Ground pund attacks break thralls

Game mode: All
Type of issue: Thrall bug
Server type: All
Region: U.S.A.

When a thrall is fighting any creature that has a ground slam or a huge knock back attack it breaks the thrall. The thrall wont attack anymore, it just stands there and dies unless you run far enough away to force it to teleport to you.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Fight a dragon, mammoth, boss croc, boss scorpion, boss elephant, boss anything really
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Interesting observations !
Would need further tests with different thralls and weapons.
Did different boss-fights yesterday with a thrall wielding a 2h sword. And my fighter didn’t show any trouble after or between the different fights. But this was on the current testlive build. So may differ.

Will do some trials if a have a moment. :wink:

This might well be a thing.

This happened to us last night. We were fighting the bosses in the unnamed city. I had Luba the Luscious following me and at some point she just refused to fight. Wouldn’t use a 2h, wouldn’t use her daggers, just ran in with her fists up but never used them.
Though my wife did have Vathis following her and she had no problem.

I stopped using dancers or pets as followers because you cant heal them with heal arrows

Hey @Anglinex

Thanks for the heads-up, sending it to our team so they can look into it.

In epic flawless heavy with a star metal greatsword, they can just about take out the brood mother by them self.

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Tested the healing-arrows yesterday on testlive, they’re working now.

there is still hope ! :slight_smile:

But i mostly avoid dancers as followers, there are better fighters to help you than dancers.

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I noticed on testlive that all the named seemed to have same hps or very close to each other from sep to volcano hope this isn’t going to be a norm. I haven’t gotten a dacias or spinas to see what hps on those are they haven’t spawned. On Live official server captain has more hps than snowhunter and that just doesn’t feel right am still trying to get a spinas or dacias to spawn to see what the difference are those names are my normal got for defence and hunting.

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I don’t see so much a problem with the given HP than the spawnrate.
If a very hight HP thrall is also very rare, or hard to get, it’s not so much a problem.

But i see with my current character on the regular build, that the captains in Seper are around all the time. So ever alone, it’s more a matter of time, patient and some tactic to get a nice collection of them.
You can see the change on testlive, where they’re are now absent again, or i didn’t spot any yet.

Again, balance, balance in spawnrate all over the places. Hight tier thralls and such with lot HP are fine, and shouldn’t be restricted to some end-areas only, but they must have a spawnrate that is fitting.
Rare shouldn’t mean no-existent, or never spawn at all. Just few, less.
Again, the golden middle-way once more.

Yes but I am a collector lol like to have at least one of each shame cant get vathis anymore.

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Can understand that well. I feel the same. It’s like Freya, she was my very first archer in the green north at opening, so she’s still a must have.
No more the best, but bit more like a friend you met again. :wink:


I found a named Backpack guy (what ever it’s called) and he has 9900 heath. That is more then any of the other fighters I have found. Is there anything better or should I just run with him?

They have good survivability if you are farming mats but fighting bosses not so well they do ok with regular npcs though.

you can go thru SP Testlive and check there instead of waiting.

Bearer are here to carry your stuff. They are coming with hight health so they don’t die to quickly.
But they’re not fighters like a good berserker is, or a captain from Sepermeru.

Sure they will defend, but they don’t do combos like fighters.
They come also with more slots in inventory, again, to carry your stuff around and help you this way.

To help in fights, take a good t3 or better a t4 or named fither-thrall, give him some good heavy armour, a similar but better 2h sword than the one he is coming with, and you should be fine.
Here before a fight, slide him some good food in inventory. He will gain a buff in fight with it, and you may see a fist above his head when fitting.

I’ve observed that fighting a boss with a 2-hand hammer (the one skeleton in UC) can effectively break a thrall too. For one, that boss in particular is able to keep the thrall continuously stun-locked (Captain from Sepermeru w/ Sword of Crom & Silent Legion no less).

Even after being saved, it’s like they totally forget how to fight. It’s similar to the bug where if you give a Captain a truncheon they’ll just follow behind enemies in a menacing pose without ever making a single attack.

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If you your captain came with a two-handed weapon, then equipping him with a one-handed weapon (=truncheon) can make him forget how to use weapons. For thrall hunting, use a T4 that comes with a one-handed weapon.
I use my captain only for killing bosses, for hunting thralls I use Dalinsia Snowhunter.

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This is why I like taking Luba the Luscious with me.
She will use the sword of crom and any legendary daggers on the bosses, then I can get her to help grabbing a relic hunter thrall on the way home.
She also has the same health as captain, 7425 and I suffer zero corruption and get a healing buff the whole time I’m in the city.

Yes ! That’s exactly what i explain since a while.

It’s important to take a look at the weapons the thralls come with when you break them.
I had still best results by giving similar but better weapons to the thralls.
Simple, 2hander become greatsword (Crom), and 1h become 1h swords, or truncheons if needed. Giving others weapons may work, but like said, they may stop after it.

Also a trick that may help sometimes, if a thrall don’t fight more, remove the weapon completely, give them back an other one in inventory slot. This happens often when the thrall still hold them in hands.

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