? For example, are you Singleplayer, PvE, on an Official Server, offline? Because if you happen to be an Offline Singleplayer such as myself, or possibly if you are Admin, you can place Bedrolls down throughout this dungeon; including in the chamber with the Warmakers Champion himself. No I kid you not.


Well, you probably used a weapon with 0 or not really much AP… She aint have much HP, but an insane armor rating.
Hence why this dungeon dropped 100% AP weapon. That were made for HER!

Then crying PvPers nerfed them into oblivion (worldbreaker and Annihlator).

You have to know what you are doing in this dungeon and always have a spare golden key for the worst case to happen :wink:


You can stun luck her with many weapon.

From @Wak4863

And from @Firespark81

Firsparks version is older and he shows more than 1 way. Wak I think uses daggers or sth…


I have to agree, don’t touch the arena Champion.
I have soloed her more than 20 times, only died tow or three times and those were caused by stupid mistakes from my side.
As others have pointed out, you just need the right strategy.
Yes, she hits incredibly hard, but if you keep her staggered (e.g. using Whirlwind Blades), your thrall can happily tear her to pieces while hardly getting a Scratch. Sometimes I don’t even bother to bring healing arrows along.

And yes. It is always good to have one or two spare sets of keys in case you die there.

Speaking of Keys:
Has anyone else noticed the change on the first door’s chest?
It no longer opens like a regular chest, instead it will spawn a key in your backpack every time it is clicked.
(noticed that two days ago, while touring the dungeon in my Birthday suit)


That was always the case… At least for me at PS4.

Please don’t nerf the Arena Champion it any other bosses for that matter. There are only 5 enemies that I take caution with. Those are the arena champ and the 4 skeleton bosses in wine cellar. All of them have low health pools but hit like Mack trucks. The rest of the bosses or Kings I don’t even think about I just mindlessly kill them with my thrall. Since the newest patch even more so. I barely even use healing arrows anymore.