Testlive Patch (22.05.2020) - Followers re-balancing, Avatar fixes and more!

Ive tested everyone favourite characters dalinisia and zerkers.

1-On the negative side-Your thrall will take longer to defeat bosses end of story with the testlive patch.

2-On the positive side - players will need to do more than just stand around watching.Unless you WANT to do number 1.

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You need to know how many people are playing each type of game- PvP, PvE and PvE-C.

These screenshots show whos playing live right now.

What the screenshots DO NOT show are all those private servers running. And those people are the ones Funcom also needs to listen to. Not just official pvpers or pvers.

This patch is directly related to PvP officials players. Because im pretty sure the PvE crowd or the RP crowd are not calling for a thrall nerf.

You kinda appeared that way.
You say that was not intentional and I believe you, but as you said text is not ideal to convey emotions, so maybe watch out for that.
And this is meant in the best way possible. :wink:

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If you’re unable to get on testlive, I made a quick video of a wine cellar run to show you the changes are not hugely impactful. I feel that spawning in the brute and putting a stopwatch up is disingenuous, and a poor reflection of the changes in a gameplay situation.


I do jump in the combat, so your assumption is wrong. The last patch made thralls extremely unreliable, so any further tweaking is getting out way over the skis. Evidence behind my claims? Your post is evidence that you don’t play the game as much as me apparently. There are no instakills period. My clan has spent too much time building bases and defending them to have thralls weakened by almost 50% If you don’t understand that, then that’s just more evidence you are spending too much time in PVE environments.

o_O you or your clan has never been 1 shot by a Cimmerian Berserker?

So you are a pvper obviously. Where is this instakill rumor coming from? Since the PvE or RP crowd wouldnt face this at all- what gives?


Definitely not. Only way I could see that is if you have no points on vitality and no armor. That’s an entirely different problem from thrall hp.

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I dont raid a base with anything less than 40 vit, and full armour. I have been 1 shot plenty of times. The arguement also isnt necessarily that EVERY thrall can one shot you, the argument is that even a solo player can have 55 thralls, all stronger than every boss in the game. And I have to be expected to either try my best to ignore them, or sit there cheesing them with a poisoned spear for 10 minutes each. With thralls having godbreaker helms, I cant really be expeced to sit there all night and try too break their helmets with acid arrows until i can gas them.
Thralls, as shown in videos on YT can hit upwards of 500 points of damage. We can easily get pinned and wombo’d in a literal split second.

And maybe you’re clan is just god teir, and you only raid sandstone bases on noob river, but many other players have this issue. Just because you cats are mega-chads. Doesnt mean the issue isn’t real.

I’ve had 80 thralls killed and been raided on the same night. Maybe you should not try to raid bases that are defended well by yourself. , instead of nerfing every thrall in the game? There are other solutions besides crapping away hundreds of hours of other player’s work.

Like what? What would your perfect solution be? Do you think there is any issue with the thralls balance currently?


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Unfortunately there are passions running high. It’s been very hard both here and other places to find any common ground. :confused:

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I agree, but this thread is meant for feedback on the actual testing, not passion. Suggestions and General discussion are purely about passion. Feed back means, what i have noticed while testing. but i guess I am thinking logically and about efficiency for Funcom to get actual data about the test live in play. Nuff said. I will test tonight, and give true feedback on Avatars (if i have time, pvp my clan stirred up a hornets nest lol)


I’d worry about fixing the problems with reliability created with the last patch first. As far as raiding someone with 50 + thralls, I would try to get some more players on your side before doing that. I mean, isn’t that the purpose of having thralls, to stop someone from taking all your stuff that you worked countless hours to acquire? To me, the fact that it’s so hard to solo raid a big base means the system was actually working as intended.


I dont usually solo raid, I am in a group but my argument is still the same, they should be good. But not almost unkillable. Personally I think they should receive a larger HP reduction. The legion warriors from the witchdoctor feats are what I will use for an example, I am unsure if it is a bug or not though. A fully leveled legion warrior can get upwards of 1k armour, I’ve had them go as high as 1500. I threw it at every boss in the game and fed it brimstone. It literally did not drop below 95% HP due to its armour rating and high health regeneration, but against a player it takes a substantial increase in damage and I am able to fight it in a realistic fashion whilst it can still tank every boss in the game, even with its very small HP pool.

It had no issue at all on testlive against the Rhino king, it barely used any food;

I do not think this patch is the miracle cure to the issue that people are having, but from my testing and the comments made by the FC team, its a step in the right direction and I hope we are able to get the compromise that best suits everyone. You cant please all of the people all of the time.

If no common ground can be established then it is very hard to make an actual discussion and get real information.

(also im obviously in agreement with stability and reliability fixes, but I dont think they should be brought in as a shield against thrall balance changes)

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Yikes. This is 100% a bad take and I’m just gonna ignore your assumptions as well because they’re wrong and you still haven’t tested the testlive

Nerfing thrals in PVE = uninstall game…
Just - WHY FC? Why…