Thralls don't follow in the sunken city

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: EU

Thralls don’t follow you once you jump in the water in the sunken city and you are on your own after that.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Your thrall should be following you, jump in the water and swim to any building and you will notice your thralls doesnt spawns with you and you are on your own.

It is true, i confirm what you say, but it is a problem that we have since the Argos update. I allready send a report about it. Thank you for reporting :+1:.

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On Xbox it’s working for me, however for my clan mate it does not. Also I died in there once and I couldn’t pick up my thrall. I had to solo the rest of the dungeon and wait for the thrall to return home

me too

I can confirm that this is an issue on server #3510. Thralls arbitrarily decide when to follow engage or observe. It has occurred at various locations so it is not just an issue of location.

I am wondering if the adjustments made to npc chase distance has also interfered with thrall AI.

Can likewise confirm on PvE 3741 when my clanmates or my self enter the water the thrall go stupid, 90% of the time they clip into the ground under the water near the captain and get stuck and are almost completely irretrievable as you cant hold square on them and orders dont work in the dungeon.

Hello @jvjames97, we’re aware of the issue and it is being looked into by the team.

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The problem of multiple dungeons has been a topic for quite some time. After all, when can I enjoy it as before?

solucioneno por favor

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