Bug in the Sunken city March 22

Game mode: [Online
Problem: Bug
Region: america

When you enter the dungeon you cannot interact with your thrall. Also when you die you respawn in the Godbreaker dungeon.

Me and my clan tested it 3 times to make sure and it happen everytime

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.enter the sunken city
2.die in it
3.spawn in the Godbreaker dungeon
4.come back/cannot interact with your thralls

Just a question. Were you in warmakers (god breaker) dungeon before going to underwater? Also did you die in warmakers and select to respawn there?

Ok it was 2 questions.


Hello @Shawnou, thank you for pointing this out, we’ll register the issue for our team to look into.

If possible, could you further elaborate on it by answering the above questions?

Yess we did the warmaker dungeon 5 times previously and no we did not die in it. Oh and I play on PS4 on official PvP server


Hugo I’ve seen this happen as well but have not been able to reliably reproduce the occurrence.

I died in wine cellar and selected respawn in dungeon. Finished wine cellar and went to warmakers then died in warmakers and respawned in the wine cellar.

Another time I was on line with someone we did warmakers someone died there selected respawn in dungeon. We finished warmakers and went to wine cellar where the same player died 2 times and both times.

I thought it was linked to dying and selecting to respawn in one dungeon and then dying in the next however from what @Shawnou is saying it may not be linked to the initial choice for respawn.

I have also tried testing it artificially by going to a dungeon dying, respawning and then going to another and repeating the steps. I have not been able to produce a consistent set of steps to reproduce the issue.

However I have only seen this issue on PS4 personally.


same here.


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