Wine Cellar Raid Boss impossible?

Hey guys, so i got a question.

I’m playing coop on a private server and tried to do the Wine Cellar dungeon. We encountered Thag at the end and he ANNIHILATED us because the wights were immortal. They just bumrushed us and we were unable to attack Thag, because they interrupted our attack-animations. Our thralls also died because they didn’t stand a chance against 20 immortal bumrushing wights. Is this intended ? I could block the wights, but dealing damage on them was impossible. How can you defeat Thag if this is intended ?

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With a decent thrall Thag should not be a problem. Just let the thrall fight the boss and kite the adds around the room. You don’t have to fight them. They will die when the Boss is defeated.
Good luck!


This is the way to do it. If you want an extra boost, take spectral coating for the boss fight.

And avoid the glowy blue areas.

Plus, have healing and food on your belt. A lot of it.


Actually pretty damn easy.


Greetings @RagnarRagnarson92. If the wights in this battle are truly immortal and taking zero damage, then I would urge you to create a bug report and let Funcom know, as they should NOT be invulnerable.

I see that other members have already given some very sound advice. I am going to give you some slightly different advice to the others, which I have used many times now, and has allowed me, with practice, to solo him on numerous occasions. First the Fundamentals -> level 60 and flawless epic armor. Followers -> If you are not a Crom zealot like me, who is obsessed with soloing all bosses on default server settings, then I would advise you to also take a powerful thrall, preferably also with flawless epic heavy armor and star metal weapon or above. Attributes -> Vitality 50 with ‘glutonous gains’ perk active (very important!), and I stongly recommend Strength 50 too, or at the very least 40. I cannot stress enough the importance of the Vitality 50 loadout; it was the crucial factor in my success. Weapons -> take a strong war-axe, shield, and I also recommend a crowd control two-handed weapon such as a greatsword or war hammer (I tend to use Croms Hammer) as it has hyper armor. Healing -> with vitality 5 active a simple combination of aloe extract (20+) and roast haunch (50+) used in conjunction will refill your health in no time, but take some ambrosia (10+) too if your are wary.

When you confront Thag the end boss, try to get the thrall (if you took one) to agro, and fix upon and engage him. Regardless, when he swings at you, block, or even better roll dodge past him/towards his rear then land a few hits with your war axe. Repeat. When he electifies the floor move well away from him, and (important) it is better to keep running, then jump if you need to, as opposed to trying to roll dodge the electricity. When the wights spawn in, move as far from Thag as possible then hit the wights with your two-handed weapon in order to damage multiple enemies at once. *Whenever you need to heal or are taking a beating, run to the far outer edges of the room, as both Thag and wights are not only slower (…obviously), but sometimes they completely lose sight of you allowing for a welcomed regroup. This is also a good tactic for breaking the wights down into smaller, more manageable groups and picking them off. When the electric attacks/wights have subsided or been defeated respectively, resume attacking Thag. Repeat this process until you emerge victorious.

These are the tactics which I personally use to defeat him…


What this comment translated into is:

“Anyone who cannot do this is wrong.”

If that was not your intent, consider your words more carefully.

IDK if you had a bug but they should not be invulnerable. IDK if you had a thrall or not, but its highly recommended just to tank the boss aggro. Spectral coating can help as Pugilist said.
Here is me running the fight on Testlive. sorry about the music, I didnt think the recording was going to pick it up

I like to use a mace for the sunder on the boss and a warhammer to AoE cleave down lesser mobs


With the right gear and specs, he can be solo’d

I speak English at the level of a native speaker. No, that is not the correct translation. It means what I said.

They were actually invulnerable. Guess i’ll file a bug report. Thanks! Also for the advice, will do that!

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Yes we were two players, both with thralls. Both thralls died because they tried to attack the wights, that just wouldn’t take ANY damage. Attacks didn’t work on them, so i wasn’t kidding with them being immortal / invulnerable. Both thralls died and we died shortly after. Well, thanks for the advice and the video. I’ll file the bugreport “tomorrow” since i’m tired now. 1 AM over here.

From my experience the wights despawn when the boss dies. I haven’t tried killing the wights.

I beat on or shoot the boss (depending on spec) dodge his attacks, don’t stand in blue stuff (maybe I played too much FFXIV and got used to this), and ignore the adds.

The Wine Cellar Boss is a very MMORPG-like boss. And actually very much like one of their basic and easy ones. They can get harder and I hope Funcom adds more bosses like this.

Did you give them the weapons the warmaker drops? Because if you did they do 0 damage intentionally.

I usually kill most of the wights since I make sure that the wights aggro on me so they don’t stagger my thrall as it kills Thag.

Yeah, it was pretty easy in last October when that video was posted because dodging worked pretty differently from now. Also, probably easier if the wights don’t glitch and be invulnerable. The context is pretty different.

Also, calling something “easy” when someone is having problems with it is condescending - different people find different things easy. Being unhelpful (as in, with an obsolete video guide) at the same time isn’t making things better.

Nope. All of us were decked out with legendary weapons from the world boss chests though. And i’ll correct myself : one of the “Thralls” was a level 20 Greater Panther. Still wasn’t able to hurt the Wights. The weapons just went trough them. Didn’t even show their health bar or anything.

Wow, really this sounds bad the way you say it, words and how you use them matter.

There there is something seriously wrong. I’ve done the Thag boss multiple times since the last update on an official pvp server (mostly to level thralls and hoping for the Thag weapon drops) and I haven’t had any problem killing the wights.

I just send the thrall at the boss then go afk. When I return I loot.

If the boss fight is working properly on Official servers as LanguishViking reports, then the obvious next question (which should’ve been one of the first questions - my apologies for missing this detail) is, is your private server running any mods? One of those could cause the bug you’re encountering.