End-game thralls can't survive a boss fight

I’m running a authority build and I did the cellar dungeon yesterday with two thralls (Dalinsia and Cim Berserker, level 15 and 20 respectively) both in dragonbone armor with upgraded dragon bone weapons, and buffed for follower damage. BOTH died against the boss after while he still had about 25% health, and that’s with me actively participating in the fight.

This seems a bit out of balance to me. I appreciate that Funcom wanted to nerf thralls, and agree with that, but considering I have maxed out authority and end-game gear, I feel they should be able to survive a boss fight.

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Weird. Thag is a challenge after the thralls nerfs, and I once lost a great tiger follower to him.

But after some adjustments, my thralls survived that encounter with similar setups. Difference seems to be that I spend most of my time kiting around the skeleton adds. Maybe your thralls were staggered too much?

For fights like that, greatswords work great in my opinion. Their huge hit radius helps to stagger and eventually kill adds.

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Yeah, it might have just been an unlucky run, but losing 2 thralls is just a ridiculous outcome, and it would make me slow to try again since the loss so far outweighs any potential gain.

Kiting is usually what I do too, but it was already too late by the second batch of skeletons.

I’m thinking maybe I should try better food too, the heals from gruel just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Thag is the ONLY threat.
Nerf him and there will be no thrill in the world at all.

To survive, you have to actively order them to move out of the center of Thag’s smash attacks. Thralls don’t know how to sneak upon enemies from behind and thus avoid full damage. Second, Dalinsias & Berserkers are too fragile. Anything below 4k health will face great danger against Thag.

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Hmm I haven’t found thag all that difficult for my thralls to pummel into the ground and I run lower armor rating in favor of more str damage gear on them. Mine tend to run around 3k health and still don’t even get down to half by the time he dies and that’s without me doing much other than tapping him with a bow once in a while to keep their frenzy buff up and dodging his aoes.

You said you use follower damage? That does nothing for your thralls if you run war party. If you want more damage output with war party I recommend running at least 15 corrupted authority and put all str dmg gear on them as well as use str dmg food and elixirs on them.

Not sure what else to suggest other than swap to well trained for more durable thralls if thrall dps doesn’t interest you.

True, server lag during Thag’s aoe attacks are the most dangerous thing in the game :smiley:

I tried to order the thralls to move but the movement can be a bit janky, especially when with all the skeletons about, guess I just need to order them more actively. I usually use relic hunters, their hp tends to be better.

I’ve ran this dungeon a million times in the past, it’s my first time since 3.0 and the first time taking such losses.

Maybe corrupted is the way to go, my thrall’s damage output is pretty disappointing as is, and obviously the quicker they can kill something the less survivability they need. I’ll definitely try the str damage gear though. Failing that, maybe well trained would work better than war party.

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Loss is experience and experience is knowledge!
I can totally understand the frustration, totally. It’s not easy to loose leveled thralls.
This dungeon is actually a trap!
It’s best to have followers on the way and finish the final boss alone. So war party in not so good in there. I do respect corrupted builds but the risk for you then is greater. If by accident you lag then the prism of the ground might hit you. You will find your self with low hp, low stamina skeletons in your trail and no way to escape! So i wouldn’t suggest you this i find it risky :man_shrugging:.
My best way to finish this dungeon is a named bearer lvl 15+, with zero points in authority.
3 strength, 3 agility, 2 vitality, 3 grit and 1 expertise. My gear? Dragon hide light, ancient Lemurian axe and the best possible bow i can fix.
In the final fight i take the arrows from my bearers inventory, i place him whatever i don’t need at the time and i finish him with the bow. Thag is extremely slow. So when the skeletons arrive, i send my bearer on them and i hit him with the bow. The bearer can handle the skeletons and i can handle Thag. If your bearer is blocked from many skeletons you can use your axe to help him a bit :wink:. If you build full agility you can solo the final fight with 150 dragon bone arrows. Your speed is your greatest advantage, use it.

For what is worth fellow exile, we all lost in there after 3.0 arrived.
All of us! The ones who didn’t, are either lucky either didn’t visit yet :wink:.


That is the most f’ing weird way to do this fight I heard so far.

What was it we call weird ideas that work?

Oh, yes, genius, that’s what.


Bows are superb! If we had the option to obtain our arrows, a good percentage not all, i would definitely play the archer build from the very beginning. Flint arrows and bone arrows is not a replacement. And we cannot leave our base with 1k arrows, it’s insane. Archery needs to be standard build, not secondary!
Thank you for your kind words master @Khaletohep, i really appreciate it :blush:.

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Haven’t tried it yet. Too scared. I’ve been through most of it, but don’t fight thag. I’m just glad I already have the recipes. That being said, I’d like to go back in for more water skins.


Until this part of the dungeon is extremely safe actually! When you decide to hit the skeleton mini bosses your thralls may loose tremendous hp from each mini boss. So either you’ll carry with you aloe leaves to create weak aloe extracts to help them heal, either fiber to fix rough wraps. Of course we have the option of healing arrows, but they are heavy and i wouldn’t suggest you to go in there with encumbrance build, it’s risky. But if you’ll take a bearer then np. He can carry a lot. The best thing these merchants brought in this game is that we do not need to gather steel bars anymore. You pay 50 obolus, you gain 10 packs and you have all the iron and steel you need for a month :man_shrugging:.
So i don’t gather anything but khari steel, pristine weapons and recipes from this dungeon anymore! For Crystal, go to a cave and do the spell :rofl::rofl::rofl:.

Yeah, I’m not too worried about getting in there for the skins. Though I’d love to get more of the khari recipes at some point. I had two I lost during transfer to siptah. Never got that character back. :expressionless: I knew I should have done this dungeon more before 3.0.:unamused:




Lol don’t worry about it, unless you’re trying to challenge yourself for fun.

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It’s always for fun :grin:. It’s gaming. But above all, it will be a really good opportunity to create a group and chat while we clean the dungeon. Send me on psn the server you want this and i’ll join.
Other than that i am pretty curious too what you and @Marylambs build. You are both outstanding builders :metal:


Sounds good. I’ll message you


Well to start having 2 thralls you have no impact with any follower dmg stats… it’s actually written in plain sight in the description of war party…

Second D and CM are not especially strong thralls unless they are perfectly maxed out… and a lot of it depends on which perks you re-roll for them.

The armor you describe for them does not max out any particular weapon damage … again you need to kit them with STR dmg bonus armor and STR weapons … heavy and ideally epic (but that changes little)

Overall it sounds to me like you do not understand the game mechanics well and instead of improving a war party build you are nerfing yourself by going for bonuses that don’t matter at all…

A proper War party build takes care of Thag before he can call the second wave of skeletons … they should obliterate him and all you have to do is avoid getting stuck in the area effect dmg he deals.

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I’m curious how you deal with 20 skeletons or wights or whatever they are called every time Thag calls them with just a bow…

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This was a test on single player.
I wanted to have the best possible performance. We have to understand that the game online has way more difficulties, than the single player. So it’s best to test everything in single player before you do it online. Confidence and knowledge on fights helps a lot.

I had to dig a lot to find this reply.
But i believe that this reply will cover the answers you seek.

Ps. I suggest you to test everything you need on barbaric mode when you test on single player. This way you balance the lags, low fps, etc… you may have online.

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