Thralls vs Thag? Insane Damage during the AOE phase making it impossible to finish the encounter

What gives? this dungeon never gave me problems before. But now the AOE is doing FULL Damage to thralls. And i’m unable to finish the encounter. Being in Dragon Armor and the best gear and 2 thralls died and then i died to the AOE. i can avoid it, but my thralls are down 80% HP after one wave.

Haven’t tested yet, but one wave 80% HP? That sounds like 3k~4k damage, insane!

I haven’t done it with a thrall recently, but I’ve been repeatedly soloing Thag on an official server last week and haven’t had any major problems. I mostly avoid the AOE, but a couple of times I didn’t manage to, and the attack dealt a chunk of damage and tossed me into the air and that was it. It definitely didn’t one-shot me.

Are you on a private server and/or using any mods?

I noticed a bug with this a while back btw, I did not report it simply because I wanted to go back to confirm my suspicions and lately I haven’t been playing much so I haven’t been yet :slight_smile:

What happened was I had a very high damage team and I got one-shot by the special ability 3 times in a row… each of those times I was 100% certain I was not standing in the marked area…
Eventually I killed him, but afterwards I was wondering what was that all about since I never had issues there either…

So upon some brainstorming I arrived at the possible theory that when you’re dealing damage TOO FAST and he goes past the 1/4th HP which would trigger his AOE attack, he’ll skip it… however when he eventually does it… all previously skipped ones will execute and deal damage however the visual marker will only show the current one so you’ll have a bunch of stacked areas dealing damage even in the safe spots.
Never looked into it any further or tested the theory though… maybe someone else wants to try and do a report

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I’ve been doing this fight a fair bit recently and it does seem to have some glitches.

I generally haven’t noticed excessive damage to my thrall, but I have well-trained so I only have one thrall with higher HP. Also I am always in full-on panic mode trying to keep myself alive, so don’t pay much attention to my thrall. But I did notice yesterday that my thrall’s health was surprisingly low after the fight, which didn’t make sense simply from direct strikes from Thag. So maybe it took ground AOE damage?

I generally kill Thag after 2 rounds of the floor AOE, before he summons wights.

  • I often get double-tapped by the floor AOE which is instant death. By this I mean the AOE hits me and throws me into the air, and I’m still alive, then it hits me again before I even fall back to the ground and I’m dead (this is why I’m always in panic mode in this fight, because the smallest slip-up on my part can lead to instant death)
  • My thrall landed the killing blow on Thag just as he was going invisible - nice trick, now his corpse is invisible! (running far away and back thankfully made corpse appear)

A relic hunter in the best str gear/buffs, me in follower damage gear/buffs, thrall with the Tenderizer, me maxing out sundered with a 2H hammer - Thag takes a lot of damage and goes down fast, but I’m starting to think Xevyr is on to something with the ground AOE stacking, although I don’t think I’ve been hit by it when I’m in a safe area. And maybe it’s hitting thralls too.

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Just did him with two level 17 Dalinsias with epic heavy armor and weapons and slight below 5k health, one with a sundering Sitpah uber-weapon.
Fight seemed normal to me, though it’s pretty brutal after the thrall nerf. One Dalinsia had 39% HP left, the other one slightly more. Considering that those are nearly top-tier thralls, that’s not much.

I did experience one-shots from the AoE before, but it’s been that way forever, I think.

Thrall nerf is somewhat messed up the encounter. Even high tier thralls are taking too much damage. it mostly stems from that they are taking full damage from the AOE even at the boss’s feet.

Stats aren’t terrible. Using Dragonbone Great Sword. You’d think it be do-able even with this thrall and 1500 armor. But nope. Just can’t kill the boss. Lost like 3 thralls to it already. The AOE does MASSIVE damage to thralls. And that’s the entire issue. A thrall can’t dodge out of the way like a human player can.

Tried it with somebody else a few nights again my two thralls + his and we still couldn’t get past the encounter. Sometime is very out of wack here on the AOE. Thralls are getting full damage from it and because they are stupid they dont roll out of the way.

Fix this damn encounter already. Because after tonight i’m officially done with it. Can’t do this dungeon anymore as a solo player because of all the thrall nerfs. Heck, Fix this damn dungeon already.

Because i’m sick of flying bosses too that refuse to come down and fight.

No mods you sure? I ran this dungeon multiple times after 3.0, every time with 2x lvl10-ish Relic Hunters new recruits for leveling. Went through without problem at all. They literally bathed in the AOE, spending a good amount of time on the ground or in the air, but we survived.
Edit: ran the dungeon just now. Everything went normal as before.

Well? Thag wiped out whole city? So i’m not surprised that small groop of aradeurs was killed by scary demon :P.
But seriously - Wine cellar is pretty nice dungeon - feeling of exploring, darkness and tough boss in the end. Thag is best boss in Conan Exiles that drop nice loot so fighting him should be hard.

  1. Moreover what kind of thralls were they? If there were {enter your race} exiles I\II or III then i’m not suprised. Depend also of their perks and stats. Even heavy armor couldn’t help thrall with low vitality.

  2. Do server have any mods? If I remember correctly there were some mods that can change mobs stats. Maybe someone decided that Wine Cellar is Dark Souls location :wink: .

  3. Have you corrupted your Authority? AoE damage is solid and in combination with “Flesh Bond”
    (Damage taken by you is split between you and your followers) trhalls can die even quiker.

  4. IMHO War Party is a bit underwhelming. “Well-Trained” is more superior due to +20 to all attributes. More Health, more damage, more armour, more everything. When we are talking about Thag i preffer one strong follorer that can take some beating.

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