Sooo... the Arena Champion steals all your stuff effect

Yes. This.

I only go into dungeons with gear that is easily replaceable. The rest stays in a chest at home.

And I only bring thralls that are no big deal to lose. No purge thralls. (And these days, this means bringing those thralls with a few too many accuracy & survival perks.)

Well, dang! They’ve made a liar of me. Why did they do this?

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Of course she took your stuff, you lost didn’t you?

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Im farming this boss decently with hardly no real threat of dying. This is what i do and the setup.

Me, solo, with my thrall ( ensure they have around 3-4k hp, anything more is great, also you may loose your thrall if you mess up so be aware.)

Thrall has telith’s sorrow, 26 armor pen, with a damage on the sword of 73, thralls armor being 1200
I have a star metal spear.

Engage the boss, this is the trickiest part for you as this is when you need to thrall to pull aggro, the boss may hit you in this stage.
Once thrall has aggro, poke at the boss from behind with your spear, you will interrupt her. watch the bosses attacks. As she is about to do a combo, jab her. itl interrupt, she will stop, and your thrall will get some good hits in. The key here is to interrupt as much as possible.

Your thrall will take a few hits, and if you do mess up or miss an interrupt opportunity your thrall will take even more damage. shoot a few healing arrows at your thrall in between interrupt jabs


Similar but without healing arrows.

Thrall has Aja’s bane 1h mace (long combo) and I carry daggers that sunder on hit. I backflip after knife light dash attack on boss

I run a few circles around the boss until thrall gets aggro. I make sure they have 5 stacks of sunder then switch to predatory blade (101 dmg after the kit. Fencing kit? I think).

Swing 3 times with blade, roll back and switch to the shank daggers. Light dash attack backflip, rinse repeat.

Meanwhile my berserker is swinging with maximum penetration and dmg due to sunder.
Thrall used to use SoC but I found Aja’s to be less interruptable.

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Fencing kit cannot be applied on predatory blade. Maybe it worked some time…
It has normaly 97dmg. So normal dmg kit or the new one probably (and its more than 101).

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This is a normal thing on PvP servers when you are raiding a base and the enemy has a lot of T4 volcano or relic hunter thralls. You had a little desync/lagg or did one mistake at stunlocking them -> 2H sword upside down slash and you are oneshot dead with 500HP and 60% damage reduction, losing your high level gear and dragonpowder etc. inside the enemy base.

Fun game. But PvE is too easy so we need to nerf the movement and rolls. :wink:

She hits with the power of a truck!!!
Before the patch, with a treasure hunter thrall, it was easy enough to kill this boss.
It was enough to have many healing arrows and a well-armed and protected thrall.
I faced it with a 58th level character accompanied by a 14th level treasure hunter armed with the earthquake (legendary weapon), ancient shield and heavy armor. It was a massacre!
The healing arrows are unable to compensate for the amount of damage suffered. In an attempt to save the thrall, I died first. I respawn at the beginning of the dungenon. I run without fighting so as to reach the arena again. When I enter I see my thrall that is still fighting. I try to heal him with arrows, but nothing … he is at the end of his life and I see him die like a dog.
The champion start to be aggro with me … I run to get him away from the corpse. I retrieve all the equipment and run away without fighting.

Now I want come back and have revenge!!
But I need to wait to have another teasure hunter thrall…

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I’ll have to take a screenshot and check. I have no idea what kit I used lol.

Could we please not? PVP players blame PVE players for this change. PVE players blame PVP players for this change. Both sides will watch the dev stream where they actually say why, and each side will come up with a different interpretation, regardless of what the truth is. But in the end, the finger-pointing is getting old and it’s not helping anyone.


And it looks like her hit also removes all your buffs… Or mine ran exactly out, when she hit me :smiley:

I use a named volcano thrall in silent legion, Teliths sorrow with spiked weapon fitting increasing both damage and penetration while I rear spear her and, like you, have very little difficulty. Adding poison to your spear and using healing arrows on the thrall helps a lot as well.

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