Wine Cellar run on testlive - thrall balance change is fine

This is a run on the wine cellar run on testlive with a new RHTS fighter level 20.
The stats are okay, it is by no means a top tier thrall, though.
It’s using flawless epic Warchief gear for extra strength, no armour plating and a crafted flawless epic Argossean great sword with a master weapon kit.

I am aware I did not kill every single boss, but I did not think it was pertinent.
I realise that not everyone can get into Testlive so I thought I would show you that the thrall balance changes are actually fine. I’m using light armour and no legendaries because according to many posts lately, light armour is unusable and you’re pigeon-holed into using heavy armour with a shield.
Also I’m sorry about the music, I didnt think it was gonna get picked up in the recording, my bad.

Just as I expected. Thralls need to be nerfed way harder. What I see in this video doesn’t look like a survival game to me. More like a bad hack-n-slash

Good stuff…

Use the hammer to stack 5 sunder. It reduces pretty much any armor rating a NPC may have to 0, making the thrall damage slightly higher.
And you don’t have to kill the wights, I just kite them, only swinging if they “corner” me or agro my thrall. They will all die once the boss dies.

So even “nerfed”, the thrall ran the dungeon using only about 2/3 of its health. From previous runs myself on current settings, that is about the time it took with the final boss. 2 sets of wights was usually about the time it died.

Really like how you were engaged in the fight. Even when surrounded, you utilized the dodge and hammer’s AOE to clear. And used the spectre potions smartly. Which means you used multiple facets of the game to form a strategy, and have been using it to get better. Awesome. Way to survive and dominate!!! Now go build :slight_smile:


Your test is how i play all the time.

The thrall nerf will not affect a player like you or me.

It will affect those who have used the thrall to clear dungeons.

And the only aspect lost is time.

The thrall never dies when used properly.

However what i have not seen is a pvp test proving that thralls are too powerful in pvp.

All we have is heresay at the moment.

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Ill go jump into a base with a snowhunter tonight :wink:

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Haha, thanks for the response. I deliberately pulled the thrall and myself into the packs solely for the purpose of showing that both the thrall and I will live through it. I could kite, but i felt this was closer to a realistic approach to the gameplay of the wider playerbase. :slight_smile: Now you go build. :stuck_out_tongue:


I mean, the thrall really did not help me in the fights I chose to take, it did a good job of holding aggro against the final boss and a few packs when I needed it to, which is how I personally feel the “sidekick” should act. :slight_smile:


Not really :slight_smile: Thrall minds his business a lot wandering in the dark while you are fighting solo, but when Thrall joins you, he clearly outpowers you. It’s almost like if you don’t do anything or kite all mobs to the thrall, the outcome would be the same or better.

@Meramusa Nice vid! I like the way you played the Leader/Hero and the follower just became part of this combat adventure. I play in this similar fashion except it takes me longer and I am much more defensive then switching to offense when losing aggro. Thud-Thud-Slice-Slice-Dodge-Thud-Thud…keep it going.

Looks like the balance/nerf is fine.


Thanks @Rohi. I decided to gear a Darfari Fighter 1 and take it to New Asagarth with decent gear, too;

Who even needs a Dalinsia?

@Meramusa Another nice vid. Was nice to see how you and the follower had some really nice teamwork combos…like the Darfari kicked and you crushed the head. Some flying combos too! yay! :smiley: :heart_eyes: :star_struck: F-ing Brutality! There was one spot when you had the war hammer equipped in the middle and the wolf and team had you climbing on the roof to get away…Coward! Get in there! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Fun stuff! Thank you! Good to see others actually really play the game!

Haha, yeah i laughed when I hit that clown that was trying to fly away :slight_smile: Im allowed to run away if im in light gear D:

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Great stuff, exactly how I run also. Tarman has been ok for me until his level 10 perk he decided to go be an archer. So I just hit 60 on testlive pve us. Now working on world bosses with Lian brand new off the wheel.

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I spawned a Lian and just leveled it. It just melted everything. It was obscene.

I didnt even bother throwing more STR gear at it, it just wasnt needed.

yeah, Lian is really strong and easy to get.

So I know this is not on Test Live but my sis Sohi is just an absolute terror. I am the hero/leader but she has my back and cracks knuckles and skulls. :heart_eyes: :partying_face: :+1: Will be interesting to see what she turns into after the new balance. She does not hit as hard as Lian (I am leveling him again and again. LOL) but she just simply chokes him out in severe brutality in the combat arena. :crazy_face: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rofl:

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Level 3 Lian could not handle the undead dragon in the sinkhole, I had to run…rip Lian #1 for me.

Which is really cool honestly… them not being total easy buttons means there can be some failures and retreats.=3

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totes, I think failure to properly prepare for a tough encounter should result in potential failure. Always winning and never losing makes winning worthless.


Well, if the newest patches Boss nerf makes it to live as is, there will be no winning :slight_smile:

I will be teting this weekend. Hope to have INFO ON GODS.

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